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Greetings from a Chilly Coffee Shop - January Update.

Hey all, writing from a chilly Colin's Coffee to remind everybody to please visit my new website Pencilstorm. It's just like except instead of just me, you get a bunch of my talented friends contributing as well. It also has a calender with all the shows and events you need to know about. Thanks, your pal, Colin

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December. Live Shows and the Stuff You Need to Know.

Greetings! The Holidays are here so let's cut the Reindeer crap and get to what you need to know in order to make it a successful holiday season.

-- Please visit It's the website I started last year and features ALL my writing and news along with other talented friends of mine. This is your go to spot for my best stuff. Updated Frequently.- Colin


As is our annual tradition, Watershed will be performing to raise money and honor our old pal, Andy "Andyman" Davis. Andy was the legendary program director for WWCD102.5 here in Columbus and brought Watershed music to countless ears along with many other cool regional bands. Though losing Andy was a major blow, Lesley James and everybody else at CD102.5 haven't missed a beat and it is still the world's greatest independent radio station.

"Yeah, yeah, we know. CD102.5 Rules. What about the show and the 5:30 start?"

In the past we have always played late on the bill but this year we are starting a new tradition: Watershed is going to play first, but play a full 90 minute set instead of the forty minutes all the other bands are playing. So now, get your day started early and catch a FULL Watershed concert knowing that 100% of the proceeds goes to various children's charities. All the bands perfrom for FREE. Nobody gets paid for this event. It is truly a great cause. Doors 5pm. Watershed on at 5:30pm. Rumor has it Little Rock may open early for a Watershed pre-party 3-5pm the day of the show. stay tuned.

Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones Live @ Woodland's Tavern Monday Dec 23rd. 7 pm Sharp.

Join us Christmas Eve, Eve for a show by the Lonely Bones at Woodland's Tavern in Grandview. Happy Hour starts at 6pm and the Bones play sometime 7 - 9 pm. 

Still Love Christmas by Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones 

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Do Me a Solid and Take Five Minutes to Meet Erica Blinn 

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I've known Erica Blinn since she was a wee lass working behind the counter at Ace in the Hole Records with Ricki C. She has blossomed into a exceptional talent and more importantly, a bad ass rock n roller. Her debut full length record "Lovers in the Dust" is set for release in January. In the meantime, she has already released three seperate singles all with videos and played hundreds of gigs all over the USA. You might have caught her opening up for Watershed some dates on the "Brick and Mortar" tour.

Anyway, I'm telling you her new record is a stone cold classic. And I'm not just saying that because I co-wrote some of the songs or musical maestros like Andy Harrison, Terry Anderson/OAK Team and Joe Peppercorn contributed their talents as well, but it doesn't hurt. Did I mention that Mike Landolt produced the record? And Ricki C has been known to work her merch table? She is the real deal.

The project has hit that sticky stage where all the hard work is basically done but she is looking to raise a little $$ to push it over the final hump. I appeal to all Watershed fans and fans of good music in general to visit her Indiegopop campaign to get an advance copy of the CD and some other groovy perks. Thanking you in advance, Colin.


Click Here To Visit Erica Blinn's Indiegogopop campaign


Click here to check out Erica's latest video "Whiskey Kisses"