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"Podcast" is the Brand Spanking New Song From Colin Gawel

Hey guys, I know it has been a little quiet on the new music front for a while but it is not for a lack of effort. Music, or more specifically, rock n roll music is, always my top priority. While I haven't released anything new since the last Watershed record, Brick and Mortar,  I have stockpiled a number tunes and with any luck I hope to bang out something new every three or four months for your listening pleasure from this point forward.

Why the delay? Well to be honest, the whole "Hitless Wonder/Brick and Mortar" Record/Book/Tour drained my batteries pretty low and then I got the bright idea to start which while a labor of love, takes a slug of my daily creative juice as well. And then there was the whole "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? project. Oh, and I am a Dad, Husband, and coffee shop owner as well. 

But throughout all of it, I learned some basic garage band skills which allows me to work on a song while drinking beer in my kitchen. Eventually, I take that song to a real studio where real musicians help out and Mike Landolt sprinkles magic pixie dust all over it making it sound kick ass.

"Wait a second, "Podcast" was recorded in your kitchen on garage band? But it sounds so good?"

That is correct. A good lesson for all you DIYs' why getting a pro like Mike Landolt involved can make all the difference in the world..

Or to sum up my latest three step recording strategy:

1) I dick around with a song on Garage band in my kitchen while drinking beer.

2) I take tracks to Curryhouse so Rick Kinsinger and myself can dick around with the song. 

3) Mike Landolt mixes the song and it sounds like a million bucks.

Speaking of a million bucks, while I am not hardcore about making people pay for new music, it is worth mentioning that there is a cost involved for all of this so any $$ is always appreciated though not expected. Bandcamp allows you to name your own price so it's up to you to decide. More importantly, If you dig, I need you to actively help spread the word. You know, share/tweet that shit around yo? 

  • Produced and mixed by Mike Landolt at Curryhouse Studios
  • Guitars/Vocals/Harp/Trash Can Kicking - Colin Gawel
  • Bass/Horns/ addtional recording and production - Rick Kinsinger
  • Drums - Dave Masica            
  • Additional Percusson - Mike Landolt


Podcast by Colin Gawel 
Larry Funderbunk Music 2014 (ASCAP) 

I used to spend my days gulping mountain dew and playing video games

Then I hit the big 4 - 0 and my mom came downstairs and said boy something has to change

So i found an old microphone and set up a couple plastic chairs

I called my best friend Larry and said 

grab some thoughts and grab some beer and get over here

for a podcast    we're gonna do a podcast. yeah

I plugged in the microphone and took our place

but I couldn't think of nothin to say

we both sat and racked our brains

and I thought if i was mark maron what would I say?

so I asked my best friend larry

what's your favorite batman movie you have seen

he thought about it for a moment

and said the one with Micheal Keaton is under -rated

it was our first podcast   we are having a podcast click the link listen to our podcast yeah

we talk about things n stuff your android or my new i phone

what's your favorite Pixies song that walking zombie tv show

are you Luke or are you Vader  dis the movies we all hated

we don't talk about women we just hope they will listen to our

podcast  we hope chicks dig our podcast

share the link for our podcast  

we wrote a song about our podcast





Spring Update! Visit My New Website

Hey all, writing from a chilly Colin's Coffee to remind everybody to please visit my new website Pencilstorm. It's just like except instead of just me, you get a bunch of my talented friends contributing as well. It also has a calender with all the shows and events you need to know about. Thanks, your pal, Colin

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December. Live Shows and the Stuff You Need to Know.

Greetings! The Holidays are here so let's cut the Reindeer crap and get to what you need to know in order to make it a successful holiday season.

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As is our annual tradition, Watershed will be performing to raise money and honor our old pal, Andy "Andyman" Davis. Andy was the legendary program director for WWCD102.5 here in Columbus and brought Watershed music to countless ears along with many other cool regional bands. Though losing Andy was a major blow, Lesley James and everybody else at CD102.5 haven't missed a beat and it is still the world's greatest independent radio station.

"Yeah, yeah, we know. CD102.5 Rules. What about the show and the 5:30 start?"

In the past we have always played late on the bill but this year we are starting a new tradition: Watershed is going to play first, but play a full 90 minute set instead of the forty minutes all the other bands are playing. So now, get your day started early and catch a FULL Watershed concert knowing that 100% of the proceeds goes to various children's charities. All the bands perfrom for FREE. Nobody gets paid for this event. It is truly a great cause. Doors 5pm. Watershed on at 5:30pm. Rumor has it Little Rock may open early for a Watershed pre-party 3-5pm the day of the show. stay tuned.

Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones Live @ Woodland's Tavern Monday Dec 23rd. 7 pm Sharp.

Join us Christmas Eve, Eve for a show by the Lonely Bones at Woodland's Tavern in Grandview. Happy Hour starts at 6pm and the Bones play sometime 7 - 9 pm. 

Still Love Christmas by Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones 

Watch the video here...     Purchase the CD here....


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Do Me a Solid and Take Five Minutes to Meet Erica Blinn

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I've known Erica Blinn since she was a wee lass working behind the counter at Ace in the Hole Records with Ricki C. She has blossomed into a exceptional talent and more importantly, a bad ass rock n roller. Her debut full length record "Lovers in the Dust" is set for release in January. In the meantime, she has already released three seperate singles all with videos and played hundreds of gigs all over the USA. You might have caught her opening up for Watershed some dates on the "Brick and Mortar" tour.

Anyway, I'm telling you her new record is a stone cold classic. And I'm not just saying that because I co-wrote some of the songs or musical maestros like Andy Harrison, Terry Anderson/OAK Team and Joe Peppercorn contributed their talents as well, but it doesn't hurt. Did I mention that Mike Landolt produced the record? And Ricki C has been known to work her merch table? She is the real deal.

The project has hit that sticky stage where all the hard work is basically done but she is looking to raise a little $$ to push it over the final hump. I appeal to all Watershed fans and fans of good music in general to visit her Indiegopop campaign to get an advance copy of the CD and some other groovy perks. Thanking you in advance, Colin.


Click Here To Visit Erica Blinn's Indiegogopop campaign


Click here to check out Erica's latest video "Whiskey Kisses"


I Just Saw The Replacements Play in Denver. Actually,.

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I just saw The Replacements play in Denver.   Actually, that isn't exactly true. I saw Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg play 23 Replacements songs with two other dudes in a dusty hole 80 miles east of Denver. And it was great.

Q: "Wait just a second, I read Hitless Wonder and I'm wondering how you and Mike "Biggie" McDermott ending up seeing this show in Denver when you could have caught it in Chicago the week before? Did you guys hit the Powerball or did Biggie just prefer driving the van an extra 1200 miles for the hell of it?"

Speaking for myself, it doesn't take an accountant to figure:  coffee sold + music royalties - real life expenses = way less $ than it takes to fly me to Denver for a rock show. But that is exactly what happened.

As Mats' guitarist Slim Dunlap use to preach to me at a very impressionable age, "God* takes care of his writers and musicians. He may not get you a new car, but he gives you little gifts every once in awhile to let you know that he appreciates you. The key is to notice those gifts and not get hung up on what everybody else is getting. If a pile of cash is important to you, work at a bank. Songwriters get different gifts."

So about a month before this show, I get a call out of nowhere from a longtime Watershed friend who happens to live in the Denver area that I haven't heard from for a  while. "Hey, you and Biggie need to get your asses out here to see the Replacements show. It wouldn't be the same without you. It's on me. I got your tickets and just booked your flight. See you there." (click)

Now that is an offer you can't refuse. And a pretty obvious gift from whomever doles out that sort of thing.  

Speaking of Slim, sadly, his illness is also the reason Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson ended up wearing pink skirts performing in a dust bowl for Biggie and myself. Slim had a serious stroke awhile back and a number of musicians released some music to help raise money for his health expenses. (Unfortunately, health care is not a gift typically given to musicians.) Anyway, Paul and Tommy reunited to release a single as The Replacements and I can only assume had enough fun to want to play a couple of gigs in the meantime. They paired up with Paul's original solo band compadres David Minehan (The Neighborhoods) on guitar and Josh Freese (everybody!) on drums to round out the line-up. The show in "Denver" was the third and final of a three show run as part of Riotfest. The previous two shows were in Chicago and Toronto.

The reason I write "Denver" is because although the flyers said "Denver" the actual show was 80 miles east of Denver at May Farms, which, to the naked eye, looked to be a dirt farm.  It would be like advertising a show in Columbus while setting up the stage in Tipp City. 

I'll write another post about the rest of the bands at the festival soon, but let's stick to The 'Mats for now. I was curious about the crowd make-up for the event, because even as an over-the-hill rocker myself, I would be on the young side for a typical Replacements fan. I had never even heard of them until Joe Oestreich showed up at the Watershed house on 65 E. Patterson with a copy of "Don't Tell A Soul" and said, "Somebody said we should check this new band out". We listened, weren't impressed, and if I recall correctly even went so far as to sell the record back. (Probably got a good trade on the latest Dokken or something.) 

But then two things happened that changed my life forever. I turned twenty-one, so I could now drink beer whenever I wanted and I purchased a used copy of The Replacements "Pleased to Meet Me" on cassette tape. The opening of "I.O.U." tore open my sheltered suburban soul and suddenly a world appeared where I could hang out at bars in the afternoon if I felt like it. Like Slim once said, "When Tom Petty stands behind a microphone everybody feels safe. When Paul Westerberg stands behind a mic, it feels dangerous." 

The Replacements gave me the guts to push the envelope a little bit. Not to the point of real trouble, but just enough to quit being such a pussy. You know, if you happen to stay up for a few days and make out with a stranger every once in awhile, the world isn't going to end. Embrace a little danger. And Paul's lyrics were like discovering a long-lost brother I never knew about. A really smart, older, crazy brother.  The songs of Ray Davies, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Westerberg shaped me, for better or worse, into the person I am today. And I am not talking about musicality, I am talking about my actual personality. 

So yes, I was quite excited to see Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson perform together again as I stood about 30 feet straight back from center-stage with a mouth full of dust and my ears still ringing from Iggy and The Stooges. 

I won't bore you with a review of the show as actual music writers do a very good job of that already. I will say that they looked and sounded great. The crowd was about 7,000 strong and knew every word. I was probably in the middle, age-wise. The younger kids are hip these days, so quite a few hung around to see what all the fuss was about. The ones I saw seemed to be digging it. 

I suppose some Albini types could knock the band for going on a nostalgia trip but I don't think that is fair in this case. I mean, they hadn't played in 22 years so it's not like they are out milking it, and, more important, these songs deserve to be played. To paraphrase Pete Townsend - "Write your own fucking songs and then you can choose not to play them. I'll do what I want with mine."

Speaking of songs, the set-list is as follows: Takin' a Ride, I'm in Trouble, Favorite Thing, Shiftless When Idle, Hangin' Downtown, Jingle Jangle Jingle (Tex Ritter cover), Color Me Impressed, Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out, Kiss Me On the Bus, Achin' to Be, Androgynous, I Will Dare, Maybelline (Chuck Berry), Merry Go Round, Wake Up, Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 ) , Little Mascara, Left of the Dial, Alex Chilton, I Don't Know, Hold My Life, Can't Hardly Wait, Bastards of Young. Encore: Hootenanny 


Having never seen The Replacements before, just Paul solo, it is always interesting to notice what songs the band seems to really enjoy playing. Maybe they aren't the best songs to listen to, but just fun songs for the band to play, dig? I would throw "Hangin' Downtown," "Tommy Get His Tonsils Out," and "I Don't Know" in that category. The version of "Androgynous," sans keyboard was stunning. I was mildly disappointed they blew off show-closer "I.O.U" after an inspired mess of "Hootenanny," but really, it was all I could have asked for and more. Okay, got to run. I hope to write another essay soon about the under-appreciated Tommy Stinson and some thoughts on the other bands at Riot Fest, but don't hold your breath. I've got a kid to raise, a coffee shop to run, songs to write and The Wire  to watch. Oh, and football & baseball. I'm swamped. 


* God, as in some mysterious higher power. Not the one made famous from the Bible. 


 Colin Gawel writes stuff sometimes for Pencilstorm . Learn more about him and the other contributors by clicking here.

And I Just Bought Owen a Trent Richardson Jersey

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I just bought my son a Trent Richardson jersey so I am probably taking this latest round of Browns stupidity harder than most, but this trade, as Bob Mould might say, makes no sense at all. Actually, it almost feels like the Browns front office are out to intentionally destroy the franchise. Kind of like the way the U.S House of Representatives actively work to ruin my life. But I digress...

2012 NFL Draft Recap: The Browns trade the 37th overall pick and the #4 pick to move up ONE spot to draft running back Trent Richardson. Draft QB Brandon Weeden #23 in the first road.

Why this is stupid: The NFL is no longer a running league so picking a running back this high is a dubious decision no matter what. The fact that the Browns traded a pick away to a team that didn't have any interest in drafting a running back (Vikings) just to move up one spot is just flat out being taken for suckers. 

As for Weeden, his faults were (and are) well documented but basically, the Browns drafted an immobile 29 year old QB who didn't take ONE snap under center in his entire college career to have him play under center and run the West coast offense behind a creaky O line armed with sub-par receivers.

Fast Forward to Now. Browns trade Richardson to Colts for 2014 1st round pick. Probably somewhere 18-28. Browns lose confidence in Weeden finally conceding what everybody else already knew, he isn't a franchise quarterback.

Why this is stupid: Just last year Richardson was good enough for you to trade away a pick to move up one lousy spot and now, just 18 games later, you trade him for a late first round pick? And you get no player in return when your roster needs bodies at multiply positions.  Ugh.


 "Ok, smart guy, what would you do?"

 I'm just some dude at a  coffee shop but I am going to unlock the secret of the NFL Draft for the Browns front office. It has been statistically proven that there is ZERO difference in production between the top three players taken at their position in the NFL draft. Yes, you read that right, there is no difference in productivity between the 1st running back taken in the draft versus #2 or #3. This rule applies to all positions. Nerdy number crunching guys have figured all this out, just like 1 + 1 = 2.


What is different is the money and draft picks you have to give up to draft a player #1 at his position. It is more expensive to draft high and in a league with a salary cap, this matters. So, identify the top three players at a position of need, and make sure you get one of those, preferably #3 because you will pay less and get the same production. Follow? 

EX: 2012 Draft Browns took Trent Richardson #3 overall. The next two running backs taken were Doug Martin at #31 and David Wilson #32.  

Brandon Weeden was the 4th QB off the board. Not a spot where you would typically find a franchise QB . Taken before him were Andrew Luck, RG3 and Ryan Tannehill

So in keeping with the top 3 rule, the Browns should have drafted Ryan Tannehill and Doug Wilson and they would still have had the #37 pick to spend on somebody useful and spent less money giving them more flexibility with roster moves.   

If you want to learn more about all this mucky-muck, pick up a copy of the book Scorecasting. It's essay on the NFL Draft is a must read. Man, I wish some of those dumb jocks running the Browns bothered to read a book once and while. 

It's not all doom and gloom though. On the upside, the Browns are now well positioned for 2014  and with two first round picks they should be able to finally fill those two nagging positions of need QB and RB. Oh wait, just last year we had two first round picks last year and we drafted a QB and RB. Oh well. 

Colin Gawel blasted this out with coffee shop customers in his ear, so If you want something better than a rush job, please visit Grantland.

Watershed Rock n Roll Junket Wrap Up / Set Lists. Raleigh,NC 2013

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Thanks all who joined us in fabulous Raleigh, NC for the first ever Watershed Rock n Roll Junket. The idea being that instead of Biggie driving us all over hell's half acre so we could play 15 songs for y'all, we would hole up in one spot and really get down and dirty. Mission accomplished.

Sadlack's Heroes Friday July 19th - Colin Gawel solo show.

We got a little jammed up on I-77 near Galax, Virginia so we are arrived a little late. Good thing Ricki C. knows how to set up one acoustic guitar pretty quick so things got back on schedule. After the show Joe O and myself went to the Poorhouse to catch The Accelerators doing a reunion set. Think Replacements with Jerry Lee Lewis singing and playing electric guitar. Yeah, it kicked ass.

Colin's Set: See You Tonight/New Depression/Cold Weather/Words We Say/Romantic Noise/She Rains She Pours/Over Too Soon/ Good Day/ Hey Lydia/ A.M. Boy/ Pretty in a Slutty Way/Manifesto/Chemotherapy/Try A Little Faith/ Superior

Saturday July 20th. Watershed @ The Poorhouse  

Man, I could get used to this Junket concept. Instead of getting up and directly in the van for the ride to the next town, I hit "The Morning News" for coffee alfresco and then spent the afternoon at the North Carolina History Muesum. One workout and bowl of Jumbalaya later, I was being treated to a set from Raleigh's own Backsliders doing a free show in the park accross the street from the Poorhouse. Speaking of the Poorhouse, maybe my favorite rock n roll room in the country. Big enough to feel like a concert but small enough to be in everybody's faces. Ricki, Biggie and I stayed up late after the show watching Eastbound and Down. Party.

Watershed Set: Obvious/Star Vehicle/5th of July/Don't Be Honest/Lucky Day/How Do You Feel?/Set The World on Fire/Little Mistakes/New Depression/Over Too Soon/Small Doses/Mercurochrome (One Track Mind - Johnny Thunders, Pressure - The Kinks) Anniversary/Can't Be Myself/Best Is Yet To Come/Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick) Black Concert T - Shirt.  Encore: Sad Drive/If That's How You Want It/Manifesto/American Muscle/Suckerpunch

Sunday July 21st  Slim's Matinee Show with Special Guest Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team.

Still on my coffee schedule, I was awake pretty early and ended up at a cool little cafe in the town market to read and write out a set for Terry and the OAK Team that afternoon. The deal was that I would hand over a set just before they went on stage and then they would perform said set. Their idea. Obviously, I was thrilled. Terry is one of my top six favorite song writers ever. So in my mind, this was in league with writing out a set for The Kinks or Steve Earle. 

The Set I Wrote For Terry Anderson and The Olmpic Ass Kickin Team is as follows: I Can Give You Everything/Killin in Dillon/Mr. Bus Driver Man/ Ridin' Around/ Yesterday Clyde Virginia/ Gambled and Lost/$100 A Week/ Sunday Dress (They let/made me sing this one) Boyfriend 2/Wether or Not/ Lost Your Number/ Thunderbird  

I didn't put Battleship Chains  or I Love You Period on the list but he wrote them.

"So Dad, let me get this straight...the last gig in Raleigh, Terry is going to open up and play all his best songs and Watershed is going to headline and play all their worst songs? Not worst but you know what I mean."

"That's right Owen"

"No offense Dad, but you are probably going to get crushed"

I had to admit the nine year old had a point. The same thought crossed my mind as well. It had been a long time since a set with no Anniversary or 5th of July and so on and so forth. But Slim's was the perfect venue for this event and all our fabulous friends and fans who traveled in for the show really got a kick out of hearing some of the lost tunes. We did too.

Watershed Set at Slim's: You Need Me/ Nightshade/Something Wrong/Twister/Superstressed/ Consolation Prize/ Habit/Bitter Scars/Just For Show/She Picks The Songs/Half of Me/ Youth is Confusion/Plan B/ New life/Sticky Bomb/Wallflower Child/Slowly The Suddenly/I've Been Looking Everywhere/ Born to Run (Springsteen)/Cracking Up/Broken Radio

Final tally: 3 shows, 3 nights, One Hotel Room, 57 Different Songs. Not sure about the beer count but when I went up for my last Bud on Sunday at Slim's I was told they had sold completely out. That usually signals the end of a sucessful weekend. Thanks again to all who made this possible and those who made the trip. We may have to do this again next year...... 


and don't forget to visit my new website Pencilstorm. All kinds of music stuff there.- Colin




Watershed at Columbus Arts Fest Saturday June 8th and More.....

Columbus own "Hitless Wonders" will be performing Saturday June 8th @ 9pm on the Scioto Mile as the headlining act in the 2013 Columbus Arts Festival. If you cannot wait until Saturday, Watershed will be playing at Frankie's in Toledo, Ohio Friday June 7th at 10:30p.m.  A small club show that promises to be a beer and sweat soaked affair. 

If you have no interest in seeing Watershed but would like to have drinks with all your favorite characters from the best selling memoir, "Hitless Wonder- A Life In Minor League Rock n Roll", rumor has it they will be heading to the Jury Room following the Arts Fest to close down the bar to celebrate the conclusion of this grueling two city tour.

And don't forget to make plans to visit Raleigh, NC July 19-21 for the first ever "Watershed Rock n Roll Junket" three shows in three days. Details here.... 


 Colin will be playing solo at Shawdowbiox Bistro for music and mead Tuesday June 11th 8-11 pm

Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones Live at Craft Beer Fest, World of Beer, Easton Sat June 15th. 7pm showtime.

and don't forget to visit Colin's website  for good things to read 

Sammy Hagar's Kid and the Dark Side of Crowd-Funding

Fightclub, the band, is looking to raise some money to finance their first EP. Seems reasonable at first blush. Lots of bands are doing it. I'm sure you heard that Amanda Palmer raised $1.2 million dollars for her next CD (working title: This Is the New CD From Amanda Palmer,You Know, That Woman Who Raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter).

And who am I to turn up my nose at social resourcing? Just last year, my band, Watershed, did a Kickstarter campaign. We raised $7,500 to help pay the cost of printing our new CD — it was already recorded — renting a van for a 15-city book/CD tour that was already booked. The money helped pay for sitters at home, as well. At the end of the tour we had ZERO dollars, but we didn't go broke and didn't have to give our record away to a label for a crappy advance or put a beer advertisement on the cover. It was a win-win, and I can only hope that people who helped felt they got a good return on their investment as well. 

Fight Club is looking to record and release an EP that isn't written yet. Let's take a closer look at their campaign.


For those of you who may not know me, I am Aaron Samuel Hagar and I am embarking on a historical journey in the music industry and need your help. I have formed a band of “son’s of rock” of legendary greats. This concept has never purely been fulfilled by anyone that I know of and we are looking to break new ground in a highly competitive industry.

I'm no English major but I'm pretty sure "son's of rock" isn't a proper use of a possessive. Not trying to be a grammar police nitpicker, but when you are asking for one hundred large, that is a little different than commenting on Facebook. Got to clean that up. More importantly, the use of the phrase "highly competitive industry" sounds like banker talk to me. Not inspiring.


Unlike the perception you may expect, we do not share in the lifestyle and success of our parents.  We need your help to fulfill this dream.  Our parents have worked long and hard to achieve their “rock” status.  Today, they are well-respected and many were pioneers in the industry.  It only makes sense that we also earn our stripes and our own successes.  So we are embarking on an effort to raise funds for the recording, marketing and distribution of our debut album. 

Aaron seems like a nice guy and I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but I don't think beginning your career asking for money is "earning your stripes." I would feel much better if the band had attempted to perform live or had shown any actual effort other than this fund raising effort. 


All of the members of Fightclub have contributed in writing a large collection of songs for this recording production.  Being the sons of rock legends, we understand that there are high expectations for our debut album and our intent is to deliver!  The plan and goal is to record and produce with professional teams from studio to production with management and marketing all striving for the best end product possible.  We are working with teams that are industry professionals, who are mentors that we trust with our talent, our careers and our friendships.  Your support to FIGHTCLUB will be instrumental in the recording production completion which is always challenging when trying to coordinate the expenses of music production, but also the time, efforts and travel of the entire band.  We have all been around the business for our entire lives and understand the sacrifices and are making the commitments that it takes to journey into this arena of music history.

So you guys have a bunch of songs but we don't get to hear anything in advance? I'm supposed to bank on the fact that your dads were successful as my guidepost? Also, why should an EP cost this much? Great records by major acts get recorded these days for less that $20,000. Management and marketing? Is that where the dough is going?And again, the use of the phrase "best end product" is troubling. "Product" is a term that industry douchebag bean counters use. Musicians who use it are on the wrong side of the business.  


Built on the dream I had to create Fightclub,  my family, friends and colleagues believe in and are entrusting my vision to procure a successful future in music.  All of the members of Fightclub are students and teachers in the industry, and individually we have all been making our own way — slowly and honorably. It is time for us to take this opportunity to make our own mark in the world of music and step out of the shadows of our parents.  So without further adieu, let me introduce you to this talented and exciting band called Fightclub.

Look, Aaron, I know you don't want to ask your Dad for help; I didn't either. But the fact remains, he is worth $120 million and has his own recording studio. When you write that "family believes in your vision" I would start there. Hardly a band can survive without the help of a family member. I know Watershed couldn't have survived without some financial help here and there. Have you seen  Anvil:The Story of Anvil? Lips's sister gives him $20,000 to help record an album. It's a touching moment. You should check it out. At the very least maybe your Dad could give you some use of his studio if you cleaned and painted the place. 

Introducing, Fightclub - The band




Spearheading FIGHTCLUB is me, Aaron S. Hagar on vocals.  I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA as an owner and operator of a hot rod and classic car shop (Rat Runners Garage), as well as, moonlight as an artist and illustrator. 

Stop right there --- you OWN and operate a classic car shop? That is big, big money and you are asking for my hard earned dollars? May I ask who helped you get that off the ground and where are they now? (I tried to find a web link to the shop but it had been disabled. Very odd indeed.)

My brother, Andrew S. Hagar is on rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion and piano.  Andrew is a full- time trainer in MMA in the style of Muay Thai.  He also teaches privately and lives in Southern CA. We are the sons of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar. Legendary frontman of Montrose, HSAS, Van Halen and currently Chickenfoot.

  Miles Schon is on lead guitar and vocals.  Miles is a full-time music teacher living in the bay area.  He is the son of Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon.  Between Neal and Dad, they have sold over 250 million records worldwide!  They have worked together since the beginning of their careers, formed HSAS together and currently continue to work together on a sidebar project “Planet US”.  

Neal Schon is worth $30 million dollars.

Ry Kihn is also on lead guitar and vocals.  Ry is a full-time music teacher and lives in the San Jose area.  Ry is the son of 70’s and 80’s pop icon Greg Kihn.  With hits like “Jeopardy” and “The Breakup Song”, Greg has earned his stripes in creating some of the iconic anthems and videos of the 80’s.   Greg, Sammy and Neal are bay area legends, as well as global music legends.  Greg currently is the voice of Bay Area radio KFOX and they continue to jam together at charities and other events.

It's extremely troubling that Fightclub co-opts their fathers' accomplishments as if they were their own. Read the Ry Kihn bio again. One line about how he teaches guitar and then a paragraph about how his Dad had a bunch of hits. What does that have to do with anything? Last I checked, parents and kids are entirely different people. In fact, in the entire history of rock music, has one single son every eclipsed the accomplishments's of their Dad/Mom? Maybe Jeff Buckley but his most noteworthy accomplishments were covering a Leonard Cohen song and dying prematurely.

Trevor William Church is on bass, guitar and vocals.  Trevor teaches music part-time and shares a full-time job as a Redken Master Specialist @ Moxie Hair Studio in Fresno, CA.  Trevor is the son of bassist Bill Church.  Bill was the iconic bass notes of Van Morrison, Montrose and was with Sammy until Van Halen.  They are currently touring together as part of Dad’s “4 Decades of Rock” tour.

Tony Montanez is on drums and percussion.  Tony teaches music at Fresno State full-time and has played with Trevor for years.  Forming a solid rhythm union with Trevor, he is a welcomed member of the band.  Keeping a strong bond between drums and bass is crucial, and although he is not of the same lineage of the rest of the band members, his relationship with Trevor is unbreakable.

Tony is my favorite member of Fightclub and it bodes well that his relationship with bassist Trevor Church is "unbreakable."

AND, as a bonus, we are documenting everything from day one in hopes of sharing this amazing story in a documentary TV show.  As you might imagine, living life with our parents and in the families of rock legends, we have so many amazing experiences and stories to share.  The number one question we are always asked is; “So, what is it like being the son of …”

Do you guys have any songs? Have you guys ever played a single gig?

Now, we will be able to share with our Friends and Fans, a piece of the past and a brand new beginning in this full exposure, multi-media experience.  After the album is completed, we will release it on iTunes, and if demand is persistent, we will release a physical CD and begin a debut tour. 

Whoa, whoa, you guys aren't even committed to releasing an actual CD release or touring unless "demand is persistent"? Maybe you could tour to increase demand? Where is all this money going? Best as I can tell, Fightclub wants $100,000 real dollars to record a digital EP.


 Thank you for your time and contribution,

                                                                    Aaron S. Hagar

On a personal note…..

Our mission is important to us and we have a lot to say about the world, music, family and topics that are important in our daily living. As artists we have used music to express ourselves, explore and touch lives emotionally. We ask and hope that you help support this and keep self expression, the arts and music alive in the world. Help US entertain YOU.

                                                                     -Thank you kindly

Uh, Dude, I think that that whole thing was a personal note.

Curious what you get for your money? A sampling follows:

$50 gets you a 2 song digital download and a digital postcard.

$100 gets you a signed signed EP and..."a tasteful thank you on Facebook"

$200 gets you the signed EP, Facebook thank you poster

$350 gets the above, and one tee-shirt. Did I mention they don't include shipping in the donation? Well they don't. Tack on $10 and do not pass go.

$500 gets you the above and I quote "drum head poached from my Dad's studio (shhh) they are used and you never know who may have used them. Dave? Denny? Chad? Kenny?"

Who the hell are Dave, Denny, Chad, Kenny? Instead of sneaking in your dad's studio to poach used drum heads from unknowns, why not sneak into record some songs? Or would your dad get a "Red" ass and toss you out?

 I'm not trying to be an asshole, but social resourcing is God's gift to worthy artists and entrepreneurs. It is a privilege, not a right and lazy hucksters like Fightclub ruin it for everybody who could use a new transmission for a Chevy van to get them down the road to the next gig. F- off Fightclub. I will be contributing $0.00.

Fightclub raised $21,331 toward their goal of $100,000. You can check on their progress at by clicking here.

Colin Gawel plays in the band Watershed and writes things for Pencilstorm in his downtime at Colin's Coffee. Just google him or visit for more info than you could ever imagine.

Summer Shows and

Greetings from Colin's Coffee. I've only got a second so here are the goods...

I've started a new website where I don't just post things solo but am joined by all kinds of other talented people. Please visit frequently to read my musings. Updates often! Our music page is crushing too.. check it out


The summer music calender is filling up. Here are some of the highlights:

Friday May 3rd: Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones @ Woodland's Tavern. 8pm showtime

Friday May 31st: Colin solo at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza on at 8 pm

Saturday June 8th: Watershed headlines Columbus Arts Festival. Scioto Mile Stage on @ 9pm

Saturday June 15th: Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones @ Easton Craft Beer Festival on @ 7pm

Weekend June 28/29 Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones @ Comfest details TBA

'Your Shirt Sucks': A Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Recap.

Editor's note: If you aren't sure what this is all about, please click here to read the original Why Isn't Cheap Trick ithe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? post. It should answer most your questions about the cause and who the hell this Colin Gawel (Watershed) fellow is anyway.  Also: A limited number of "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ?" T-shirts are still available. Better move quick though. click here for the link and info

"Your shirt sucks."

"Excuse me. Come again?"

"Your shirt. It sucks."

He was pointing to the shirt I was wearing which read, "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?"

"How's that? " I asked.

"Alice Cooper should be in the hall before Cheap Trick"

"I think Alice Cooper is in the Rock Hall, aren't they?" **

"Nope. And that's why your shirt sucks, and the Rock Hall sucks"

I countered: "But the reason for a hall of fame in the first place, be it baseball, football or rock and roll, is to spur conversation among fans about who should be in. Rock and roll is going extinct like the dinosaurs, yet here we are—two strangers having a conversation about Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick in the checkout line at the grocery store. I think that's what makes the Rock Hall pretty cool."

"Whatever. Alice Cooper should be in before Cheap Trick"

This conversation really happened and I think sums up the whole point of Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? To get people talking and damn if we didn't. The original story crushed all previous Pencilstorm records with over 2,500 hits. Facebook blew up with all sorts of Cheap Trick and music sites jumping on board.  I knew we were cooking with gas when metal nerd guru Eddie Trunk himself tweeted about the gig. Rumor has it that even Rick Nielsen himself was e-mailing people asking what this was all about. At least that is what Cheap Trick expert and legendary DJ/ renaissance man of all things rock Lou Brutus had heard. There were also numerous articles written about the shows but I think this one by Andy Gray from the Youngstown Tribune was the best. Read it here.

Other press: Columbus AliveCleveland SceneCool ClevelandThe Examiner 

Both shows were well attended but the Columbus show was damn-near a madhouse/sellout  thanks to Brian Phillips from CD102.5 and Dan Orr WLVQ for plugging the gig on the FM dial.


And for those of you asking about the set...

Stop This Game/ Hello There / Come on Come on / On Top of the World / These Days / Speak Now / Baby Loves to Rock / Downed / I Can't Take It / It's Only Love / Southern Girls / I Know What I Want / Voices / Tonight It's You / Oh Clare / Surrender. Encore: Daytripper / Way of the World / He's a Whore / Auf Wiedersehn 

Given our limited time/resources/talent, I thought we did a pretty damn fine job not embarrassing ourselves. Click here for a taste.   

Anyway, thanks to all who helped Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall Fame? For everybody's sake let's hope this is our first/last show and Cheap Trick gets the induction NEXT YEAR. If not, we will be back again trying to find an answer to a simple question: Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

** Alice Cooper is already in the Rock Hall. I fucking knew it!

Colin Gawel plays in the band Watershed and fronts his solo band The Lonely Bones. He started Pencilstorm during downtime at his coffee shop, the cleverly named Colin's Coffee. He really wants to know why Cheap Trick isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? is now a band in addition to a damn good question.

Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? is a band hellbent on finding the answer to the following question: Why isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? As such, the band will be performing a free show of all Cheap Trick covers at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland on Thursday, April 18.

The date is significant because the actual induction ceremonies for the Rock Hall are taking place, in Los Angeles, that same night, and once again, Cheap Trick is not among the inductees. And as for the location, well, duh, Cleveland is where the Rock Hall is located. Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? will also be performing a free show the next night at KOBO in Columbus just for the hell of it.

Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? is the brainchild of Colin Gawel, co-founder of the band Watershed. Gawel and Joe Oestreich decided to form a band after attending a Cheap Trick concert when they were in middle school. The two were so determined to follow their heroes' path, Watershed eventually ended up getting signed — and dropped — by Epic Records, Cheap Trick's recording label for many years. Oestreich tells the tale in the 2012 memoir Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll. The book was featured on National Public Radio and reached No. 1 on Amazon music biography list. 

While Gawel doesn't have the discipline to write a book, he did once rank EVERY SINGLE Cheap Trick song, complete with links, essays and personal stories. (Better call off work because it takes about five hours to read properly.)

Gawel said he decided to form Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? after getting sick of watching the band get snubbed year after year. "If Cheap Trick were from New York City instead of Rockford, Ill., they would have been in the Rock Hall years ago*," he said. "Show me someone who doesn't appreciate what Cheap Trick has meant to rock and roll and I will show you a dipshit."

Gawel added: "To draw attention to this injustice, we plan on performing every year on the night of the induction ceremony until Cheap Trick gets the call. For everybody's sake, let's hope this is our first and last show. I mean, Cheap Trick makes it look easy; surely we will prove otherwise."

Gawel said he is a big fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "My son and I go every summer and always have a great time," he said. "This event isn't for the haters bitching about how their favorite band has been snubbed, too. Start your own band If you want to. This show is about taking a place I already enjoy and improving it with the addition of Cheap Trick."

Gawel will be joined on stage by his backing band The Lonely Bones, featuring Four String brewmaster Dan Cochran on bass, Rick Kinsinger on guitar and former Watershed member Herb Schupp on the drums.

A limited number of Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? T-shirts are available to spread the word and help cover the cost of van rental, gas, and beer for the band. Click here to purchase. Shirts will NOT be available at the show. Any extra proceeds will be plowed back into free stickers and/or buttons, which will be available.

Click here for Facebook event page and help us spread the word


Colin Gawel sings and plays guitar with Watershed along with his solo band The Lonely Bones. Once a year he performs with his side band, Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame? in Cleveland. He owns a small coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio, where he manages the website Pencilstorm. He is married and has a 9-year-old son who has seen Cheap Trick three times and met Rick once.

It occurred to me one evening while watching the Silver concert DVD that if a band from New York tried a show like that in Central Park, it would be covered live on all media outlets and probably have its own pullout section in USA Today.

Try to imagine a band from New York that had sold 20 million records over 30 years; been produced by George Martin, Todd Rundgren, Jack Douglas, Roy Thomas Baker and Steve Albini (OK, were recorded by Steve Abini); were John Lennon's favorite American band; had persevered through tough times and continued playing gigs all over the world because that's what rock n roll bands do; rallied to put out an amazing CD in 2009, The Latest; were beloved by Conan O' Brien, The Onion, David Letterman, The Simpsons, Steve Colbert and other pop-cultural icons; were the featured band at 2010 SXSW; performed on Austin City Limits and World Café; were invited by the Los Angeles Philharmonic to recreate Sgt. Pepper's at the Hollywood Bowl; influenced bands such as Green Day (Billie Joe left a note on Rick's door the first time Green Day played Chicago that said "We are going to be a good as your band one day") and Nirvana ("I think of Nirvana as being like Cheap Trick," Kurt Cobain once said). If a band from New York City accomplished even half of this, they would have been inducted into the Rock Hall on the first ballot. — Colin

"Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?" - (The Band) Performing Two Protest Shows in April!

  I am going to write something more extensive on this event as it gets closer, but here is the express menu preview for you curious few. Basically, last year was devoted to all things Watershed, both the new CD "Brick and Mortar" and the book "Hitless Wonder". It was lots of work, tons of fun and many things went right. You can read all about it  here . 

As 2013 started, I shifted my focus to getting off the ground and so far, so good. It's like a on meth with all my smart friends helping out. Check it out. As always, I've got a bunch of new song ideas kicking around but to be honest, my brain just isn't ready to go there. My brain is tired of relentless prodding for it to do more work. It just wants to drink beer and play Cheap Trick songs. Thus the idea for "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?" was born.

"Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?" will be performing two FREE shows of all Cheap Trick covers that will surely make you long for the real Cheap Trick. The first show is Thursday April 18th at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. Why that night? As you know, Cleveland, Ohio is the home of the actual Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, BUT.. that same night in Los Angeles, the induction ceremonies for the Rock Hall class of 2013 will be taking place. And once again, Cheap Trick has been snubbed. This show is a protest show to hopefully draw attention to this shameful miscarriage of justice. We plan on performing every year on this night until justice is served and Cheap Trick gets their rightful respect and is welcomed into the hall.

We will also be performing another FREE show the next night at KOBO on High in Columbus, Ohio, just for the hell of it. As the event gets closer, look for a big announcement at but until then, make plans to attend a show and help us in our protest. 

 To read my complete Cheap Trick song rankings click here you nerds.

later- Colin

Do You Know What is Going To Be Better than

Thanks to everybody who read "Hitless Wonder" or listened to "Brick and Mortar" in 2012. For glowing press, the NPR story and basically a review of all the cool things that happened in the past year Click here

"Superior" is edging towards 10,000 views. Watch it here is a new website featuring myself and some of the best writers banging around the interweb. The days of trolling through facebook/twitter for the occasional witty remark or insightful analysis are over. Now you can visit one site and get your head filled up with all sorts of useless information concerning music/sports/movies/culture/stuff... That's the idea anyway. We will be listing all sorts of events there as well. For instance, I have posted some info about Reelin and Rockin' at the Gateway as a test run. In fact, why not take a look? click here

Obviously, the site is just getting off the ground (lots of changes coming) and at this point it is all a work in progress but contributors already on board are: Brian Phillips, David Martin, Johnny DiLoretto, Joe Peppercorn, Greg May, Ricki C, Will Kenworthy, Jeff Hassler and yours truly. I won't bore you with the details now, but each one of these guys bring a unique talent and resume to the table. We plan to add more contributors soon, but this is a good start. In the meantime we will be working on some snappy graphics and snazzy slogans. Like...  "It's like a DVR for Facebook" or  "It's like on meth"  "Just Like Grantland, But Not As Good"

That sort of thing.

Anyway, you are now in on the ground floor of a virtual building. This will be fun. - Colin 



Songs From Northern Arlington

Thanks to everybody who read "Hitless Wonder" or listened to "Brick and Mortar" in 2012. For reviews, the NPR story and basically a review of all the cool things that happened in the past year click here 

"Superior" is truly a Northern song in every sense and edging towards 10,000 views. Watch it here    

Colin playing Saturday February April 16th for Music in the Round benefiting Rafiki AIDS Orphanage at Via Vecchia. details at  

Songs From Northern Arlington.

 What can I say? I've always been a winter type of guy. I prefer long underwear, jeans and big boots to kacky shorts and flip flops. I like the cold sting of January better than the dog days day of August. I can get shit done in the winter. Less distractions. Less fun all around in general. And whatever fun there is to be had is usually self generated. For better or worse. Like this post. Come May, I would be out in my driveway blasting rock n roll, firing up the grill throwing baseballs with O, enjoying the lovely weather. No way would I be sitting in my family room "blogging" as the kids say. It's a Thursday right now but it feels like a Tuesday. Oppressive cold and clouds make everyday feel like a Tuesday. I've often thought if the seven day week were: Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Saturday Sunday, I could really have accomplished some things. Mondays are over rated. I need Monday to acclimate my work ethic and recover from Sunday. If it can wait till Monday, it can wait till Tuesday. That's my motto. Not really, but I have seen worse bumper stickers. anyway... I like Tuesdays. I can get some shit done on Tuesday. 

You know what else I like? Taking long walks listening to music on a cold winter evening with the the northern wind blowing and remnants of lake effect snow falling. Calibrating I-Pod with basic instructions. Check. Filling 20 oz Colin's Coffee Tumbler with nice warm red wine and strapping on boots, headphones and gloves. Check. Stepping out door, hit shuffle and is what I heard on Thursday January 31st/2013. (Click on song listen/artist)

Blizzard of 77   -   I always know how to start. I start with this.

Start Again      -  Can't wait any longer than #2. Thanks to Joe Peppercorn and Branden Barnett for re-focusing me on "Songs From Northern Ireland". (Songs From Northern Arlington...Get IT??? huh? Get it?)

December             - Teenage Fanclub working so hard they are worth a deuce.

Within You Reach - Replacements are the very definition of "Northern" rock

 Best Thing That Never Happened - Reminds me of long cold walks in Marquette, MI. 

Superior           - inspired by semi true events in same town. My attempt at a Northern song. 

Inside of Love  - Nada needs a deuce too.

Things Have Changed - actually Bob D is two hours North of Mats'. Biggie, since you have vowed to outlive me and piss on my grave, could you at least have the decency to play this song at the ceremony? thanks. Seems like a good song to go out on.

Everything is Broken   

Whispering Pines  - and The Band are mostly more North than Bob. Oh Richard, why did you have to do it?

Mt. Everest  - My #1 snow shoveling song of 2012!

Father John Misty and this song - Eric Zimmer just gave me his annual best of CD. It's pretty much where i find my new music these days.For all I know by the time Father John hits my ears he has gone from Destroyer to Unmasked on the hip scale. but i know I like this song.

Hard on Me  - which reminds me how much I love this Richard Thompson song. Man, they sound they same but who cares. Snowing again. 

Silver Age     - Husker Du North. Walking faster. Thinking about throwing snowballs at cars. Bob M's book isn't quite as good as Hitless Wonder but Bob didn't have a "Biggie" character to work with.

Supercharged / Punch the Clock - Detroit is mostly cold and mostly always cloudy. Hearing this makes me want  to hop in a Ford econolione and run the Widespread Panic bus into a ditch off I-75 near Macon, GA compliments of John Speck.

Answering Machine - anger management sorta

Rewind  -  Tim Easton has a new greatest hits out. listen to it. this song isn't on it because it's hard to make a living with long sad songs that appeal to guys walking along the Olentangy river drinking Red Wine out of a coffee cup. That is the very definition of a nitch market. 

Ok, time to warm up. How many days until pitchers and catchers  report anyway? This is ridiculous. Who's bright idea was this anyway? I'm freezing. I'm ready for Spring. Damn, i should have played "Darkness" by Leonard Cohen. next time.  BYE


Colin Gawel is a songwriter who plays in the band Watershed and fronts his solo band the Lonely Bones. He is featured in the best selling rock n roll book Hitless Wonder. He is also freezing from spending so much time outside walking in the frigging cold and has to get up at 5:30 am to go to Colin's Coffee. He doesn't figure anybody will actually listen to these songs now, but one day, way in the future (hopefully), his son young Owen might stumble upon this post and be glad that he did. 







You Say You Want a Resolution, Well You Know, We All Want To Change The World.

Thanks to everybody who read "Hitless Wonder" or listened to "Brick and Mortar" in 2012. For reviews, the NPR story and basically a review of all the cool things that happened in the past year click here It's cold out and "Superior" is edging towards 10,000 views. Watch it here   

Upcoming events:Wednesday January 16th "Charlie is My Darling" Gateway Film Center for Reelin' and Rockin'. bar 7, movie 8pm. Tuesday January 29th Colin will be performing along with many other talented people as part of the debut "Johnny DiLoretto Variety Show" at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro. 8-10pm. This is going to be a GREAT show. Totally different. February 7th-Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones opening up for our pals the legendary Dash Rip Rock at the Rumba Cafe. Bones on at 8, Dash destroys after. Saturday February 16th- Colin solo with other artists at "Music in the Round" at the Capital Music Center to benefit the Marafiki AIDS Orphanage. Wednesday Feb 20th- "Sound City" at the Gateway Film Center for Reelin' and Rockin'. Click the link on this page for more info.


You Say You Want a Resolution......

People often ask me, "Colin, how do you manage to juggle so many things and do them all so well? What is the secret to your success?"

Actually, that isn't exactly true. It's phrased more like, "Colin...Jesus, you look exhausted, are you OK?" 

Still, with a new year ringing in my ears along with the tinnitus, I would like to share my thoughts on successful habits and the value of New Year's Resolutions. 

"From Small Things, Big Things One Day Will Come", isn't just an under rated Bruce Springsteen B-side, it is also a phrase that is coincidentally the backbone of my personal survival strategy. I'm not one for resolutions in the traditional sense. I don't enter a new year and proclaim, "this is the year I finally finish my screenplay, slash my online porn consumption and run the Boston marathon!". No sir, not me. While big goals are dandy and may work for some, I've come to understand that for myself, If I achieve small goals on a semi- daily basis, eventually some form of productivity emerges from the rubble of the Holiday season. In the New Year I re-dedicate and tweek my system to focus on goals to help me create things I enjoy. Off the top of my head and in no particular order this year I would like: To write good songs, Compile all my solo recordings and release as a full length, start a band called "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame" that plays Cheap Trick covers and calls attention to this gross injustice, record new Watershed music and play a show in Minneapolis, make a Willie Phoenix Wiki discography page and write a really long, stupid essay about KISS. If I hope to accomplish just one of these worthy goals, I need two things: Energy and Time Management.


 Goal#1: Energy is everything. And I'm not talking about some sort of vague hippy energy or positive vibes or anything groovy like that. Or green energy or coal energy or energy drinks. No sir, I'm referring to actual "I'm not tired, I have some physical energy" energy.

See, "The Man" demands most my time working to break even at the coffee shop. As "President" of Colin's Coffee, my number one responsibility (outside of keeping the women's restroom clean) is to work as many hours for free as possible so everybody else gets paid. Once the bank, landlord, suppliers, utilities and employees are satisfied, I can continue working for free for another month. After the shop, my most important duty begins when I pick up Owen from school and give him some quality time doing whatever fun stuff he enjoys. You only get to be a parent once and I try to bring my 'A' game when the little guy and myself are together. Certainly, I'm not bringing the 'A' game to his college fund so some weekly trips to the zoo, one on one basketball, COSI and Dirty Frank's are the least I can do.

Creative time comes last. It may just be 45 minutes to work on a new song or essay about resolutions, but this is when I need some energy to do something worthwhile. If i want to write songs or stories or anything, it is my responsibility to make it happen. Sure, I had more time in my youth, but I do better work now ( I think) because I don't take free time for granted. For me, it is the 45 free minutes each day where the battle for an interesting life is fought. 

ENERGY = Sleep + healthy food + Working out.

SLEEP:  Be in bed reading a book by 9pm four nights a week so when I wake to go to the coffee shop at 5:30 am, i am semi rested for the upcoming day.

Healthy Food: when at the shop, no salt, sugar, bread or fat before noon. water, coffee, oatmeal, beans, veggies, etc. 

Working Out: I have to pick up Owen at 2:50pm so from 1pm until then I hit the gym even just to break a sweat. something is better than nothing. It's not like I'm going to be an Olympic poll vaulter or anything.

Or put another way: Starting at 9pm and stretching over a 24 hour period to the following night when I go back to bed at 9pm. I figure I have slept, eaten right and exercised for 20 of the 24 hours. That is a pretty good percentage in the big scheme of things. By 5 pm my will power is shot and I usually take one small sip of red wine and a tiny hit of crack. Actually, I drink a beer or five, cook dinner and write things like this.

                                               Life is Long.  Time Is Short.

 Like most, I'm a flawed person who enjoys giving into temptation as much as the next. The idea that I am going to do a month long body cleanse or give up something "forever" is laughable. At this point, I know myself pretty well and safe to say forcing any such scheme would surely antagonize the devil in me to likely produce the exact opposite result I was striving for. Besides, did you know that some egghead genius types claim, "willpower is a limited resource you have to conserve?". Well they do. Read it here

I try to break each day into 24 hours and then win 20 of those hours.  

Goal #2-USE TIME SEMI WISELY: Maybe it was my Mom dying when I was relatively young or my life long infatuation with disasters, but I really don't take living for granted. I could die tomorrow and so could you. Tornado season is right around the corner. Shit happens. Would I like to spend my final hour listening to local sports talk radio? maybe. But I could probably do better. I've been trying to incorporate audio books to my workouts and drive time in the car. When there is free time at the coffee shop I try to hop on the computer and work on an essay or read a good book. Go hiking or take a walk when possible. I make an effort to stay offline and off the grid whenever possible. No matter how much fun, this is the #1 killer when it comes to spending time wisely. Airplane mode baby. To provide content, I can't spend all day scrolling through it. Exposure to art is good. Exposure to twitter ??

Resolution # 9......#9.......#9........#9..........#9.........#9.........#9..........#9........#9........#9.........#9.........#9

That doesn't mean anything but just going with the Beatles theme....

Reading back over this essay I am struck by two things: One: this is pretty boring and two: I think I make it sound like i actually execute this plan regularly. I don't. This is the goal, not the reality. Just last night I stayed up until 10:15 watching episode four of Homeland. Sunday I was drinking beer at band practice at 1pm.  Still, having a plan is better than no plan at all.  

To Recap  -   1) Bed by 9pm- 2) no sugar, salt, bread or fat before noon- 3) break a sweat -4) stay offline 5) play audio books when driving. 

Alas, that is the glory of the New Year Resolution. It provides all us weak-willed sinners a second chance to become our ideal selves. Isn't that what life is all about anyway? No matter what you have done in the past, it is always possible to have an outstanding day. And if you can have one, you can have two and from there you don't feel as guilty about the inevitable bender just over the horizon. Wishing us all good luck in 2013! - Colin



Colin Gawel is probably the last person on Earth who should be talking about resolutions. He has failed so spectacularly that a best selling book "Hitless Wonders" was written about him and his band Watershed due to their historic lack of success. Yet, they happily press on. He is a father, husband, songwriter and coffee shop owner. He is currently trying to book his side band "Why Isn't Cheap Trick In The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame?" at the Beachland Ballroom Thursday April 18th though the band as of now, only exists in his head. Check out his music and more at 





I Still Love Christmas!

-If you are looking for press, NPR story or reviews concerning Watershed "Brick and Mortar" or the book, "Hitless Wonder" please click here to be quite impressed. Both make an excellent present.

                       watch this:    "Still Love Christmas"       

The Holidays and the Andymanathon go hand in hand. I cannot have one without the other. For me, appearing on Andy's annual 48 hour radio marathon became what I would imagine midnight mass feels like to others. Sure it was fun.. and sometimes boozy... but still, it was for a great cause and it really felt like you were part of a bigger community. It was spiritual. Sadly, our good friend Andy "Andyman" Davis left this world too soon and now it is up to us to continue his good work, keep his legacy alive and "help the kids".

Watershed fans have always made me proud by turning out in mass to help with this worthy endeavor and this year can be no different. It's time to strap it on and be part of the Andyman community. There are two easy ways you can help remember our friend Andy.

1) Watershed will be performing along with Los Gravediggers, Miranda Sound, The Girls, and Two Cow Garage at the Bluestone Sunday December 16th. Watershed will be on at 9 sharp. Why Sunday? The decision was made to have the concert become the official "after party" of the 48 hour Andymanathon radio marathon ending the same day at 5pm. The concert will start early and end early so no worries there. Tickets are only $10 and ALL proceeds go to Andy's memorial fund and cd101 for the kids.

2)Call CD1025 @ #614 221 1025 during the the Andymanathon (Fri Dec14-Sun Dec16th) and pledge money to hear your favorite Watershed/Colin Gawel music played on CD102.5. Take over the airwaves!! They have operators standing by. so call call call. or come down while we play the big room Saturday night and make the donation then. For every $20 (cash) you give at the station, you get a ticket to the big show Sunday.

share the facebook event here 

While at Amazon, throw a copy of "Hitless Wonder" in your cart.

The highly acclaimed best selling memoir written by Joe Oestreich featuring: Colin Gawel, Mike "Biggie"McDermott, Kate Faber, Dave Masica, Herb Schupp, Mark "Pooch"Borror, Ricki C., Willie Phoenix, Cheap Trick,  Growing up in Worthington, Used Kids Records, Tim Patalan, CD101, Howlin Maggie, Scrawl, Frankie LaRocka, The Toll, Ron Severance, The Insane Clown Posse, Jim Steinman, The Smithereens, Dan Dougan, Slim Dunlap and a whole bunch of tales concerning triumph and heartbreak mixed with sex, drugs and rock n roll. And it's all true. (except for the not cool stuff about me- obviously)

If you have already read it, you know how great it is. Buy it for somebody to enjoy. Click here to purchase

The Calendar to Wrap up 2012:

Thursday December 6th- Colin solo Happy Hour (5:30-7pm) World of Beer, Easton

Thursday December 13th- Colin solo Happy Hour (5:30-7pm) World of Beer, Easton

Saturday December 15th- Watershed Live in the CD102.5 Big Room for Andyman A Thon. Midnight and open to public. Please pledge money all weekend to hear your favorite Watershed/Colin Gawel songs and donate to this great cause. 

Sunday December 16th-Watershed Live at the Bluestone for annual Andyman A Thon Benefit concert. Once again an amazing line-up for a great cause. The show will be starting earlier as it is a Sunday and wrapping up the on-air fund drive details for the concert and Andyman A thon here

Wednesday December 19th- Reelin and Rockin' at Gateway w/Brian Phillips "The Story of Mudhoney"

Thursday Dec 20th- Colin solo Happy Hour (5:30-7pm) World of Beer, Easton

Friday December 21st- Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones Annual "Still Love Christmas" Happy Hour at the Rumba Cafe. 6-9 pm.

and last but really first is Joe Peppercorn's annual Beatles Marathon  Saturday Dec 29th at Kobo.

It's going to be tough to top 2012 for excitement, but bring on Lucky 13. Happy New Year! - Colin