Next Show: Thanksgiving Eve Extravaganza @ the Rumba Cafe

Unless you're working with me at Colin's Coffee at 7am on Thanksgiving morning, you really have no excuse not to join us for the Bones' Thanksgiving Eve show at the Rumba Cafe.  

Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Quinn Fallon will get the show rolling at 8:00pm with an acoustic set.  Consistent with my rock and roll bill of rights, the Lonely Bones and I will take the stage at about 9:30 pm.  After the show, Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage will play a solo set to keep you going into the night if you choose.

Thanksgiving Eve is the new New Years Eve! Make sure to bring along all your annoying relatives who you only see once a year and spend the evening flirting with ex- girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses who are sure to be there as well.

Tickets are $7 at the door or online at Ticket Fusion.  The Rumba Cafe is at 2507 Summit Street.