Show Notes: International Pop Overthrow Festival, Cleveland, Ohio Friday Nov 13th Beachland Ballroom.

The Set: See You Tonight/Small Doses/Chemotherapy/Words We Say/Superior

5 songs? One might ask, “Did somebody in the band spill a Christmas Ale on their amplifier triggering a small explosion knocking out the power grid for a city block thus cutting the set short?”

A tough question, but a fair one.

Actually, the IPO Festival insists on all acts playing a twenty minute set and sharing the same backline (amps/drums). For example, Rick left his keyboard at home and played the whole set on guitar as no keys were provided with the backline.

What this does is force all of the bands to play their best material with as little downtime as possible. As a wise guy once said, “The I.P.O. Festival is like speed-dating for music fans”

This whole ingenious scheme is the brainchild of I.P.O. founder, organizer, and all around great guy David Bash who has taken his wildly successful festival all over North America and even to England. Sometimes it is easy to forget that while the music business does have more than its fair share of bloodsucking, corporate weasels, it also has visionaries like David Bash who promote the music they love for all of the right reasons.

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BTW- I thought the gig was great. Check out the video page for a clip.