Paranoid Lovesick releases my favorite CD of 2009! (But recorded it from 1996-2002)

To get the very interesting band history, and why it took so long for “Allegro” to be released to the public, click here for an article written by my Watershed pal Joe Oestreich


Paranoid Lovesick- Suburban Pop Allegro – Although I was unable to catch their reunion/farewell show at the International Pop Overthrow festival last month in Cleveland, always classy P.L. singer/guitarist Bill Stone sent me a copy of the “new” disc and let me tell you, “Allegro” is a power pop tour de force ranking with the all time greats in that genre.

 Having played numerous gigs with Paranoid Lovesick through the years, I am a fan of them both musically and personally. Knowing a band personally makes you less likely to hate them, but strangely, less likely to love them as well. It is a strange phenomenon.

I mean, once you drink beers with a band, it’s kind of hard to watch them play and yell, “You suck” from the back of the room. I suppose some sort of common humanity takes the edge off the inner critic. Conversely, it is rare that I would drop in a CD by one of my friends and just be blown away. It happens, (Tim Easton, Flipp, and The Fags) but not as often as it should.

Anyway, I popped Suburban Pop Allegro into my $89 dollar Sam’s club CD player and was just hooked from the get go. This sort of thing never happens to me. I started drinking beer, then some wine. Then I put headphones on and listened again and again and again. I stayed up way past my bedtime. This is known as a “personal power hour” in my circles.

What makes this record so special? The lyrics are intelligent, humorous and heartbreaking. The arrangements are spot on. The harmonies are lush. The late Rick Mc Brien’s guitar playing is supreme. The choruses are memorable. All four members of Paranoid Lovesick contribute to the songwriting. The sequence is perfect.

I must stress that Suburban Pop Allegro is a power pop masterpiece first and foremost. If you are unfamiliar with the term “power pop” or think “Big Star” is a new reality show on FOX, this probably isn’t the CD for you.

As for the rest, put away those tired, worn out Posies and Teenage Fanclub records because something better has finally come along. The Raspberries have long been considered the best power pop band to come out of Cleveland, Ohio. They are now officially the second best. It was a good run while it lasted, but Paranoid Lovesick holds that crown now.

Essential Tracks: Orbit Baby/ Feelin Alright to Drive/All Afternoon/Superclean/Hollywood/ Drag/ No Pain Part 1 and Part 2