Springsteen Fanfest Weekend Show Notes (June 13, 2009)

Needless to say, we were extremely flattered and caught somewhat off guard that afterjust one show prior, we would be the only group chosen to perform “Springsteen Fan fest Weekend” at the RnR Hall of Fame.

“How did you get that gig?” is the obvious and fair question which I was asked many times. Without getting into much detail, two decades of relentless touring by Watershed apparently garnered us a couple friends in high places. Since Wshed wasn’t available for the gig, the Rock Hall was very generous in taking a chance on my new band, The Lonely Bones.

The Hall made it very clear that they wanted us to be ourselves. If they wanted a Boss cover band they would have gotten one. Still, we couldn’t resist throwing a little red meat to the crowd.


“ Having our second gig ever at the Rock n Roll Hall of fame has to break, or at least tie some sort of record”- Colin

“You can’t really be influenced by Springsteen and be a Bruce cover band. If that were the case he would have tried out for Beatle mania”- Dave Masica

“I’ve got to get going, can’t go to Cleveland and not visit Great Lakes Brewing, best beer in the world”-Dan Cochran before leaving rock hall.

“The first time I saw Bruce live on the Born to Run tour, Colin was 6 years old” Ricki C (Roadie extraordinaire)

“I may have done bigger gigs, but never one cooler-”Colin

The Set: Profile/See You Tonight/ The Words We Say/Small Doses/Lonely Bones/Wallflower Child/Half of Me/Pretty in a Slutty Way/Johnny 99 (Springsteen)/#1 Killer/Sad Drive/ I’m Going Down(Springsteen)/ A.M. Boy/Chemotherapy/Superior/ Born To Run (Watershed version, Springsteen)