ComFest Show Notes and Preview

4 shows down- so many to go. I thought the Comfest gig went exceptionally well considering we are a brand new band with basically no idea what we are doing. Not so much the playing, but moving stuff around and getting things plugged in and tuned and “Ricki, where the f is my ‘A’ harmonica sort of thing. For the first time since my high school senior dinner, I was nervous playing a gig. My hands were shaking. Only natural considering all the memories I have with Watershed at Comfest.

Owen passing out fliers to the crowd after the gig was priceless. “Owen, give them to the pretty girls first”

Andy Harrison crushed on sound- not to mention he helps produce the CDs.

Set: Profile/See You tonight/ Words We Say/ Small Doses/ Lonely Bones/ Wallflower Child/Sad Drive/Chemotherapy/Superior/Born to Run (Bruce) Studio- mixing “Superior” adding guitar and keys to “Sad Drive”.

Demo new song for next summer release (after Superior in Jan) “Two Sets of Rules” Love the new Cheap Trick. Going to see Billy Squier Friday. That is your classic rock fix. Listening to WOXY online right now if that hips me up a bit.