"Chemotherapy" in Obama's Healthcare Speech

Did anybody watch the President’s big speech on health care? I happened to catch it and about 5 minutes in I bolted up on my sofa and thought for one 1 billionth of a second he was going to break out a guitar and start singing “Chemotherapy” to congress. He didn’t, of course, but I had our friends at Palestra splice part of his speech to the beginning of the video. Move your eyeballs slightly up and there it is. Check it out and if you dig it please, please pass it on to your friends.

Also- I appreciate the strong response generated by the song, but save the health care debate e-mails for blogs and talk radio. Or better yet, pass that move over to your elected representitive. While I hope “Chemotherapy” promotes further reasonable discussion of a very complicated and important issue, I write songs, not policy. Come out to a gig and we can chat about it over a beer. (You buy)