Show Notes for Colin Gawel & the Lonely Bones at the Rumba Cafe (9/11/09)

With drummer Dave Masica recovering from back surgery, original Watershed drummer Herb Schupp filled in on the skins. It was first time I had played with Herb in over ten years and considering we only had a couple weeks to prepare, I thought it turned out to be quite an amazing evening on a number of levels.

Thanks to everybody for coming out and I will look forward to seeing you at our next Columbus show Wed. Nov 25th (thanksgiving eve) Rumba Café 9pm show.

The Set:

Sad Drive    (new version to be on next single in January. absolutely killer)
Small Doses (the toughest song to learn)
Chemotherapy (dedicated to Dave Masica whose insurance company wouldn’t approve surgery until he was in the hospital)
Lonely Bones (Herb’s one big mistake- did anyone catch it?)
Wallflower Child
#1 Killer
Words We Say
Pretty in a Slutty Way (polar opposite of Chemo. I suppose)
New Depression (solo-acknowledge 9/11)
Jaws (acknowledge killer shark. Owen wrote most of the lyrics when he was 4)
See You Tonight
Maggie May   (The Faces version taken from box set “Five Guys Walk into a Bar” live at the BBC)
A.M. Boy
Superior (next single January 2010)
[Ricki C screams at crowd. We count this as an “encore”]
Over Too Soon
I-65 (From Watershed Twister CD for old times/Todd baker’s sake)