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-Everybody get off Tyrrell Pryor’s ass please. The kid is in his second game of his sophomore season with all new players around him. He may or may not turn out to be great, but we can start debating that starting midpoint of his junior season.

-Erin and I are flying to Las Vegas to see “Sgt. Peppers Live featuring Cheap Trick” – like going to Fenway to see Yanks v Red Sox. Probably not wise financially, but you only live once.

-I hear the new Beatles re-masters are mind blowing.

-I told Owen that if he saved up enough money helping me at Colin’s Coffee I would take him to see KISS on September 28th. This is a school night. In Cleveland. He is as obsessed as I was with KISS when I was six years old. Scary.

-T.V shows in Canada, Great Britain and Mexico currently using Watershed songs according to ASCAP royalty statement: Date My Mom, Rob and Big, Laguna Beach, Fashion Television-----go figure.