September 11 Show: Breaking News / Irony

Drummer Dave Masica had emergency back surgery last week and will be unable to perform with the band that evening. Filling in on the skins for the 11th and the following Friday in Cleveland will be original Watershed drummer Herb Schupp.

“Our best wishes go out to Dave and his family as he struggles to recover from emergency surgery to repair a slipped disc in his back which caused him to lose the use of his legs and suffer extreme discomfort.

"Sadly, the problem could have been addressed earlier, but in a story that is all too common, Dave’s insurance company declined advice of doctors to have surgery earlier in the summer and opted for a less costly treatment of painkillers citing Dave’s relative youth and good health as reasons for putting off the procedure. Less than a month later he was in a hospital emergency room and now faces a grueling recovery. The prognosis is good for a full recovery. An ironic development considering the subject matter on our latest CD Chemotherapy.

Herb Schupp, who performed in Watershed before Dave and played on both the Twister and Star Vehicle CDs, is furiously learning the material and we are doing our best to get things up to, or close to speed by Sept. 11th.” 

Chemotherapy is starting to show up on radio programmer’s playlists and blogs dialoging about health care reform as that debate takes center stage this fall. 

Advance tickets for Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones will be available starting this Friday September 4th at Colin’s Coffee and Ace in the Hole Records. Tickets are only $8.00 and come with a copy of Colin’s latest CD “Chemotherapy” at the time of purchase.