The Year Ahead - 2010

It’s all about “Superior”!

The second Colin Gawel solo CD “Superior” is going to be released February 5th and I cannot wait for everybody to hear it. One of the many reasons I decided against releasing full length CDs is that too many songs get lost in the shuffle these days. Hopefully, your patience is going to be rewarded. The new CD has three songs, the title track, along with a new song called “Profile” and an updated version of the Watershed classic “Sad Drive”

We are filming the video for “Superior” on January 16th! Details will be posted if we need some extras.

The CD release party for “Superior” is Friday Feb 5th at The Rumba Café. All who attend receive a copy of the CD. Details TBA but Bones will be onstage at 9:30.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, need your help!

When you get “Superior” and if you love it, I need people to e-mail friends, post on face book, and direct people to I-tunes to purchase the song or YouTube to watch the video. Please start getting mentally prepared for the battle.

Detailed instructions will be posted at when the time comes.

Goals for 2010 (just a start)

Start using recyclable grocery bags which I purchase every time but always forget in car.

Stop drinking red wine straight from the bottle. Use a glass.

Do 15 out of town solo gigs.

Have the Bones open 5 shows for a major act.

Start doing a video log for website.

Fix crack in car windshield

Fix light in Colin’s Coffee sign.

Keep being a good dad to Owen.