The Year in Review - 2009

The year began with the formation of Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones. With all that happened in 2009, it’s hard to believe that just one year ago this band didn’t exist. Ever since Watershed stopped playing regularly, I really missed playing in a band. Not so much the gigs, but the camaraderie of rehearsing and b.s.-ing and all that comes along with hanging out with your friends.

Out of this philosophy The Bones were born. We practice every week, but only play gigs we feel our worth our time. Basically, let’s try to never play a bad gig and see where that gets us in 5 years. Or 10 years.

Lonely Bones Gigs in 2009

-      May-CD release for “Chemotherapy”

-      June – Only act to perform at Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for Springsteen weekend.

-      June- Comfest, Columbus,

-      Sept- open for The Clarks in Cleveland at The Grog Shop

-      Play Rumba Café 2nd Headlining show

-      Nov-International Pop Overthrow Cleveland

-      Rumba Café-3rd headlining show.

Next gig CD Release “Superior” Rumba Café Feb 5th.

Other highlights from 2009:

“Chemotherapy” is released in May and I finally have my first solo music available.

Videos are shot for “Chemo” and “The Words We Say” thanks to Brian, Nick and Dan at The Palestra is launched featuring everything you could possibly need to know about me. Links to Twitter, Face book, MySpace, i-tunes, youtube, essays, tour and merch info, mailing list. Thanks to Will at Slate Run Media for setting all of this up for me.

Watershed did a brief spring tour and performed in Columbus twice. First was our “March Madness” show at Skully’s in which we played all of our “biggest” hits. It was a packed house complete with fisticuffs and everything. The second was the “Operation Dave Benefit” on Dec 26th raising money for Watershed drummer Dave Masica who is having serious health problems.

Joe has finished his Watershed novel and is searching for a publisher. No, I haven’t read anything but from what I remember from living it, it should be pretty good. Maybe some new Watershed music and tour in 2010? We’ll see.

Watershed songs are currently being used in 6 or 7 T.V. shows so keep your ears open if for some reason you find yourself watching “Date My Mom” or “Laguna Beach” or some other trashy show of a similar elk.

Personal highlights: Owen and I went to his first non Watershed rock n roll concert seeing Cheap Trick in Cincinnati last summer. Rick autographed a set list for him and Bun E. gave him a signed drumstick. My favorite band is just the coolest.

(BTW-Owen’s first arena show was Watershed opening for Yellowcard?? (geez- I really forget) at Value City Arena in Columbus.)

Speaking of Cheap Trick, Erin and I flew out to Vegas to see Sgt. Pepper Live featuring C.T. I’ve never had a better time. Caught the show twice and I wish everybody could have been there with me.

Biggie, and I took Owen in see KISS in Cleveland. Needless to say, Owen has been drafted into the KISS army.

Colin’s Coffee: The recession last winter took a bite resulting in numerous sleepless nights for yours truly. Somehow, someway, we survived and as summer turned into fall things took a turn for the better. Still, small business in not for the faint of heart, but it is a labor of love and I enjoy the challenge.