"Still Love Christmas" Available NOW

The release date for Still Love Christmas is December 1, but we are making it available today on our website.  Please go here to purchase directly from us.

Just like the rest of Western civilization, Colin was tired of hearing the same worn Holiday tunes starting the day after Halloween so he decided to do something about it. "Still Love Christmas" is a special 4 song release intended to spice up your Holiday season this December and for years to come. "You going to make a Christmas CD? You mean like Jingle Bells and s**t? was pretty much the response i got when i told people what i was planning on releasing as a follow up to Superior", said Colin. "I was like..no, I'm not covering standards. It's all new stuff and It's going to be cool. I hope.."

Well, it is. Backed by his crack backing band The Lonely Bones and produced by Mike Landolt (Maroon 5, O.A.R.) the CD opens with the title track "Still Love Christmas", certain to be a holiday staple for years to come. Sure the song ends with the character spending Christmas eve alone in a bar, but it still oozes hope of better Christmases to come. "I want you to know, I still love Christmas, even if i don't show it this year". Track 2-"Cold Weather" is a blast of power pop reminiscent of Colin's other band, Watershed. An ode to the benefits of winter it also has a not so veiled reference to Lebron James choosing to leave Ohio (Colin is from Columbus, Ohio) for the supposed greener pastures of Florida. "you can keep South Beach, Scottsdale and Vegas blue sky's, I'm taking my talents out to shovel off the drive. The only thing better than cold weather is knowing one day we will be warm again"

The second half of the CD downshifts with a Bones live set staple, the haunting "A.M. Boy". "It doesn't really have a chorus or a verse or whatever. It just has a feel" -Colin
"Try a Little Faith"- is the final song and it weaves an infectious melody around lyrics questioning what it means to believe, when you may know better.