Old School vs Future School vs Billy vs Predator vs Owen vs Dad

Yesterday, I had just settled into a comfy recliner for a little downtime after a long day of standing on my feet at Colin's Coffee, when my 7 year old son Owen came into our family room and challenged me to a one on one game of basketball in our driveway. This activity wasn't sounding very appealing, so i stalled for time with a classic parenting diversion tactic to get him off task.

"Hey O, guess what's on? Predator. Want to watch a little bit to see what it looks like"

I was fairly confident this would stop him in his tracks and allow my "dogs" some precious extra minutes to "stop barking". See, for the past three years, every time we went to the library, Owen would grab the Alien vs Predator DVD off the shelf and ask "Am I old enough to watch this yet?" and i would answer, "no". The upshot of this is that he was dying to get a glimpse of the Predator, as any self respecting 1st grade boy should be. As with life, timing is everything so today he was in luck. My strong desire to stay reclined triumphed my need to be a perfect parent. So switched over to channel 37, AMC.

I didn't give him cart blanc to watch the whole movie,(i just kind of flipped back and forth to scenes I felt were only mildly inappropriate for a child his age) but he got the gist pretty quickly. Futuristic alien hunts and kills soldiers until Arnold kills alien. Standard stuff really.  At one point, after the Predator has showcased his laser guns and invisibility by dispatching Apollo Creed and some other dude with relative ease, the native American warrior decided he was going to take matters into his own hands and kill the Predator his way.

He rips off his shirt, tosses his machine gun in the river, pulls out his knife and holds it in the air pointing towards the Predator. Owen, who hasn't said a word in ten minutes summed up the situation and suddenly said, "Dad, this doesn't seem like a very good time to go old school"

"No Owen, it sure doesn't" -I have never heard him use the expression "Old School " in my life.

About 20 seconds later we get to hear the scream of the Indian warrior being killed by the Predator and Owen said, "Well at least he learned a valuable lesson he can use in heaven. You can't fight Old School if the other guy is fighting Future School"  -CG


BTW-We did then go play basketball. Owen acting as the Ohio State Buckeyes beat me (Duke) in 72-68 in OT. Personally, I think i got some bad calls but what can you do. got to go now. Customer!