Superior Release Party and the Southern Tour: Snowpocalypse Now

I got the actual hard copy of “Superior” in my hands on Tuesday Jan 26th and I played 5 shows in the next 9 days crossing 5 states and thousands of miles. Here is the weather for each:

1/29Athens, Ohio: Major Winter Storm approaching. Biggie and I peel out after gig to beat storm across mountains. Don’t even wait to get paid.

1/30 Raleigh, NC:  Biggest winter storm in 10 years strikes Raleigh right in the middle of my gig at Sadlacks, which is a patio with a roof but no windows. I taped some footage of Terry Anderson and The OAK Team playing after me so you can get an idea how surreal it all was. Click here for a taste of that night. The gig was a total blast and thanks to all who risked life and limb to make it.

“Unless you Yankees feel like spending the next week in Raleigh, you best be high-tailin cause they are gonna close down all these roads real soon”

So once again Biggie and I bolted for our next location before the OAK Team was even done with their set. I couldn’t help but notice we left during “Daddy Had a Wreck” which didn’t exactly fill my heart with comfort. It was real dicey for about an hour but eventually we got out in front of the storm on our way to…

1/31 Conway, SC:  Winter Storm Warning. It was 68 degrees just 2 days before, but now it was 29 and freezing rain. Had a blast playing and staying with Watershed pal Joe Oestreich. Also- an ice storm at the beach gave Biggie and I no choice but to see Avatar. It was pretty good for what it is. Probably my favorite Cameron movie except didn’t he do a good Alien flick at some point. Maybe he did the bad one... I don’t know.

2/1 The Long Trip Home: Drove the 12 hours home right behind the storm. Lots of snow on the roads until we hit 1-77 north of Winston-Salem. Needless to say, the West Virginia Turnpike was spotless. Senator Byrd brings home the bacon from D.C. to keep them WVA highways running on time.

2/3 Upper Arlington Library:  Just cold. Really fun to play solo in the little theater Owen and I usually play in. Nice to actually take money from the Library as opposed to paying down fines on overdue Dinosaur DVDs.

2/5 Superior CD Release Party!!: Gigantic, Massive Winter Storm strikes the day of the gig. Most events cancelled, but not us. The crowd was small in number but mighty in spirit. For all those who missed we have rescheduled FRIDAY APRIL 2ND “Superior” Son of Release Party. Make plans now.

The set that night: Am Boy/Words We Say/Small Doses/Sad Drive/Lonely Bones/Wallflower Child/Chemotherapy/ #1 Killer/ Two Sets of Rules (brand new song)/ Honey Bee (T. Petty-new also) Plan B (Colin solo) Jaws (Colin solo) Profile/ See You Tonight/ Superior

End of set…. But everybody there was basically snowed in with only booze to keep us warm so we went ahead and played a little longer than normal considering the special circumstances.

Half of Me/ Muddy Water/ Maggie May (Faces) Suspicious Minds (Elvis) Black Concert T Shirt/ Before They Make Me Run (Rolling Stones)

Click here or video page to see “Words We Say” recorded live that night at the Rumba. Or just search Colin Gawel on YouTube.