Colin's Video Blog: February 19 Show Reflections

Last night, Colin and the boys played the middle slot on a three band bill with Scott Lucas & the Married Men at the Summit here in Columbus.  Another local band, Tilt, opened the show with a hard driving set that got the crowd warmed up.  As usual, Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones rocked; letting loose with a nine song set that finished with the new single, Superior (did we mention that Colin has a new EP?).  

Scott Lucas and the Married Men gave a great performance on the eve of their hometown opener in Chicago tonight.  They looked and sounded great.  I highly recommend that everyone head over to their site to check out their new album "George Lassos the Moon".  

Colin put together a video blog the morning of the show talking about his reflections on the show and why he was looking forward to playing with them.  (Hint: it's a funny story about Scott Lucas' original band Local H and well-known producer Jack Douglas).  Also, there's a clip of Colin and the Bones' first verse of Superior and a short clip of Scott Lucas' band.  Enjoy.