The Busy Month of March

A very brief March 3rd update. Where to begin?

"Superior" has been added to rotation at CD101 and has been making some appearances in the "Five Spot", which is a daily run down the the day's five most requested songs  Cool independent radio stations like CD101 love to hear that you approve of them playing cool, independent bands, so please let them know you approve. Your opinion REALLY matters so request Superior one of three ways. call 221-10100   text 68683   request colin gawel superior  (must use word request)  or e-mail 

Tune in at 5pm daily to hear Andyman do the countdown.

 WTMD in Baltimore,MD is also playing the song and a special shout out to UTAH Public Radio for spinning "Chemotherapy" better late than never.

Key dates this month-
March 10th- Superior is released to radio nationwide.
March 18th- World Premier Video  of Superior
April 2nd - Re-release non blizzard CD Party for Superior at Rumba Cafe
April 24th- Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones live Chicago IPO Festival.
More dates and events to be posted soon. Please help us spread the word! We cannot do it without you!
Video Blog Update Soon!