Always (Almost) Do What Dan Dougan Asks...

Dan Dougan has been a guiding force on the Columbus music scene since I first passed Stache's riding the # 2 COTA on route to School Kids Records, well before I could drive. (legally). Soon after,  I remember standing on the front porch of our rented house, 65 E Patterson, when Dan called and said, "I hear Watershed is doing pretty well, what do you think about headlining a weekend night at Stache's? I said yes. 10 years later, I remember bringing in the New Year at Little Brothers 2000 (also with Watershed).

The spirit of Y2K (Google it, kids) was in the air, and Biggie planned on killing all the lights at midnight as if the power had gone out. Dan one-upped us and said why don't we all get on stage and when the lights come back on, we will have "HAPPY NEW YEAR" painted on our a___s and moon the crowd.

I said no, but it's your place, go for it. Dan got the Lilybandits and Los Clementes on board and did it anyway. We both made the right decision.

What is the point of all this? I'm not sure, but i am honored to play at The Gateway this Thursday at Dan's new listening room. Cause when Dan Dougan asks for something, I always say yes. Unless, I have to pull my pants down in front of strangers.


Gateway Movie Complex (1559 N. High Street)

Doors open at 7:00 PM.  Ricki C. will open about 8pm.  

$5 (validated parking available for $1)