Barrage of Good Press...

[Posted by Will Kenworthy]

It's been an exhilarating week here in Colin-land.  Colin and the band are busy getting ready for tomorrow's sold out show -- CD-101 Day at the LC Pavillion -- and for a live radio appearence on the CD-101 Big Room prior to the show (Tune in to 101.1 FM or at noon tomorrow to hear).  In the meantime, let's just briefly summarize the great coverage that he's been getting over the past week or so:

  • The Columbus Dispatch published a music feature about Colin on the front page of todays (Friday, April 9) issue.  The piece "Going Solo A Do-It-Yourself Venture" was written by Kevin Joy and is a great summary of Colin's attempt to forge a new paradigm in music.  Plus, everyone at Colin's Coffee knows that Colin is the very personification of an "amiable proprietor".
  • Robert Duffy's is the first national music blog to pick up the video for Superior.  Duffy's acknowledgment of Colin as a "solid dude" made for the second really nice thing said about Colin of the morning today.
  • Last week, (614) Magazine published an interview with Colin and Jerry DeCicca about their songwriting experiences called "Laid Back Local Legends."
  • Also last week, was the first website to pick up the Superior video as "Video of the Week."

Meanwhile, the video for Superior itself continue to pick up steam on YouTube with over 3,100 views as of the writing of this post.  If you haven't seen it, check it check it out now (and don't be afraid to comment on the YouTube page and share it with your friends).

Look for an email newsletter (sign up here if you're not already on it) and another post from Colin following up on CD-101 Day.  Thanks for your support.