ComFest Recap 2010

Growing up in Columbus, ComFest has always been the OSU V Michigan of gigs in this city. As a teenager in Worthington, I would catch the #2 COTA bus down High Street and see bands like the R.C. Mob and Willie Phoenix and The Shadowlords playing crushing sets to huge crowds and think “I cannot believe our city has something this cool”. At that young age the goal was very clear. We have to play Comfest one day.
I can still remember the moment Gabor Klein told me that Watershed was in Comfest and would be performing Saturday night on the main stage. It was a dream come true to grace the same stage as all my local heroes before me and we treated Comfest gigs with extra attention, as we knew we were filling big shoes of rockers past.
Though I couldn’t find any record of Comfest gigs before 2000 here are some links to past show notes:

And if you want to read the back story to the McWatershed gig at ComFest, here you go:

So it goes without saying that both I and the Bones were all extremely excited to be back on the Bozo stage to perform this year. The weather was perfect and the amplifiers all worked. Thanks to all the volunteers who keep the festival running so smoothly and for all the people who made it out to the gig. We couldn’t say “Hi” to everybody that night so you are getting it now.

The Set:  Sad Drive/ Words We Say/ Lonely Bones/ I-65/ Small Doses/ Downed (Cheap Trick)/ Chemotherapy/ See You Tonight/ Superior/ Black Concert T Shirt