Shownotes: 614 Magazine Music Showcase, Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus OH, 8/21/2010

There has been a lot of chatter recently about Columbus music fans not being as supportive of local music as they could be, but boy howdy, you wouldn’t have guessed it from this night. 614 Magazine has really become a player on the scene deserve all the credit for putting together and promoting such a fabulous event.
As for me, I was the lone solo guy and I played a couple short sets  between bands setting up. I rarely find the time to catch many local shows with working on my own tunes, the coffee shop, family, ECT, so I was looking forward to catching a handful of Cbus’ latest hard-chargers. –Or- In the words of the late great A&R man Frankie LaRocka, “check out what the kids are listening to.”
Achtung!! I am not a music critic so what follows are merely my personal musings. I probably have many facts/spellings wrong as I am too lazy to background check things. As always, I encourage people to go see bands and make up their minds for themselves.
Old Hundred  - opened the show and I really dug their vocals. I was having a drink with Phil Palma from the Treehouse and said, “Trains Across the Sea are really good aren’t they?”  He replied, “Yeah Colin, there sure are, but this is the Old Hundred.” 
Did I mention these guys could sing? The harmonies were a treat and there was no lack of pop hooks. To my ears they sounded like The La’s which is high praise indeed. As the set moved on they did a cover by the band “Neutral Milk Hotel”, who are rumored all the rage in certain circles these days.
Unfortunately, with such a lame name, I have no choice to summarily dismiss NMH and will not be listening to any of their music.
Q:“Wait, you have the nerve to just dismiss a band without ever listening to their music and you call yourself a musician? Isn’t that shallow?” 
A: 1)Yes, I am going to dismiss them based on their name and.. 2) yes it is shallow. In fact, it is very shallow. Rock n Roll needs a little shallow these days. Maybe it’s the Pitchfork-esque pretension floating around giving me the creeps, or perhaps I am just paranoid, but music feels a little too precious these days. So with that in mind, Neutral Milk Hotel can fuck off.
Having said that, the Old Hundred did an excellent cover of one of their songs and I really enjoyed it. If I were going to listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, I would listen to this song, but I am not, so I can’t. Understand? 
Check out this clip of the show. I thought this video by Phil Kim captured their energy better than what is posted on the bands official site.
Trains Across the Sea – were up next and brought a ton of energy to a rapidly growing crowd. Folky, but rocking none the less, Trains were a band I found myself rooting for. Ending with a smoking version of “Don’t Think Twice” by Bob Dylan never hurts either.
Trains front man Andy Gallagher recently wrote a guest column for the Other Paper concerning the lack of support concerning the Columbus music scene and so on and so forth.  If you have any interest on my two cents on the subject, click below for further viewing. One of them addresses the subject of improving local music. It’s either 1 or 2. I think.
Rock n Roll Stimulus plan Part 1 and Part 2
Nick Tolford and Company- If fans aren’t supporting local music, don’t tell Nick Tolford and his 8 piece R and B band. Skully’s was packed and the crowd was just ROARING!. It was a beautiful thing to see. My expectations were sky high and although I cannot say they were entirely met, I certainly understand what the hubbub is about and it would not surprise me to see Nick continue adding to his already sizable fan base.
Sitting behind the Keys and wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, Nick belted out a set of high energy soul numbers that drove the crowd insane. Comparisons to Wilson Pickett and even to Little Richard are obvious. I wondered how many in this crowd had ever heard this kind of R&B in a live setting or is this like some entirely new form of music from Mars?
“Until I Walk Away” was unquestionably the best song he played all night and if Nick can keep writing songs as good as this one, the sky is the limit.
Karate Coyote – had the unenviable task of following after Nick and Company blew the roof off the place. I was getting sleepy myself and with a 6am coffee shop alarm looming less than 275 minutes away, I had serious thoughts about cutting out before the end. Not only did I stay, I stayed for the whole set and the encore so K.C. did something right. Their latest tune is in rotation on CD101-102.5 check out the cool video here.
As for me, click here.
Thanks to Phillip Kim for the video footage.
“Rock is dead they say, long live rock”