Shownotes: Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones w/ Watershed at the Rumba Café Friday September 10th.

I got 48 hour notice that Joe Oestreich would be in town for 48 hours and was planning on coming to the Lonely Bones gig at the Rumba. Well, hell’s bells, if Joe’s coming anyway, the gear is all set up, let’s get Dave out of his basement in a wheelchair, find Poochie’s new phone number and do a Watershed gig.

Dave, Joe, Pooch and I got together on Thursday night at the Curryhouse and decided to give it a go. Besides, we need practice for the gig at The LC on Nov 24th. Considering we hadn’t played together in over 18 months, I thought the gig was a big success.

I was stunned at the turnout on 10 hours notice. I thought the Bones played our best gig as well.

Bones set: Profile/ See You Tonight/ Before They Make Me Run (Stones)/ Sad Drive/ Muddy Water (E)/ Romantic Noise/ Chemotherapy/ Lonely Bones/ Half of Me/ Words We Say/ Small Doses/ Downed (Cheap Trick)/ AM Boy / Lonesome Day (Bruce)/ Superior/ Straight To Hell (Drivin n Cryin’ and rewritin’)

Watershed: Mercurochrome/ Suckerpunch/ Star V/ Obvious/ Over Too Soon/ Can’t Be Myself/ Slowly Then suddenly/ New Depression/ Laundromat/ Anniversary/5th Of July/ I’ve Been Looking Everywhere/ Best is yet to Come/ Black Concert T

To get a sense of the mayhem that erupted when Dave Masica took the stage watch the first 20 seconds of this clip. Cover your ears.