Speed Writing Update

I’ve been at the coffee shop all day and after 30 minutes of trying; it seems I am incapable of writing a coherent paragraph at this point. So I am just going to do that old writing trick and just rattle off whatever jumps in my brain. Please remember to check the archive section of the sight for any old articles and essays. Please keep watching the videos. “Superior” is on track for 10,000 views by 5/12/14. Let’s keep it rolling. Ok, and now it starts 3….2…..1……begin.

  • God I wish I could go to that Cheap Trick show at Belterra casino on Oct 23rd. “Sir, sorry to interrupt your game of poker, but if you could walk 22 steps though those double doors, the musical combo Cheap Trick will be performing a selection of their most popular numbers for your pleasure.”
  • Tornado Warning right now! Sirens going off and everything. “Owen, go outside and look for a twister, make sure to scream loud if it picks you up so Daddy will know to run for the basement”
  • Did you know??A Pulitzer Prize finalist author’s new book has a title inspired by Watershed lyrics? Or that there is an article that appeared in Sports Illustrated about Owen and me written by Joe Oestreich? Or that Watershed is booked to play the greatest line-up in Columbus history for the Andy Davis memorial show at the LC on Wednesday Nov 24th? You would if you visited www.joeoestreich.com on a regular basis. All kinds of good things to read.
  • To read “It’s A Buckeye’s Life” by Joe Oestreich for Sports Illustrated click here 
  • Brian Phillips is back on CD101/ 102.5 everyday from 10-2 pm! Tune in www.cd101.com It’s great to hear that familiar voice back where it belongs.
  • I think Ringo Starr’s drumming on “Please Mr. Postman” proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he owns Neil Peart on the skins.
  • Rumor has it the Dead Schembechlers will be playing the Hate Michigan Rally this year Nov 26th a Skully’s. And no.. Watershed isn’t opening for Dead S again, EVER. Those guys are so unprofessional and do they have to use such language? What would their grandparents think? We shant be sharing the stage again. See what I mean.. 
  • Heading back to Curryhouse Studios to start recording what will hopefully become a new CD for the CD release party already scheduled for December 3rd at the Rumba café. - That reminds me, I should be working on a new song, not this website. Bye.