Forget Spreading XMAS Cheer, Spread "Still Love Christmas" instead.

Ok people, I've never been one to toot my own* horn (*= Lonely Bones and Co -writer Joe O as well) but over the course of a year, many, many people say to me, "I Love "Still Love Christmas", why isn't it playing in the grocery store and on radio stations every December?" To which I answer: "Don't ask me, I agree! Tell somebody who has never heard it"

Seriously people, It's up to you to make "Still Love Christmas" a hit and it's going to take at least 3 minutes everyday to make it happen. Here is how you can help:

-send people to  the video will be posted the entire month of December

-purchase a copy here or on I-Tunes or listen on Rhapsody or Amazon

-purchase or steal a version and send it to all your friends. 

-come to see Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones "Still Love Christmas" Happy Hour at the Rumba Cafe Friday Dec 16th. Doors at 6pm, Bones on at 7.

-Request Colin Still Love Chirstmas to or text: request Still Love Christmas to 68683 

Please, if you love the Still Love Christmas CD the way we do, please find some time this month to pass it around. At the very least, your efforts could result in less air time for "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" which I think people of all faith could agree is a good thing.

Do it now. sample e-mail    Hey _____ I love this Christmas song! Check it out at  


BTW- I wouldn't call the EP a concept album, but then again.. it kinda is. You really need to have the whole thing. It's free to listen so please give it a spin top to bottom.