Show notes: Watershed at the LC Pavillion Wed. Nov 23rd

Obviously, we were honored to play the second annual Andy Davis Memorial, "Andyman a thon" benefit show. As with last year's show, we performed live in the CD101, I mean the CD102.5 Big Room with Brian Phillips hosting. Dave, Joe and Biggie were there, but so was Joe Peppercorn on guitars and keys. The big room was different too, bigger than big, but no basketball hoop. Once again, Andy wasn't there, but he really was. 3 of the 4 songs were new and my son Owen was smiling like he might actually remember this moment when I am gone.. Big changes in just one year. New songs, new member, new website and a new book about the band to be released in 2012. Nothing but love for all who have been a part of the journey past, present and future but it's time for a new life to begin.

Big room set: Stickybomb/Set The World On Fire/ American Muscle/ Mercurochrome

LC: Stickybomb/ Suckerpunch/Mecurochrome/Small Doses/Can't Be Myself/5th of July/Set The World on Fire*/Don't Add Em Up*/Broken*/ American Muscle*/ Obvious/Anniversary/Best is Yet To Come/ Black Concert T Shirt/----How Do You Feel (acoustic) I've Been Looking Everywhere

* = new song