Joe Peppercorn to play Every Single Beatle Song Thursday Dec 29th at Kobo

Joe Peppercorn and myself have many things in common. We are both "hands on" dads. We are both music "lifers", as in playing/writing music is now and forever the top priority. We shan't be selling insurance anytime soon. We both like coffee shops in the morning and bars in the evening. I serve the coffee and he serves the beer. He played keyboard on my solo songs "Superior","Profile", "Lonely Bones" and surely others I am forgetting. We talk about The Kinks/Dylan/Springsteen/Quinn Fallon/The Tree Bar/How we both got fucked by the music industry but that's ok/Elvis Costello/Dave "The Catman" Masica/ect. Recently, we have something new in common, we are now both members of Watershed. This gives us many more things in common not the least of which is that either one of us can fire Ricki C on the spot for speaking to a band member without being asked a question first.

There is plenty we don't have in common as well. 

I can rank every Cheap Trick song ever written and talk at length about which KISS non make-up album is the strongest (Asylum).  I can perform, when prompted, 5 Beatles songs. (full disclosure- I sorta fake the words to "Come Together" and "Let It Be" so it's more like 4.6 songs)

Joe P can talk and perform classical music endlessly. He is a professional organ player and Latin teacher. His band The Whiles have had a song on an Acadamy Award nominated movie soundtrack and have been written up in Rolling Stone. 

and once a year he performs ...EVERY SINGLE BEATLE SONG EVER RECORDED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  You read it right.

Thursday Dec 29th- Kobo-4:30pm-2am (yes-it starts at 4:30pm. Kobo used to be Oldfield's on High BTW)

For details and many links to get better acquainted with Joe Peppercorn and his jaw dropping musical talent, link to his facebook page through or  click on any of the links below

Show Information from The Hot 17

"A (Really) Hard Day's Night" 614 Magazine, November 30, 2011.

 The Whiles on Myspace