Favorite Songs of All Time (February)

Before we get to song #2 of my ten favorite of all time, let’s browse through what I would randomly play if left to my own devices on a Saturday night. The following list is the result of one pair of headphones, 6 beers and 5.6 hours of free time.

My playlist as documented on Rhapsody for Sat Feb 19th.

  • Precious Stone- Pete Yorn
  • The Chase –Pete Yorn
  • Always- Pete Yorn
  • Precious Stone- Pete Yorn
  • Precious Stone -Pete Yorn

“What’s up with all the Pete Yorn?”You ask? I heard Precious Stone on CD102.5 and just love, love, loved it. Produced by Frank Black and it shows. Check it out.

  • Orphan Girl- Gillian Welch
  • Learning How to Live – Mike Ireland and Holler
  • Our Hearts Are Wrong – Jessica Lee Mayfield
  • Act Nice and Gentle – The Black Keys

Starts country, leads into Jessica Lee’s producer Dan from the Black Keys covering The Kinks into.. 

  • Vietnam Cowboys- Ray Davies
  • Muswell Hillbillies- The Kinks
  • Where Is My Mind -Nada Surf
  • Blizzard of 77 (live) –Nada Surf
  • Inside of Love- Nada Surf
  • Always Love- Nada Surf

These last 3 Nada Surf tunes could all be in my top 40 songs of all time

  • Popular- Nada Surf
  • Deeper Well- Nada Surf

Now for some reason, a Nada Surf bender suddenly turns into a Bob Mould Bender

  •  Needle Hits E – Sugar
  • Try Again- Sugar
  • What You Want it to Be – Sugar

And then for no explicable reason, my Sugar run turns into a Dash Rip Rock set. It would be hard to find many bands with less in common than Sugar and Dash Rip Rock 

  • Jambalaya (Live) /Hee Haw Hell/Loosen Up Your Wig /Walk on the Water/Fallin’ Apart-/Shine a Light- /All Liquored Up /Swamp Thing –--all songs by  Dash Rip Rock

The first band to ever take Watershed on the road was the legendary Dash Rip Rock. Over the years we would open many shows for Dash and they taught us a whole bunch about proper rock n roll etiquette. As in, “You guys have a ton of great songs but you have to stop being such pussies, come on, drink this….” One night we were opening for Dash at the Liberty Lunch in Austin and I was late to our gig because I was hanging out with Loose Diamonds as they were recording New Location (produced by S Bruton) Diamonds lead singer is the fabulous..

  • Hazel- Troy Campbell
  • Let Me into Your Heart- Mary Chapin Carpenter (Tin Cup Soundtrack)


  • Speak of the Devil- Chris Isaak
  • Wicked Game- Chris Isaak
  • Somebody’s Crying- Chris Isaak

And then apparently I decided it was time to give Running on Empty by Jackson Browne a good hard listen to figure out what all the hub bub is about.

  • The Road/Rosie/You Love the Thunder/ Cocaine/ Running on Empty – Jackson Browne

Jackson made me think of Bruce which made me think of the amazing cover of Atlantic City that The Band did with Levon Helm singing. God, what a voice.

  • Atlantic City/ When You Awake/Across The Great Divide/ Whispering Pines/Tears of Rage- The Band

Got sad the Richard Manual took his own life so I played a bunch of songs he sang. Thinking of The Band took me in the most obvious of all directions….

  • Til I Fell in Love With you/ On a Night Like This/ Everything is Broken/ A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall (Live 1975)/ Things Have Changed- Bob Dylan

 I remember thinking that “Things Have Changed” would be a good song to play at my funeral (or whatever) “I used to care, but things have changed” perfect. As far as funerals go, just burn me up before the coyotes drag me into the woods.

  • Fancy Funeral- Lucinda Williams
  • The Wild One, Forever (Live) - Tom Petty
  • A Matter of Trust- Billy Joel (easily my Fav Joel tune)
  • Hard Times For an Honest Man –John Mellencamp

If I am playing Petty, Joel, and Mellencamp, Bruce cannot be far behind.. 

  • Magic/Long Walk Home/How Can a Poor Man Survive – Bruce Springsteen

At this point, I’m obviously stoking the flames of a one man revolution against “The Man”. Things take a sudden turn. I read this great book called “Rock n Roll Will Save Your Life” by Steve Almond. In it, one chapter is about his man crush on Bob Schneider. I caught his crush and I start searching in a vain for a song he played once on Austin City Limits

  • Trash/ Realness of Space/ 40 Dogs/ Everything I Have Means Nothing Now/Trash/Realness of Space (yes, again??)/ Changing My Mind/ The Bringdown/ Slower Dear/ Everybody’s Doin It / Bombonanza / Your Head Hold’s Gold/ Tarantula/ Love is Everywhere/ Laredo/- Bob Schneider

I never found the song- but I did search the soundtrack to Miss Congeniality for some reason. I did stop on.

  • Dancing Queen –Abba

From Abba I went directly to …

  •  Let the Bad times Roll/ My Dad / Crackle and Drag/ Lookin’ Up In Heaven / Paul Westerberg.

And then, I suddenly lose steam and go to bed. I was a good run. And I almost forgot,” Tick Tick Boom” by The Hives is one of my 10 Favorite songs of all time. It’s a damn near perfect rock song.  Check it out Loud!