A quick note to GOD concerning the NCAA Basketball tourneyment

Hey God, Colin from Ohio here. I know it's been a while but I was hoping for a quick favor. I'm sure you are swamped with spring and probably have a million things to do, but if on the off chance you find yourself around a television tonight, I was wondering if maybe you could help the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Kentucky Wildcats? (tip off 9:45 EST , Fri Mar 25th, no big deal, just in case you were wondering)

See, one of the things on my "bucket list", so to speak, is to see my favorite team win March Madness just once before I die and let's be frank, I'm not getting any younger and figure this year is as good as any.

I know it's just a silly game and I'm not asking for you to fix the result or anything, (though it would be justice for John Calipari, but I'll let you be the judge of that) maybe just some loose balls could bounce our way? That's got to be pretty easy right?

At the very least, could you make sure those blind officials don't call some ridiculous blocking foul on Craft when the opponent is clearly charging or a hand check foul on Sulliniger when he is laying on the court? That kind of incompetence could cost us the game. 

Anyway, I mean, I know it's not a big deal, but with all the factories closing in Ohio and the whole Lebron thing and everything don't you think it's kind of the least you could do?

But I am sure you are busy so if you cannot find 30 free seconds to get to it tonight between 9:45 and midnight (EST) I understand, Colin