International Pop Overthrow

Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones and Watershed are appearing at the I.P.O. Festival in Chicago April 15/16. Watershed will be playing at The Abbey Pub Friday April 15th at 11:15 and Colin and The Bones will be playing the exact same place/time on Saturday. Visit for details.

Welcome Pop Overthrow Fanatics/Nerds!!

I write this with all due respect because I consider myself the same. I’ve updated with some treats sure to satisfy the cravings of an I.P.O. attendee. So kick back and spend a little time won’t ya?

Q: “Who the hell is Colin Gawel and what is a Watershed anyway?”

Treat your eyeholes while cramming your earholes with sound.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, enjoy these rock n roll nuggets especially created for the drooling fanatic. “Drooling Fanatic”, compliments of Steve Almond’s fabulous book “Rock n Roll Will Save Your Life” a must read for lunatic music fans.

What is an example of "Drooling Fanatic" behavior? Colin doesn't qualify because he plays in a band, but his 10 zillion word essay that ranked every single Cheap Trick song  #1---#184 is a good example. Cheap Trick actually published it on the front page of their website.

If you finished the Cheap Trick list, you just burned 5 hours and probably called off work so here are a couple more rock n roll reads for your consideration:

Colin compares the Old School to the New school at I.P.O. 2010 Chicago

Watershed has played 18 different venues in Chicago over the past 20 years. Check it out

Joe Oestreich of Watershed writes songs and stories. He has been published in all kind of cool mags like Barrelhouse, Esquire and Sports Illustrated. Plus lots of uncool ones too. His new novel “Hitless Wonders” will be available everywhere in 2012. Check out “When Rock is Right” for a chapter so real and rocking it got nixed from the final cut.

Speaking of writing, Pulitzer Prize finalist Lee Martin’s forthcoming novel, “Break The Skin” takes it’s title from the Watershed power pop classic, “Black Concert T Shirt”. Seriously.

More nerdy reads for eggheads who like their booky wooks.

Some losers play fantasy football. Real losers have a fantasy KINKS draft

Think you know music? Try the Watershed shocker.

Watershed has played multiply shows with Cheap Trick, The Smithereens, Ben Folds Five, Too Much Joy, The Clarks and… Insane Clown Posse? Whaaa?

Paranoid Lovesick played the IPO Cleveland in 2010 and released one of the greatest power pop records of all time.

OK nerds, that should keep you busy. Thanks for attending the 2011 International Pop Overthrow Festival, Chicago 2011. Thanks to David Bash for making it all happen.