It’s Not a Dream! Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones to Play Beerfest! Friday May 20th, Columbus Convention Center 9 pm

It shouldn’t take a “Das Boot” up your arse to get you down to the Columbus Convention Center for Beerfest and The Lonely Bones this Friday at 9pm.
Visit for the details, but in a nutshell there are 250 different beers, 4 handsome musicians, and a whole hell of alotta beer tickets.
Bones bassist Dan Cochran is most commonly known performing in legendary Midwestern bands such as Feversmile, Bush League All Stars, Big Back Forty and the League Bowlers…
But to the hippest and most discerning beer fans, he is known as a master independent brewer. While he only shares his legendary “Four String Brew” with the closest of friends during high stakes* poker games or backstage band gatherings, his brew has taken on almost mythical status in the underground rock world.
“The first time Watershed played the old Liberty Lunch in Austin, Texas, I ended up in some run down studio with Troy Campbell, and Bill Davis(Dash Rip Rock) drinking Four String Brew and having a helluva good time. Next time back at SXSW, I was at a patio party with Marah and Robin Hitchcock drinking the same thing. It wasn’t until we started The Lonely Bones that I realized Dan Cochran was brewing that stuff and taking it on the road with Big Back Forty and all the other bands he played in. Those suds were legendary” –Herb Schupp, drummer Watershed, Lonely Bones
Dan doesn’t share his brew for the public, but he did shout out three beers off the top of his head he will be sampling at Brewfest Friday May 20th at the Columbus Convention Center. Take it Dan..

Victory - Prima Pils

Craft Pilsner is finally gaining popularity and this is one of the best!  Liberal amounts of whole flower hops are used to brew this tasty lager beer.  Brewed in PA, we are finally starting to see this on draft in Columbus.

Goose Island - Sofie

I love Saison.  This is Goose Island's Belgian Farmhouse Ale.  It is everything I love about the style....peppery, tart, and dry.  At 6.5% I wouldn't call it a session beer, but for a drunk like me, it is.

Avery Brewing - Ellie's Brown Ale

This is a really tasty version of the American Brown Ale style.  Just sweet enough, but not too much.  A little bit of vanilla adds to that sweetness, but hop balance makes it perfect!


*-High stakes is a relative term for traveling rock bands.