Ron House, Writer's Bands and The Stupidest Law Ever?

“You’ll never be a writer’s band” – Ron House. Ron told me that once when I was 19 and hanging around Used Kids musing about why my band doesn’t get much love in the local rags. At the time his instincts were fairly accurate since he (along with John Petric) had been selling me my record collection piecemeal since 6th grade when I started riding the #2 COTA bus down High Street every weekend to buy albums with my paper route money. Let’s just say that growing up in Worthington pre-CD101, my tastes were pretty much limited to what QFM, 92X were spinning, and whatever music magazines I could pick up at Worthington Square. Oh..And the teenagers down the street tuning up the Chevy Nova in the driveway with the boom box blaring. Or put another way, I was clueless.

I would shyly approach the counter holding a copy of “Under Lock and Key” by Dokken and ask, “I hear Bob Dylan is worth listening to. Where should I start?” Ron gave me a disgusted look, got up from behind the cash register and dug out a copy of “Highway 61” from the used bin and held it to my face. “You…. Might… like this”  True story. And he was right, it was a GREAT place for me to start.

But back to becoming a “Writer’s Band”….

-Joe Oestreich figured if you can’t beat em’, join em and is proud to announce that his novel, “Hitless Wonder-My Life in Minor League Rock n Roll” (with Watershed..Duh) is being published by Lyons Press and is scheduled for release in June 2012. Congrats to Joe and all I can say is I better come off looking cooler than Biggie.  In unrelated news, Watershed has begun recording a new CD. Stay tuned.

-Will Allison- “Long Drive Home”. I recently wrote a bit about how Will’s latest book was going to be the first one I read this summer. It was, and I couldn’t put it down. If you don’t mind squirming a little in your chair, it’s a great read. Just last week he got a big write-up in the New York Times Sunday Book Review so don’t take my word for it. He also mentioned “Superior” in a blog he wrote for the very cool Large Hearted Boy Site. Check it out here and buy this book! Long Drive Home: A Novel

-Lee Martin – Break the Skin: A Novel Lee’s last effort, “The Bright Forever” was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and his brand new novel takes it title from the Watershed song, “Black Concert T Shirt”. I’m waiting for my copy but rumor has it Watershed appears briefly in the book a couple of times, once opening for Cheap Trick in Evanston, Indiana. This is all fiction mind you and has nothing do with us, but it is getting rave reviews so you should buy it for that reason first. And if not that, all “real” Watershed fans must own a copy. We will be following up and this will affect your fan rankings. Check out Lee here

-My little essay about Elvis Costello’s mind melting show in Cbus last month got picked up and featured on his website. Check it out or just visit my archives.

-And thanks to the talented Amy Saunders who included me in her piece about patriotic songs for the Columbus Dispatch published on July 3rd. I spoke about what “This Land is Your Land” means to me. Amy generally writes for the Life/Arts section and I always keep an eye open for her articles (and Kevin Joy) while manning my post at Colin’s Coffee.


-Speaking of the patriotism and the 4th of July, my frowned upon idea for a float in the giant Upper Arlington parade was “Stars n’ Handguns n’ Bars” which begs the question, is the new law just passed in Ohio allowing people to bring guns into bars provided they don’t drink the…..
Stupidest law ever?

I can hear already hear you screaming, “No way, the law that says you can buy fireworks in Ohio provided you sign something that says you only blow them off in a different state is the stupidest law ever.” Perhaps, but it’s going to have to fend off this hard charger of incompetence.

This isn’t a debate about the 2nd amendment, Lord knows that train left the station and barreled off the track decades ago, it’s more of a civics discussion along with how stupid some humans are and can they possibly get dumber?

“I’m looking for one good man or woman”- taken as it is written, the assumption is that there must be citizens who at some point, want to go to a bar, bring their gun, but not drink. Is there one single person in the state of Ohio this is applicable to? Who is this person? Do they exist? Maybe this is just me, but when I go to a “bar” it isn’t so I can’t drink. Why would I need my gun to not drink? Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not..

All police (and military personal- btw) strongly opposed the bill, for obvious reasons. The restaurant lobby is strongly against the bill for obvious reasons. Boy, let me tell you, bar owners love people who come in and don’t drink. That sure pays the bills. So who is for the bill? I know..The NRA, but even they have to feel a little squeamish about giving our hardworking police force the middle finger so blatantly. Who is this powerful constituency that wants to go to bars and not drink, but bring their guns? Some mysterious lobby like the Tee-Totaling Six Shooter Militia for Freedom?  Have they been wining and dining and taking house members to Private Dancer?

I do little polls once in while at Colin’s Coffee and no matter what the subject is always results invariably fall inside the 40/60 range either way.

Q: Do you think the law recently passed allowing people to carry concealed handguns into bars provided they don’t drink is a stupid idea or a sensible idea?
The result to this law was 123 people thought it was stupid.  1 person thought it was a sensible idea. 123 to 1! I’m no poli-sci major, but I do believe that falls outside the margin of error. The 1 person who thought it was a good idea was either a) confused by the question or b) needs to be held for questioning.

On the upside, the law did get a little pub outside the states. Our sleepy little state is on the map!  Maybe this could be considered a job creation bill? (For paramedics! Bang  crash)  check it out 


More Mish Mosh:

  • Cheap Trick @ the Motor City Casino in Detroit Friday July 15th. Bones bassist Dan Cochran is having a Bachelor party and all are invited. Poker, Rock N Roll and Pass Out. See you there.
  • No gigs July/August. Finishing up helping on the new Erica Blinn CD, working on Watershed CD, trying to get new Colin Gawel CD out in time for gig at Woodland’s Friday September 17th. Independents Day Festival Saturday Sept 18. Nashville Beer Fest Sat Oct 1st.