Smoking Crack and the Steve Earle Fitness Challenge.

Smoking crack is great. It gets you so high. The only problem is, it eventually renders you useless and unable to function in society. Steve Earle figured this out while serving time in the pokey sometime in the early 90's. He gave up smoking crack (among many other things) and got himself clean and sober. He then proceeded to go on a creative tear unmatched in my lifetime. "I Feel Alright" begat "El Corazon" which begat "Transcendental Blues" which begat "Jerusalem". I don't count "The Mountain", as it is a collaboration with the Del Mc Coury band, but it is worthy of high praise in it's own right. Still, Steve Earle put out four flawless albums in just a six year span, which is practically unmatched since The Beatles. Personally, I feel "Transcendental Blues" was the best of the five star bunch, and is quite possibly my favorite CD ever recorded.

Oh, and he is a writer, actor, folk singer, rocker, beard grower, radio DJ, political activist, ect. ect.

He isn't just a renaissance man. He is a one man renaissance period.

Take the Steve Earle Fitness Challenge with Me!*

With Steve coming to Columbus, I wanted to do something special to show my appreciation for all his work and display my excitement to see him performing live with a band for the first time since the El Corazon tour. 

Sure, I could rank all of his songs or write an essay about how he is the 3rd most all time most played artist in the history of the Watershed van (complete rankings TBA), but that's been done before. I wanted to do something a little more tangible. (If that is the right word)

So I figured since Steve gave up smoking crack for our benefit, i could give up some things for him. (At least for 56 hours anyway) So starting on Tuesday at 10 am I am giving up sugar, booze, diary products, salt, fried thingys' and bread until 6pm Thursday July 28th, or roughly 2 hours before Steve's show at the Southern Theater. To keep you motivated and/or entertained at my stunning lack of willpower, I will posting my progress on my twitter account, which is also displayed on the front page  of ( Ex: Hour 2- Organic Apple, coffee + 2shots esspresso with soy)

If I survive the Steve Earle Fitness challenge, I plan on gulping down a Dirty Frank's dog and slurping a 24oz Pabst Can to get primed for the show. The Revolution Starts Now! Honor Steve Earle and take the challenge! 

* If you actually do smoke crack, you can still take the challenge though the rules are different. You can eat or drink whatever you want till show time, but you have to stop smoking crack.