Brian Phillips and myself are taking rock movies from the basement to the big screen!

What: Reelin' & Rockin' at Gateway. A new rock n roll moving picture show screened the third Wednesday of every month at the Gateway Theaters.

When: Wednesday September 21  Roling Stones- "Gimmie Shelter". Bar opens 6pm. Movie at 7.

Why: "Gimmie Shelter" is one of the great rock documentaries of all time. Tickets only $5 and all proceeds donated to CD101 for the kids. Along with Brian Phillips and myself, all sorts of music nerds and hipster bands types sure to be in attendance. Don't you want to be cool too?

We invite fellow "Drooling Fanatics"* to visit our facebook page where will will be posting all types of groovy clips and invite you to do the same.  

Gateway Film Center

Boy, if there is one thing in the universe I really enjoy during some downtime, it's drinking a cold one and watching a great rock DVD. Back in the day i would catch the bus downtown with a fistful of paper route dollars to attend record conventions with hope of finding a choice Aerosmith or Cheap Trick bootleg on video tape. The cool vendors had a little TV and VHS machine set up on their table so you could check it out before plunking down your $20. I still have a milk crate full of dusty tapes in my basement. Want to watch a bootleg of Cheap Trick playing Harpo's in Detroit on The Doctor tour? We could do that.

Those golden analog days may be over, but the "Double Platinum" days have arrived and there are sooo many choice rock DVDs floating around that this series could go on for years and years. If... you join us. Thanks to the support of CD102.5 and the always swingin' Gateway Film center, we have four months reserved to see how it goes. The movie will be played LOUD and the bar will be open. Hootin'& Hollerin' is encouraged at Reelin' & Rockin'. A "Schindler's List" vibe this is not.

One late night long and not so long ago, Brian and i were drinking beer and watching "The Kids Are Alright" when we had a vision, a dream even: "Wouldn't it be great, if we could one day, drink even more beer and watch even more rock movies?" Please help our dream become a reality by Joining us on Sept 21st at the Gateway.'s for the kids.


*the term "Drooling Fanatic" compliments of author Steve Almond. Check out his book "Rock n Roll will Save Your Life".