Are You Suffering From BCS Monster-itis? JUST DON'T LOOK!

Are You Suffering from BCS Monster-itis?

To stop those monsters, one-two-three,

Here's a fresh new way that's trouble-free,

It's got Paul Anka's guarantee ... [winks]

Just don't look! Just don't look! [repeat several times]


 Personally, I think the BCS has run its course. My coffee shop intuition tells me that people have grown weary of debating who should be in the title game each year. More so, my gut says that people are resigned to the fact that it doesn't really matter who plays anyway. It's doesn't feel like a "real" championship in the way all of the other sports do. Of course everybody likes to bash the BCS system and claim they want a playoff, but the simple fact is that if fans truly want a change they could do one very simple thing: Don't watch the BCS title game on TV.

It's all about money and ratings folks. If you truly desire a different College football system, do not watch the title game. If you tune in, your are compliant in supporting the BCS system and forever lose your right to bitch about how, "the bowl system sucks".

To simplify: If you watch the BCS title game, you endorse the BCS system. So shut up with the complaining already.

If you turn off the TV it is a vote against the BCS and killing its power.  If the ratings numbers come in around the country (exempting LSU and Bama fans naturally) and they are low, you will see change in a hurry. (You can still listen on radio, or go to a bar if you must- ok sports nerds?)

You can do it. It's just one game. One night. It's a week night anyway. Get some sleep. Don't you have a job?

And while we are on "Weeknight", nothing in sports pisses me off more than the college football championship being played on a week night. College football IS SATURDAY. That is its very fabric, its pacing, its tradition. You aren't suppose to work all day, watch college football, and go back to work the next morning. No sir. You get shit done in the morning, rake the leaves, play with kids, and by Saturday afternoon you are free and clear to drink beer, scream at your friends/TV, and sleep off the hangover Sunday waking to catch Sports Reporters on ESPN and adjust your Fantasy football team before kick off. That my friend, is college football.

What's more, you don't see the NFL moving their title game off Sunday do you? Hmm.. I wonder why? BECAUSE SUNDAY IS NFL FOOTBALL. They know that much.

And please spare me the money argument. College football is a ratings monster. It would crush in any time slot let alone Saturday at 6pm (just like the Super Bowl but a day earlier). The bigger issue is that College football needs to protect their brand and demand the title game is played on a Saturday and not leave it up to some network pinhead who is looking to maximize their short term profit/product placement.

Oh, and aren't these amateur athletes suppose to be in class anyway? How does a weeknight game make sense to the college presidents and professors who allegedly value this sort of thing?

So, for all these reasons, please tune out the BCS title game this year. I promise you will feel good about it the next morning.

If you find yourself caving, remember these 3 simple words: "Just Don't Look".  If you don't watch it, it will go away't_Look

 Colin Gawel is a songwriter/father/husband who plays in the band Watershed and fronts his solo band the Lonely Bones. He moonlights as a coffee shop owner and writer of hack little essays like the one above. Mostly about music, but sometimes things he knows even less about. 

Coming soon, "Why the Big/Pac 10/12 should leave the BCS Now" - ( I meant to get get this finished Jan 2nd as well but the coffee shop has been too busy-got to go, customer)