Did I Mention I Play World of Beer Every Thursday 5:30-7pm?

If I didn't, just a reminder that I play an "all original" happy hour every single Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm at the fabulous "World of Beer". (503 S. Front Street- In old CD101 space next to Shadowbox)

World of Beer has 550 different beers, a really cool staff and a bunch of TV's for your veiwing pleasure.

I haven't played 550 songs yet, but here is what you have missed so far:

Superior/Profile/Chemotherapy/Words We Say/Sad Drive/Maybe Best If I Go/Try a Little Faith/Cold Weather/ AM Boy/i-65/Still Love Christmas/Lonely Bones/Half of Me/ Pretty in a Slutty Way/Saturday Night There's a Party/Plan B/New Life (original version)/She Rains She Pours/New Depression/American Muscle/Sticky Bomb/ Set The World on Fire/Good Day/Mercurochrome/Over Too Soon/Best is Yet to Come/I Deserve you/ How Do You Feel/Broken/ Manifesto/Resonate/Straight to Hell/I'm Getting Ready/Hey Lydia

ok- I admit, I have done a couple of covers as well: Kinks "Celluloid Heroes", Bruce- "Johnny 99", Tougher Than the Rest", Mavericks-"What a Crying Shame", Replacements-"Swingin Party" -----not exactly red meat for the masses, but I'll leave it to the other acts to do Creed or "Cheese Burger in Paradise".

Hope to see you soon!  colingawel.com