Ricki C. You know the guy. He is writing the best rock n roll blog of 2012

Ricki C's new blog is called "Growing Old With Rock  n Roll". It is a must read for all rock n roll fans. It can be found by moving your eyes slightly to the left and clicking on the Ricki C link or read it here 


You know Ricki C.  He's the guy who has forgotten more about rock n roll than you will ever know. Oh, you saw The Doors movie? Ricki saw the fucking Doors start a near riot at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. You own the AC/DC box set "Bonfire"? Ricki C had lunch with Bon Scott. Ricki is the guy who tried to kill himself twice but the Rolling Stones saved his life. You remember that don't you?

 Ricki is the guy who plays guitar not because he wants to, but because he has to. The guy who saw The Who, MC5, The Stooges, Hendrix BEFORE they were on anything other than AM radio in half empty clubs. He who tuned guitars, kept groupies away from other girlfriends and moved gear for Willie Phoenix and The Buttons and the Shadowlords and Flower Machine and True Soul Rockers.

   He's the guy who gets on stage and asks if you want an encore. The guy behind the merch table. The guy on CD102.5 doing "Invisible Hits" with Curt Scheiber. The guy who works at Ace in the Hole records when Pep isn't there. And he never plays any jam bands in the store. He's the guy playing rock n roll all alone on his acoustic guitar at the comic book store. Don't you dare call him a singer-songwriter. Them's fightin' words. Ask Rick Ocasek.


Ricki C, I know the guy. I've spent countless hours sitting next to him in a van. He inspires me to be a better person/rock n roll fan. We once even witnessed a Too Live Crew concert together in a park in North Caorlina. That's a brotherhood. Ricki C. You know the guy. He can't shut the fuck up about Mott the Hoople, Hamell on Trial and The Whiles. Yeah. That guy. he doesn't drink or smoke but he hangs out in rock n roll clubs 3 nights a week. He does a great meringue too. You know the guy. .

all bullshit aside "The Bathtub" is the greatest rock n roll story ever told. read it and tell me i'm wrong.

 Read it here 

"Ok Colin, we get it. Rock n roll saved Ricki's life...blah.. blah.. blah.. Big Deal x 2. Enough with the rock n roll stories. How about some sex and drugs stories involving Watershed?"  

 fine..... Ricki has those too.



please pass on the info to Ricki's blog to all intelligent people who love rock n roll.