It's time for the 2nd "Pay The Rent" Saturday, Feb 25th! The Worldwide Movement is Alive!

Ok people, the initial "Pay The Rent" Saturday was a HUGE success not only for Colin's Coffee but many other local businesses felt the love as well. Who you ask? Off the top of my head and in no particular order, Huffman's Market, Trove, Nutter's Hardware, 10 Pin Alley, 5th Avenue Fretshop, Razor's Edge, Studio 35, Ursus, The Rumba Cafe, Chuck and Barb's Card Shop, Dirty Franks Hot Dogs, and Panzzera Pizza UA!  I am sure I have forgotton others  so come Saturday February 25th, please e-mail me what local business, restaurant, band, bar you are supporting.

"Pay The Rent Saturday" is a Worldwide Movement for people to give the little guy a shot one Saturday a month. Additionally, February is way to short when it's comes to the rent being due so of all months, small business really needs your support Saturday February 25th! Make plans now.

Please read below for the original essay that started this Global Initiative to rally support to independent businesses twelve days a year. it begins.........

Announcing a new World Wide Movement: "Pay The Rent Saturdays!" a plan to support local business. (originally posted January 2012)

Ok people, I'm not going to bullshit you. Things get a little tight around the coffee shop this time of year.  More so, there is this guy called "the landlord" and this thing called "the rent" and together they can be a real drag. It seems like almost every month he is all, "yo, give me some money" and I'm like,"dude...I ain't got that kind of scratch handy", so I need some friends to come in and buy a drink or sandwich and help us "Pay the Rent".

We all know buying local is much better for the planet, economy and our collective well being but let's face it, who hasn't sat in a drive-thru burning gas just to get one sweet taste of Starbuck's overpriced Beelzebub blend? I know I have. Say what you want about the Devil or McDonald's, but if they know one thing it's: location,location,location!

It's not like I'm are asking for a huge favor. We have great coffee, mocha, lattés and all that jazz you can get at all the big places. Don't like coffee? No problem, hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup etc. Free WIFI. Come hang out. Study. Stalk your ex on Facebook perhaps? Good times.

"But I really like big corporate chain stores?"- you say?

Once again, no problem! Here at Colin's Coffee, we aim to please! On "Pay The Rent Saturday", we will have a jar out where you can just give us money and you do not have to order anything. You can support local business and then walk across our parking lot and choke down some crappy Mc Yuks swill. It's a win-win!

                                                     One Day a Month!

In all seriousness, we live in a world where corporations are not just king, they are considered "people". I stare out the windows of Colin's Coffee every single morning and watch the McDonald's drive-thru line overflow down the street. And I get it. That's just how it is. People are busy and while we all agree "buying local" is the right thing to do, it just isn't always convenient. So here is what I propose: Just one day a month, the last Saturday of every month go patronize a local business. Colin's Coffee or whomever. Try a small local restaurant, or grocery store, or record store or bar. or go see a band or whatever. Go to the Clairmont...Oh wait, too late. Everybody misses the local place when they read about them closing in the paper/online but the best time to miss them is while they are still in need of your business. Pay that place a visit one day a month.

Write in in your calendar and plan in advance. Like researching a local vacation. The last Saturday of every month is when you give the little guy a shot. Just asking 12 days out of 365. Not only will it improve your community, I guarantee you will be glad you tried it.      (If you agree please share, duh)

In the meantime, See you at Colin's Coffee Saturday January 28th (though I have to leave for a bit to take my son Owen to his 2nd basketball game ever- that's how you roll at a small business).

Thanks for reading this and if you agree, please share the sentiment (duh)- Colin


Colin Gawel is best known as the founder of the worldwide, "Pay the Rent" movement. Additionally, he plays in Watershed, the Lonely Bones, and once ranked every single Cheap Trick song in a 29 page essay. He is a husband, father, songwriter, fantasy baseball player. He moonlights as a coffee shop owner.