3rd "Pay the Rent" Saturday March 31th!. Try new "UA All The Way" App Too!

Hey everybody, it's the last Saturday of the month, March 31st, so it's time to help local businesses, "pay the rent". In a nutshell, for you late comers, "Pay the Rent" is a worldwide movement to patronize a local business (or two, or three) the last Saturday of every month. Coffee shops,restaurants,bands,bars,bowling alleys, thrift stores,movie theaters and whatever else you can think of.

Read the original Pay The Rent essay here to get in on the ground floor: here

Though I hope you start your day at Colin's Coffee, the North Market Coffee Roast is also on Saturday and features a whole bunch of local roasters featuring their delicious cups o' joe. 9am-2pm and admission is only $5


and in other local business related news, I am pleased to announce the cool new phone App, "Ua All The Way", is now available for your smart phones and androids. I'll spare you all the technical details since I have no idea anyway, but the upshot is that with this app, you can order directly from your phone to a number of Upper Arlington restaurants. Even better, 5% of your order goes to a local charity of your choice. If you are interested in trying it out, stop by Colin's Coffee Saturday March 31st before noon, use the app and receive a free/and or really cheap coffee.

But really the best way to check out this new up and coming app is to visit the website or download it for free now...U.A. All The Way website here


Watershed News - Thanks to all you generous souls who have helped to get our Kickstarter program off to a promising start. Every "brick" helps us build something real for all of us to enjoy. We are beyond excited for everybody to hear the new CD, "Brick and Mortar", read Joe's new novel about the band, "Hitless Wonders" and come see us live as we tour the Eastern USA in June. To get all the details and show info, please click here