March 7th Update-Working Behind The Curtain - New News soon!

Hey all, I haven't forgotten about you. Just been busy toiling behind the curtain working on the Watershed CD/Book tour this summer. We have been posting dates and soon we will have a major announcement with all the grisly, beer soaked details.

In the meantime- why not visit the archives here at Lots n Lots to catch up on. In fact, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can read the 3 part essay I wrote back when I was selected (and the Bones) to be the only act playing at the opening of the Bruce Springsteen exhibit at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Did that really happen? wow.

and, if you feel like discussing the new Bruce CD, the upcoming baseball season or March Madness ,I play 5:30-7pm every Thursday at the World of Beer and..

Brian Phillips (CD102.5) and myself host Reelin'and Rockin' at the Gateway the third Wednesday of every month. March 21st we are screening "It Might Get Loud". It is an awesome flick and I highly recommend to all music fans. Hit the Fbook link to find out more.

To be continued.....'