Aftermath. The "Brick and Mortar" / "Hitless Wonder" Tour Has Ended.

At some point I will knock out a full blown tour blog to give everybody the inside scoop on the exciting happenings both in and out of the spiderhole. In the meantime, put on some goggles as we kicked up a holy sh*t storm of dust to promote the new CD/Book. A sampling of the results are below.

Watershed Is Bad And Nationwide! (Thanks to NPR)

In case you missed it, the good folks at NPR came out to the Watershed show in DC and whipped up a nice little piece on the band, book and new CD which originally aired on Weekend Edition Sunday July 1st. Give it a listen here     Shortly after the story aired, "Hitless Wonder" became the #1 best selling music book in the WORLD according to Amazon. The Beatles may be bigger than Jesus, but for 48 hours anyway, Watershed was bigger than the Beatles.

Bad and Inter-nationwide: The "Hitless Wonder" buzz is creeping across the pond. Check out Joe O's interview in what is surely the first national Irish radio broadcast to name check The Clarks, Joe Peppercorn, Cheap Trick, The Undertones and Jim Steinman all within 10 minutes of each other. Click here and click on 37 minute mark to check it out. Really great interview!

Video Trailer thanks to Vital Film Works: Watch it here

CD102.5 has added our latest single "Little Mistakes" to rotation and it has been appearing regularly in the daily Top Five most requested.The Other Paper review says "In a just world this nugget would be blowing up on every rock station in America" read Joel Oliphint's review of Brick and Mortar here   or watch this live version by Ian Powell from the big hometown show at the Bluestone here  

More Press:

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Large Hearted Boy   read here                          Peter King Monday Morning QB  read here 

No Depression         read here                          Biographile                       read here 

Dig Me out Pod Cast   listen here

The Tour has ended to see where you missed us click here   

Tired of reading? Video for "Manifesto" watch this

Unlike past tours, we stayed fairly true to a regular set. If you download these songs in this order and drink 10 beers, it will just like you went to the concert. enjoy!

Obvious/Suckerpunch/StickyBomb/Small Doses/Mercurochrome/Little Mistakes/ How Do You Feel/ Broken/ Set The World on Fire/ Over Too Soon/The Habit/reading-dave sucks/Manifesto/Anniversary/Can't Be Myself/5th of July/Don't Be Honest/Best is Yet to Come/Black Concert T Shirt  (Ricki C asks for encore) Sad Drive/American Muscle/Broken Radio     end

we did vary night to night and mixed in ---Lucky Day/I've Been Looking Everywhere/Nightshade/Romantic Noise/ Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick)

 We REALLY need your help to spread the word about all the things happening. The tour, the CD, the book, the radio. Please tell a friend. Preferably one who works in radio.  thanks- Colin


    Take Off Your Coat And Stay A While!

If this is your first visit to " Colin, the archives have it all, but here is a taste..

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