New shows scheduled, New Watershed Video Released......

For updated press and articles related to the latest Watershed CD "Brick and Mortar" and Joe Oestreich's highly acclaimed memoir about the band, "Hitless Wonder-A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" click here  (The NPR Weekend Edition story is here as well)

Hello from an empty Colin's Coffee! Been spending the summer being a super dad and slinging coffee, but still got a few things goes nuthin'

New Watershed Video for "Manifesto" (What I Like to Do) directed by the fabulous Milan Karcic.  watch it here and please share.

Friday August 24th I will be playing a solo happy hour gig at the Rumba Cafe. Doors at 7pm and I will be playing 7:30-9ish. Plan on hearing all sorts of songs both Watershed/solo and if you have a question about "Hitless Wonder" this would be a good time to ask. I may even answer it.

Watershed live at the Independents Day Festival Saturday September 15th 6pm

This is such a cool festival that Joe O is making a special trip in just so we can perform. It is basically a street fair held right downtown centered around Gay Street. Bands play all day starting around noon. We will be playing at 6pm which gives you plenty of time to watch the Buckeyes play Cal that afternoon (noon kick-off) and make it to the show by 6pm. Admission is FREE and kids can attend. and yes, they sell beer. more more info on the festival click here      Rumor has it we may even schedule a club gig later that night so stay tuned.

Watershed -"Star Vehicle" now available on I-Tunes and everywhere else.

Star Vehicle is the bastard child of all Watershed records and without a doubt, the most under-rated. Recorded by Frank Aversa at The Barn in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, it is the last CD to feature the original 3 piece line-up and marks the beginning of us progressing beyond "baby" band status. Released between our major label flop "Twister" and our stunning Buster Douglas style comeback,"The More It Hurts The More It Works", Star Vehicle was a major step forward and we toured behind it relentlessly. (including the infamous Insane Clown Posse tour) Though the CD never really had a serious chance at commercial success (for grisly details read "Hitless Wonder"), somehow we willed both "Black Concert T Shirt" and the title track onto some regional radio charts and songs such as "Consolation Prize", "Superstressed", "If That's How You Want It" and "Plan B" were staples of the set for years until they got nudged aside by newer tunes.

I recently spent a night listening to it on Rhapsody and was struck by how guitar-centric the record is. Who played all those guitars anyway? It's like I was listening to a different band. If you haven't heard it or need a new copy, I highly recomend checking it out.  

Star Vehicle on I-Tunes  here    or listen to this Dig Me Out pod cast which was recorded recently but the the hosts spend most of the time asking Joe Oestreich about Star Vehicle   listen here 

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