Songs From Northern Arlington

Thanks to everybody who read "Hitless Wonder" or listened to "Brick and Mortar" in 2012. For reviews, the NPR story and basically a review of all the cool things that happened in the past year click here 

"Superior" is truly a Northern song in every sense and edging towards 10,000 views. Watch it here    

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Songs From Northern Arlington.

 What can I say? I've always been a winter type of guy. I prefer long underwear, jeans and big boots to kacky shorts and flip flops. I like the cold sting of January better than the dog days day of August. I can get shit done in the winter. Less distractions. Less fun all around in general. And whatever fun there is to be had is usually self generated. For better or worse. Like this post. Come May, I would be out in my driveway blasting rock n roll, firing up the grill throwing baseballs with O, enjoying the lovely weather. No way would I be sitting in my family room "blogging" as the kids say. It's a Thursday right now but it feels like a Tuesday. Oppressive cold and clouds make everyday feel like a Tuesday. I've often thought if the seven day week were: Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Saturday Sunday, I could really have accomplished some things. Mondays are over rated. I need Monday to acclimate my work ethic and recover from Sunday. If it can wait till Monday, it can wait till Tuesday. That's my motto. Not really, but I have seen worse bumper stickers. anyway... I like Tuesdays. I can get some shit done on Tuesday. 

You know what else I like? Taking long walks listening to music on a cold winter evening with the the northern wind blowing and remnants of lake effect snow falling. Calibrating I-Pod with basic instructions. Check. Filling 20 oz Colin's Coffee Tumbler with nice warm red wine and strapping on boots, headphones and gloves. Check. Stepping out door, hit shuffle and is what I heard on Thursday January 31st/2013. (Click on song listen/artist)

Blizzard of 77   -   I always know how to start. I start with this.

Start Again      -  Can't wait any longer than #2. Thanks to Joe Peppercorn and Branden Barnett for re-focusing me on "Songs From Northern Ireland". (Songs From Northern Arlington...Get IT??? huh? Get it?)

December             - Teenage Fanclub working so hard they are worth a deuce.

Within You Reach - Replacements are the very definition of "Northern" rock

 Best Thing That Never Happened - Reminds me of long cold walks in Marquette, MI. 

Superior           - inspired by semi true events in same town. My attempt at a Northern song. 

Inside of Love  - Nada needs a deuce too.

Things Have Changed - actually Bob D is two hours North of Mats'. Biggie, since you have vowed to outlive me and piss on my grave, could you at least have the decency to play this song at the ceremony? thanks. Seems like a good song to go out on.

Everything is Broken   

Whispering Pines  - and The Band are mostly more North than Bob. Oh Richard, why did you have to do it?

Mt. Everest  - My #1 snow shoveling song of 2012!

Father John Misty and this song - Eric Zimmer just gave me his annual best of CD. It's pretty much where i find my new music these days.For all I know by the time Father John hits my ears he has gone from Destroyer to Unmasked on the hip scale. but i know I like this song.

Hard on Me  - which reminds me how much I love this Richard Thompson song. Man, they sound they same but who cares. Snowing again. 

Silver Age     - Husker Du North. Walking faster. Thinking about throwing snowballs at cars. Bob M's book isn't quite as good as Hitless Wonder but Bob didn't have a "Biggie" character to work with.

Supercharged / Punch the Clock - Detroit is mostly cold and mostly always cloudy. Hearing this makes me want  to hop in a Ford econolione and run the Widespread Panic bus into a ditch off I-75 near Macon, GA compliments of John Speck.

Answering Machine - anger management sorta

Rewind  -  Tim Easton has a new greatest hits out. listen to it. this song isn't on it because it's hard to make a living with long sad songs that appeal to guys walking along the Olentangy river drinking Red Wine out of a coffee cup. That is the very definition of a nitch market. 

Ok, time to warm up. How many days until pitchers and catchers  report anyway? This is ridiculous. Who's bright idea was this anyway? I'm freezing. I'm ready for Spring. Damn, i should have played "Darkness" by Leonard Cohen. next time.  BYE


Colin Gawel is a songwriter who plays in the band Watershed and fronts his solo band the Lonely Bones. He is featured in the best selling rock n roll book Hitless Wonder. He is also freezing from spending so much time outside walking in the frigging cold and has to get up at 5:30 am to go to Colin's Coffee. He doesn't figure anybody will actually listen to these songs now, but one day, way in the future (hopefully), his son young Owen might stumble upon this post and be glad that he did.