Do You Know What is Going To Be Better than

Thanks to everybody who read "Hitless Wonder" or listened to "Brick and Mortar" in 2012. For glowing press, the NPR story and basically a review of all the cool things that happened in the past year Click here

"Superior" is edging towards 10,000 views. Watch it here is a new website featuring myself and some of the best writers banging around the interweb. The days of trolling through facebook/twitter for the occasional witty remark or insightful analysis are over. Now you can visit one site and get your head filled up with all sorts of useless information concerning music/sports/movies/culture/stuff... That's the idea anyway. We will be listing all sorts of events there as well. For instance, I have posted some info about Reelin and Rockin' at the Gateway as a test run. In fact, why not take a look? click here

Obviously, the site is just getting off the ground (lots of changes coming) and at this point it is all a work in progress but contributors already on board are: Brian Phillips, David Martin, Johnny DiLoretto, Joe Peppercorn, Greg May, Ricki C, Will Kenworthy, Jeff Hassler and yours truly. I won't bore you with the details now, but each one of these guys bring a unique talent and resume to the table. We plan to add more contributors soon, but this is a good start. In the meantime we will be working on some snappy graphics and snazzy slogans. Like...  "It's like a DVR for Facebook" or  "It's like on meth"  "Just Like Grantland, But Not As Good"

That sort of thing.

Anyway, you are now in on the ground floor of a virtual building. This will be fun. - Colin