Watershed Rock n Roll Junket Wrap Up / Set Lists. Raleigh,NC 2013

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Thanks all who joined us in fabulous Raleigh, NC for the first ever Watershed Rock n Roll Junket. The idea being that instead of Biggie driving us all over hell's half acre so we could play 15 songs for y'all, we would hole up in one spot and really get down and dirty. Mission accomplished.

Sadlack's Heroes Friday July 19th - Colin Gawel solo show.

We got a little jammed up on I-77 near Galax, Virginia so we are arrived a little late. Good thing Ricki C. knows how to set up one acoustic guitar pretty quick so things got back on schedule. After the show Joe O and myself went to the Poorhouse to catch The Accelerators doing a reunion set. Think Replacements with Jerry Lee Lewis singing and playing electric guitar. Yeah, it kicked ass.

Colin's Set: See You Tonight/New Depression/Cold Weather/Words We Say/Romantic Noise/She Rains She Pours/Over Too Soon/ Good Day/ Hey Lydia/ A.M. Boy/ Pretty in a Slutty Way/Manifesto/Chemotherapy/Try A Little Faith/ Superior

Saturday July 20th. Watershed @ The Poorhouse  

Man, I could get used to this Junket concept. Instead of getting up and directly in the van for the ride to the next town, I hit "The Morning News" for coffee alfresco and then spent the afternoon at the North Carolina History Muesum. One workout and bowl of Jumbalaya later, I was being treated to a set from Raleigh's own Backsliders doing a free show in the park accross the street from the Poorhouse. Speaking of the Poorhouse, maybe my favorite rock n roll room in the country. Big enough to feel like a concert but small enough to be in everybody's faces. Ricki, Biggie and I stayed up late after the show watching Eastbound and Down. Party.

Watershed Set: Obvious/Star Vehicle/5th of July/Don't Be Honest/Lucky Day/How Do You Feel?/Set The World on Fire/Little Mistakes/New Depression/Over Too Soon/Small Doses/Mercurochrome (One Track Mind - Johnny Thunders, Pressure - The Kinks) Anniversary/Can't Be Myself/Best Is Yet To Come/Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick) Black Concert T - Shirt.  Encore: Sad Drive/If That's How You Want It/Manifesto/American Muscle/Suckerpunch

Sunday July 21st  Slim's Matinee Show with Special Guest Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team.

Still on my coffee schedule, I was awake pretty early and ended up at a cool little cafe in the town market to read and write out a set for Terry and the OAK Team that afternoon. The deal was that I would hand over a set just before they went on stage and then they would perform said set. Their idea. Obviously, I was thrilled. Terry is one of my top six favorite song writers ever. So in my mind, this was in league with writing out a set for The Kinks or Steve Earle. 

The Set I Wrote For Terry Anderson and The Olmpic Ass Kickin Team is as follows: I Can Give You Everything/Killin in Dillon/Mr. Bus Driver Man/ Ridin' Around/ Yesterday Clyde Virginia/ Gambled and Lost/$100 A Week/ Sunday Dress (They let/made me sing this one) Boyfriend 2/Wether or Not/ Lost Your Number/ Thunderbird  

I didn't put Battleship Chains  or I Love You Period on the list but he wrote them.

"So Dad, let me get this straight...the last gig in Raleigh, Terry is going to open up and play all his best songs and Watershed is going to headline and play all their worst songs? Not worst but you know what I mean."

"That's right Owen"

"No offense Dad, but you are probably going to get crushed"

I had to admit the nine year old had a point. The same thought crossed my mind as well. It had been a long time since a set with no Anniversary or 5th of July and so on and so forth. But Slim's was the perfect venue for this event and all our fabulous friends and fans who traveled in for the show really got a kick out of hearing some of the lost tunes. We did too.

Watershed Set at Slim's: You Need Me/ Nightshade/Something Wrong/Twister/Superstressed/ Consolation Prize/ Habit/Bitter Scars/Just For Show/She Picks The Songs/Half of Me/ Youth is Confusion/Plan B/ New life/Sticky Bomb/Wallflower Child/Slowly The Suddenly/I've Been Looking Everywhere/ Born to Run (Springsteen)/Cracking Up/Broken Radio

Final tally: 3 shows, 3 nights, One Hotel Room, 57 Different Songs. Not sure about the beer count but when I went up for my last Bud on Sunday at Slim's I was told they had sold completely out. That usually signals the end of a sucessful weekend. Thanks again to all who made this possible and those who made the trip. We may have to do this again next year...... watershedcentral.com 


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