"Podcast" is the Brand Spanking New Song From Colin Gawel

Hey guys, I know it has been a little quiet on the new music front for a while but it is not for a lack of effort. Music, or more specifically, rock n roll music is, always my top priority. While I haven't released anything new since the last Watershed record, Brick and Mortar,  I have stockpiled a number tunes and with any luck I hope to bang out something new every three or four months for your listening pleasure from this point forward.

Why the delay? Well to be honest, the whole "Hitless Wonder/Brick and Mortar" Record/Book/Tour drained my batteries pretty low and then I got the bright idea to start Pencilstorm.com which while a labor of love, takes a slug of my daily creative juice as well. And then there was the whole "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? project. Oh, and I am a Dad, Husband, and coffee shop owner as well. 

But throughout all of it, I learned some basic garage band skills which allows me to work on a song while drinking beer in my kitchen. Eventually, I take that song to a real studio where real musicians help out and Mike Landolt sprinkles magic pixie dust all over it making it sound kick ass.

"Wait a second, "Podcast" was recorded in your kitchen on garage band? But it sounds so good?"

That is correct. A good lesson for all you DIYs' why getting a pro like Mike Landolt involved can make all the difference in the world..

Or to sum up my latest three step recording strategy:

1) I dick around with a song on Garage band in my kitchen while drinking beer.

2) I take tracks to Curryhouse so Rick Kinsinger and myself can dick around with the song. 

3) Mike Landolt mixes the song and it sounds like a million bucks.

Speaking of a million bucks, while I am not hardcore about making people pay for new music, it is worth mentioning that there is a cost involved for all of this so any $$ is always appreciated though not expected. Bandcamp allows you to name your own price so it's up to you to decide. More importantly, If you dig, I need you to actively help spread the word. You know, share/tweet that shit around yo? 

  • Produced and mixed by Mike Landolt at Curryhouse Studios
  • Guitars/Vocals/Harp/Trash Can Kicking - Colin Gawel
  • Bass/Horns/ addtional recording and production - Rick Kinsinger
  • Drums - Dave Masica            
  • Additional Percusson - Mike Landolt


Podcast by Colin Gawel 
Larry Funderbunk Music 2014 (ASCAP) 

I used to spend my days gulping mountain dew and playing video games

Then I hit the big 4 - 0 and my mom came downstairs and said boy something has to change

So i found an old microphone and set up a couple plastic chairs

I called my best friend Larry and said 

grab some thoughts and grab some beer and get over here

for a podcast    we're gonna do a podcast. yeah

I plugged in the microphone and took our place

but I couldn't think of nothin to say

we both sat and racked our brains

and I thought if i was mark maron what would I say?

so I asked my best friend larry

what's your favorite batman movie you have seen

he thought about it for a moment

and said the one with Micheal Keaton is under -rated

it was our first podcast   we are having a podcast click the link listen to our podcast yeah

we talk about things n stuff your android or my new i phone

what's your favorite Pixies song that walking zombie tv show

are you Luke or are you Vader  dis the movies we all hated

we don't talk about women we just hope they will listen to our

podcast  we hope chicks dig our podcast

share the link for our podcast  

we wrote a song about our podcast