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Watershed Rock n Roll Junket Wrap Up / Set Lists. Raleigh,NC 2013

Before starting don't forget to visit Pencilstorm. I run and edit it out of the Coffee Shop and it is updated frequently with all kinds of cool stories and info.- Colin

Thanks all who joined us in fabulous Raleigh, NC for the first ever Watershed Rock n Roll Junket. The idea being that instead of Biggie driving us all over hell's half acre so we could play 15 songs for y'all, we would hole up in one spot and really get down and dirty. Mission accomplished.

Sadlack's Heroes Friday July 19th - Colin Gawel solo show.

We got a little jammed up on I-77 near Galax, Virginia so we are arrived a little late. Good thing Ricki C. knows how to set up one acoustic guitar pretty quick so things got back on schedule. After the show Joe O and myself went to the Poorhouse to catch The Accelerators doing a reunion set. Think Replacements with Jerry Lee Lewis singing and playing electric guitar. Yeah, it kicked ass.

Colin's Set: See You Tonight/New Depression/Cold Weather/Words We Say/Romantic Noise/She Rains She Pours/Over Too Soon/ Good Day/ Hey Lydia/ A.M. Boy/ Pretty in a Slutty Way/Manifesto/Chemotherapy/Try A Little Faith/ Superior

Saturday July 20th. Watershed @ The Poorhouse  

Man, I could get used to this Junket concept. Instead of getting up and directly in the van for the ride to the next town, I hit "The Morning News" for coffee alfresco and then spent the afternoon at the North Carolina History Muesum. One workout and bowl of Jumbalaya later, I was being treated to a set from Raleigh's own Backsliders doing a free show in the park accross the street from the Poorhouse. Speaking of the Poorhouse, maybe my favorite rock n roll room in the country. Big enough to feel like a concert but small enough to be in everybody's faces. Ricki, Biggie and I stayed up late after the show watching Eastbound and Down. Party.

Watershed Set: Obvious/Star Vehicle/5th of July/Don't Be Honest/Lucky Day/How Do You Feel?/Set The World on Fire/Little Mistakes/New Depression/Over Too Soon/Small Doses/Mercurochrome (One Track Mind - Johnny Thunders, Pressure - The Kinks) Anniversary/Can't Be Myself/Best Is Yet To Come/Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick) Black Concert T - Shirt.  Encore: Sad Drive/If That's How You Want It/Manifesto/American Muscle/Suckerpunch

Sunday July 21st  Slim's Matinee Show with Special Guest Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team.

Still on my coffee schedule, I was awake pretty early and ended up at a cool little cafe in the town market to read and write out a set for Terry and the OAK Team that afternoon. The deal was that I would hand over a set just before they went on stage and then they would perform said set. Their idea. Obviously, I was thrilled. Terry is one of my top six favorite song writers ever. So in my mind, this was in league with writing out a set for The Kinks or Steve Earle. 

The Set I Wrote For Terry Anderson and The Olmpic Ass Kickin Team is as follows: I Can Give You Everything/Killin in Dillon/Mr. Bus Driver Man/ Ridin' Around/ Yesterday Clyde Virginia/ Gambled and Lost/$100 A Week/ Sunday Dress (They let/made me sing this one) Boyfriend 2/Wether or Not/ Lost Your Number/ Thunderbird  

I didn't put Battleship Chains  or I Love You Period on the list but he wrote them.

"So Dad, let me get this straight...the last gig in Raleigh, Terry is going to open up and play all his best songs and Watershed is going to headline and play all their worst songs? Not worst but you know what I mean."

"That's right Owen"

"No offense Dad, but you are probably going to get crushed"

I had to admit the nine year old had a point. The same thought crossed my mind as well. It had been a long time since a set with no Anniversary or 5th of July and so on and so forth. But Slim's was the perfect venue for this event and all our fabulous friends and fans who traveled in for the show really got a kick out of hearing some of the lost tunes. We did too.

Watershed Set at Slim's: You Need Me/ Nightshade/Something Wrong/Twister/Superstressed/ Consolation Prize/ Habit/Bitter Scars/Just For Show/She Picks The Songs/Half of Me/ Youth is Confusion/Plan B/ New life/Sticky Bomb/Wallflower Child/Slowly The Suddenly/I've Been Looking Everywhere/ Born to Run (Springsteen)/Cracking Up/Broken Radio

Final tally: 3 shows, 3 nights, One Hotel Room, 57 Different Songs. Not sure about the beer count but when I went up for my last Bud on Sunday at Slim's I was told they had sold completely out. That usually signals the end of a sucessful weekend. Thanks again to all who made this possible and those who made the trip. We may have to do this again next year...... 


and don't forget to visit my new website Pencilstorm. All kinds of music stuff there.- Colin





Watershed at Columbus Arts Fest Saturday June 8th and More.....

Columbus own "Hitless Wonders" will be performing Saturday June 8th @ 9pm on the Scioto Mile as the headlining act in the 2013 Columbus Arts Festival. If you cannot wait until Saturday, Watershed will be playing at Frankie's in Toledo, Ohio Friday June 7th at 10:30p.m.  A small club show that promises to be a beer and sweat soaked affair. 

If you have no interest in seeing Watershed but would like to have drinks with all your favorite characters from the best selling memoir, "Hitless Wonder- A Life In Minor League Rock n Roll", rumor has it they will be heading to the Jury Room following the Arts Fest to close down the bar to celebrate the conclusion of this grueling two city tour.

And don't forget to make plans to visit Raleigh, NC July 19-21 for the first ever "Watershed Rock n Roll Junket" three shows in three days. Details here.... 


 Colin will be playing solo at Shawdowbiox Bistro for music and mead Tuesday June 11th 8-11 pm

Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones Live at Craft Beer Fest, World of Beer, Easton Sat June 15th. 7pm showtime.

​and don't forget to visit Colin's website  for good things to read 


Sammy Hagar's Kid and the Dark Side of Crowd-Funding

​Fightclub, the band, is looking to raise some money to finance their first EP. Seems reasonable at first blush. Lots of bands are doing it. I'm sure you heard that Amanda Palmer raised $1.2 million dollars for her next CD (working title: This Is the New CD From Amanda Palmer,You Know, That Woman Who Raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter​).

And who am I to turn up my nose at social resourcing? Just last year, my band, Watershed, did a Kickstarter campaign. We raised $7,500 to help pay the cost of printing our new CD — it was already recorded — renting a van for a 15-city book/CD tour that was already booked. The money helped pay for sitters at home, as well. At the end of the tour we had ZERO dollars, but we didn't go broke and didn't have to give our record away to a label for a crappy advance or put a beer advertisement on the cover. It was a win-win, and I can only hope that people who helped felt they got a good return on their investment as well. 

Fight Club is looking to record and release an EP that isn't written yet. Let's take a closer look at their campaign.


For those of you who may not know me, I am Aaron Samuel Hagar and I am embarking on a historical journey in the music industry and need your help. I have formed a band of “son’s of rock” of legendary greats. This concept has never purely been fulfilled by anyone that I know of and we are looking to break new ground in a highly competitive industry.

I'm no English major but I'm pretty sure "son's of rock" isn't a proper use of a possessive. Not trying to be a grammar police nitpicker, but when you are asking for one hundred large, that is a little different than commenting on Facebook. Got to clean that up. More importantly, the use of the phrase "highly competitive industry" sounds like banker talk to me. Not inspiring.


Unlike the perception you may expect, we do not share in the lifestyle and success of our parents.  We need your help to fulfill this dream.  Our parents have worked long and hard to achieve their “rock” status.  Today, they are well-respected and many were pioneers in the industry.  It only makes sense that we also earn our stripes and our own successes.  So we are embarking on an effort to raise funds for the recording, marketing and distribution of our debut album. 

Aaron seems like a nice guy and I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but I don't think beginning your career asking for money is "earning your stripes." I would feel much better if the band had attempted to perform live or had shown any actual effort other than this fund raising effort. 


All of the members of Fightclub have contributed in writing a large collection of songs for this recording production.  Being the sons of rock legends, we understand that there are high expectations for our debut album and our intent is to deliver!  The plan and goal is to record and produce with professional teams from studio to production with management and marketing all striving for the best end product possible.  We are working with teams that are industry professionals, who are mentors that we trust with our talent, our careers and our friendships.  Your support to FIGHTCLUB will be instrumental in the recording production completion which is always challenging when trying to coordinate the expenses of music production, but also the time, efforts and travel of the entire band.  We have all been around the business for our entire lives and understand the sacrifices and are making the commitments that it takes to journey into this arena of music history.

So you guys have a bunch of songs but we don't get to hear anything in advance? ​I'm supposed to bank on the fact that your dads were successful as my guidepost? Also, why should an EP cost this much? Great records by major acts get recorded these days for less that $20,000. Management and marketing? Is that where the dough is going?And again, the use of the phrase "best end product" is troubling. "Product" is a term that industry douchebag bean counters use. Musicians who use it are on the wrong side of the business.  


Built on the dream I had to create Fightclub,  my family, friends and colleagues believe in and are entrusting my vision to procure a successful future in music.  All of the members of Fightclub are students and teachers in the industry, and individually we have all been making our own way — slowly and honorably. It is time for us to take this opportunity to make our own mark in the world of music and step out of the shadows of our parents.  So without further adieu, let me introduce you to this talented and exciting band called Fightclub.

Look, Aaron, I know you don't want to ask your Dad for help; I didn't either. But the fact remains, he is worth $120 million and has his own recording studio. When you write that "family believes in your vision" I would start there. Hardly a band can survive without the help of a family member. I know Watershed couldn't have survived without some financial help here and there. Have you seen  Anvil:The Story of Anvil? Lips's sister gives him $20,000 to help record an album. It's a touching moment. You should check it out. At the very least maybe your Dad could give you some use of his studio if you cleaned and painted the place. 

Introducing, Fightclub - The band




Spearheading FIGHTCLUB is me, Aaron S. Hagar on vocals.  I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA as an owner and operator of a hot rod and classic car shop (Rat Runners Garage), as well as, moonlight as an artist and illustrator. 

Stop right there --- you OWN and operate a classic car shop? That is big, big money and you are asking for my hard earned dollars? May I ask who helped you get that off the ground and where are they now? (I tried to find a web link to the shop but it had been disabled. Very odd indeed.)

My brother, Andrew S. Hagar is on rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion and piano.  Andrew is a full- time trainer in MMA in the style of Muay Thai.  He also teaches privately and lives in Southern CA. We are the sons of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar. Legendary frontman of Montrose, HSAS, Van Halen and currently Chickenfoot.

  Miles Schon is on lead guitar and vocals.  Miles is a full-time music teacher living in the bay area.  He is the son of Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon.  Between Neal and Dad, they have sold over 250 million records worldwide!  They have worked together since the beginning of their careers, formed HSAS together and currently continue to work together on a sidebar project “Planet US”.​  

Neal Schon is worth $30 million dollars. ​

Ry Kihn is also on lead guitar and vocals.  Ry is a full-time music teacher and lives in the San Jose area.  Ry is the son of 70’s and 80’s pop icon Greg Kihn.  With hits like “Jeopardy” and “The Breakup Song”, Greg has earned his stripes in creating some of the iconic anthems and videos of the 80’s.   Greg, Sammy and Neal are bay area legends, as well as global music legends.  Greg currently is the voice of Bay Area radio KFOX and they continue to jam together at charities and other events.

It's extremely troubling that Fightclub co-opts their fathers' accomplishments as if they were their own. Read the Ry Kihn bio again. One line about how he teaches guitar and then a paragraph about how his Dad had a bunch of hits. What does that have to do with anything? Last I checked, parents and kids are entirely different people. In fact, in the entire history of rock music, has one single son every eclipsed the accomplishments's of their Dad/Mom? Maybe Jeff Buckley but his most noteworthy accomplishments were covering a Leonard Cohen song and dying prematurely.

Trevor William Church is on bass, guitar and vocals.  Trevor teaches music part-time and shares a full-time job as a Redken Master Specialist @ Moxie Hair Studio in Fresno, CA.  Trevor is the son of bassist Bill Church.  Bill was the iconic bass notes of Van Morrison, Montrose and was with Sammy until Van Halen.  They are currently touring together as part of Dad’s “4 Decades of Rock” tour.

Tony Montanez is on drums and percussion.  Tony teaches music at Fresno State full-time and has played with Trevor for years.  Forming a solid rhythm union with Trevor, he is a welcomed member of the band.  Keeping a strong bond between drums and bass is crucial, and although he is not of the same lineage of the rest of the band members, his relationship with Trevor is unbreakable.​

Tony is my favorite member of Fightclub and it bodes well that his relationship with bassist Trevor Church is "unbreakable."

AND, as a bonus, we are documenting everything from day one in hopes of sharing this amazing story in a documentary TV show.  As you might imagine, living life with our parents and in the families of rock legends, we have so many amazing experiences and stories to share.  The number one question we are always asked is; “So, what is it like being the son of …”

Do you guys have any songs? Have you guys ever played a single gig?​

Now, we will be able to share with our Friends and Fans, a piece of the past and a brand new beginning in this full exposure, multi-media experience.  After the album is completed, we will release it on iTunes, and if demand is persistent, we will release a physical CD and begin a debut tour. 

Whoa, whoa, you guys aren't even committed to releasing an actual CD release or touring unless "demand is persistent"? Maybe you could tour to increase demand? Where is all this money going? Best as I can tell, Fightclub wants $100,000 real dollars to record a digital EP. ​


 Thank you for your time and contribution,

                                                                    Aaron S. Hagar

On a personal note…..

Our mission is important to us and we have a lot to say about the world, music, family and topics that are important in our daily living. As artists we have used music to express ourselves, explore and touch lives emotionally. We ask and hope that you help support this and keep self expression, the arts and music alive in the world. Help US entertain YOU.

                                                                     -Thank you kindly

Uh, Dude, I think that that whole thing was a personal note.​

Curious what you get for your money? A sampling follows:

$50 gets you a 2 song digital download and a digital postcard.​

$100 gets you a signed signed EP and..."a tasteful thank you on Facebook"​

$200 gets you the signed EP, Facebook thank you poster

$350 gets the above, and one tee-shirt. Did I mention they don't include shipping in the donation? Well they don't. Tack on $10 and do not pass go.​

$500 gets you the above and I quote "drum head poached from my Dad's studio (shhh) they are used and you never know who may have used them. Dave? Denny? Chad? Kenny?"

Who the hell are Dave, Denny, Chad, Kenny? Instead of sneaking in your dad's studio to poach used drum heads from unknowns, why not sneak into record some songs? Or would your dad get a "Red" ass and toss you out?

 I'm not trying to be an asshole, but social resourcing is God's gift to worthy artists and entrepreneurs. It is a privilege, not a right and lazy hucksters like Fightclub ruin it for everybody who could use a new transmission for a Chevy van to get them down the road to the next gig. F- off Fightclub. I will be contributing $0.00.

Fightclub raised $21,331 toward their goal of $100,000. You can check on their progress at by clicking here.

Colin Gawel plays in the band Watershed and writes things for Pencilstorm in his downtime at Colin's Coffee. ​Just google him or visit for more info than you could ever imagine.