Colin Gawel's 2012 Election Day Manifesto.

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 In lieu of clogging of Facebook/Twiitter with political chatter, I mostly abstain from partisan politics online to stay focused on shameless self promotion of my music and coffee shop along with insightful sports analysis and worthy intellectual endeavours such as ranking the entire Cheap Trick song catalog. However, every couple of years I take a dip in the mud pit and organize a handful of political musings. So..

Colin Gawel's 2012 Election Day Manifesto

But before we go any further, I thought it might be helpful to establish some ground rules and have a political science refresher.

See, there is this thing called "democracy", and under this system of government, everybody gets a vote and is allowed, if not encouraged, to voice their opinion. The founding fathers set it up this way because they were tired of a "King" telling everybody what to do all of the time. This revolutionary approach seems pretty groovy until you realize that sometimes your candidate and/or issue loses. In fact, I've been doing a little research, and it turns out that this has happened every single election in US history. Go figure. 

Even worse, the real bitch of it all with this "democracy", is that no matter your best efforts, you might occasionally hear a differing viewpoint than your own. Free speech? Ugh!!! So aggravating!  So please, before reading any further, if you are one of "those people" who get all pissy when somebody disagrees with you, why not just stop now and save yourself the agony? I own a small coffee shop and I hear opinions all across the spectrum (Obama or Romney) every day. That is how it is suppose to work. I welcome your opinion. Post it on facebook. Stop by the coffee shop and talk some smack. We may disagree, but it isn't personal. Only a person of low character would lose a friendship over something as trivial as politics. Or put another way, I don't agree with Ted Nugent, but I still crank up Wango Tango when it comes on the radio. Dig?

ISSUE #51 Upper Arlington School Levy 

Full disclosure: I am a little biased on this one. I didn't overpay for my quaint house in Upper Arlington to enjoy the wide sidewalks, family rec. center or hopping night life. No..I moved here for the same reason everybody moves to U.A., the outstanding school system. Our son Owen is now in 3rd grade and I have nothing but great things to say about his experience in UA schools. High expectations have been exceeded. Still, money doesn't grow on Buckeye trees and lord knows times are tight so it is reasonable to make sure hard earned/inherited money is being spent wisely. I have seen numbers favoring both sides of the issue so let's call that a wash and  put it another way: Imagine this scenario--

  "Times got a little tough for the community, but we came together and voted down the school levy, and after that, things really started to change for the better."

Please cite an example of this happening and I will consider changing my position. Until then I will be voting "Yes" on Issue 51. 

Issue #56 - Something About Feeding the Seniors? 

Ugh, these seniors are just bleeding us dry with their socialized health care system and now they want a hot meal and a bath once an while? When do the entitlements stop? I thought we just gave them some new board games in 2004? I'd make a joke about the practicality of "death squads"except that sort of remark might come back to haunt me if i ever ran for office. Still, at my advancing age, there is an increasing chance I could actually live to be 65 and in that case, a hot meal and a bath would sound pretty good. So, I will vote YES on Issue 56

Maureen Reedy for Ohio State Representative ~ 24th District

 I know Maureen as a neighbor and Colin's Coffee regular. She is whip-smart and on the side of working families/moms and small business. I have seen this first hand. She won "Teacher of The Year".  And to top it all off, she is a huge Springsteen fan. Obviously, this makes her WAY over qualified to be serving in the Ohio State House but if she wants the gig, who am I to argue? An absolute no-brainer here... I will be voting for Maureen Reedy come Nov 6th.

ISSUE # 2  No More GerryMandering of Districts by Politicians

Speaking of no-brainers, this is the wonkiest and by far, most important issue on the ballot this year. Incumbents win re-election something like 95% of the time. A big reason for this is that they are allowed to re-draw their districts to guarantee victory. Passing Issue #2 would take this power out of the hands of politicians and give it to a non partisan civilian board. Or let me put this simply: If you vote against issue #2, you don't have the balls to "throw the bastards out" as I so often hear around the coffee shop so spare me the rhetoric.  Tea Party where are you when we need you? This should be your issue. No gerrymandering + term limits would go a long way to restoring power to the people. Once again: If you support career politicians vote no Issue #2. If you want real change and competitive races you must Vote YES on ISSUE #2

Sherrod Brown vs Josh Mandel (this could have been a whole essay) 

We can argue all day long about how big that pie should be they are splitting up in Washington, but bottom line is they ARE splitting it up even as you read this. As a Senator for Ohio, your job is not to parrot conservative/liberal ideology, no, your job is to do right by the state of Ohio.

Or put another way,"Your job is to help us, not to, fuck us up. Does this seem clear to you?" In fact, that whole scene from the movie Glengary Glen Ross seems pertinent.

Presenting "Glengary Stimulus Money Lost" starring Al Pacino as Senator Sherrod Brown, Kevin Spacey as Josh Mandel and featuring Jack Lemmon as former President Bill Clinton... WATCH IT here (Achtung!! Adult Content- NOT for virgin ears)

Sherrod Brown went balls to the wall to save the auto industry for the state of Ohio and that meant real jobs for real people, not just talking points. By any measure, the economy of Ohio has really improved over the last 4 years and I think Governor Kasich and Sherrod Brown both deserve credit for this.

As for Mandel, I see absolutely nothing on his resume that qualifies him to represent Ohio in the United States Senate. I'd guess Rob Portman must shudder at the thought of Josh being his "Jr" Senator. In fact, when Rob walks in with Josh, it might get mistaken for take your kid to work day. Even my hometown uber-conservative news paper the Columbus Dispatch endorsed Sherrod over Josh. First time in 30 years they have endorsed a Democrat for Senate.

But I have even worse news for Josh Mandel, he fails the most potent argument know to man, "Just Look At Him?"

Ex: "Geez, I don't know if I can vote for Mandel, I hear what you are saying and you have some good points but...ya know,.... just look at him?" look here

Instead of the Senate, why doesn't Josh just run for the House of Representatives? I mean, any jack-ass can serve there, I mean, just look at them

Isn't There Some Issue about More Bars on Lane Avenue?

I Vote Yes


and now............................................................................................................................

Ding. Ding. Ding.  Are You Ready To Rumble? It's Time For The Main Event!! In this corner, the Master of Disaster and defending Champion, President Barack Obama!! And this corner, from the great conservative state of Massachusetts, challenger, "Iron Mitts" Romney!!!!

The thing I like most about Mitt Romney is how much he reminds me of President Obama. Recent political rhetoric aside, both are pragmatic moderates who won't stray very far from the middle. I'm sure either one could do a decent job over the next four years. I personally think Obama was dealt a terrible hand and has played it well enough to deserve four more years.

It took major balls to tackle health care reform. It was a politically unpopular position to take but he did it anyway which tells you he felt it was the best thing for the country. Otherwise, why would he bother? I love the mandate. Everybody pays, asshole. Just like car insurance. "But why should I pay, I'm not gonna get hurt..." yeah right, fast forward to emergency room and who is picking up the tab? You and me, suckers. Everybody pays. Damn, I sound like a republican, oh right, that was a republican idea. Hell, it was modeled on Mitt's idea. I think he was right the first time. Still, like any bill, it is loaded down with every congress man's bacon and will need to be ironed out over time. Stupid constitution.

Bored to tears with all these words? I feel you. For a musical version watch my song Chemotherapy

Other things I like. Health Care Exchanges (another good republican idea-let the markets work!) Race to the Top (built on top of "No Child Left Behind"), FINALLY making our hospital records electronic (a cop can tell from his car that I got a ticket in Texas in 1994, but go to a hospital and I am filling out paperwork? embarrassing), the end of don't ask don't tell, support for same sex unions, picking March Madness on ESPN and killing that bastard Bin Laden. He had it comin'.

Oh and the debt, easy. I'll solve it now. Bush tax cuts expire, social security age raises 2 years over 8 year span. 10 cent gas tax goes to pay off war debt and war veteran care, it's called the Patriot tax. That should do it.

And let's be frank, Mitt's whole 47% speech wasn't exactly reassuring to this small business owner who pays all kinds of taxes and still hears and I quote, "My job isn't to worry about those people". I mean, what kind of sensible citizen in my position could hear that and not at least re-evaluate whether or not this is the best canidate to represent your family in the White House. Now I concede, if your house has two kitchens or you can see boats from your living room, Mitt probably is your guy. If not, might be worth investigating further. I think we can agree to disagree here.

In closing, coffee shop business is up, wars are wrapping down, and in my opinion now is no time to change course. Or to directly quote a Republican coffee shop regular, "I hate to admit it because I don't want Obama re-elected, but my business is booming".  

But once again, and I cannot stress this enough, I think Mitt and Barack are both good, decent men who are doing what they think is best for the country. No matter what the result of election day, I will be humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat. I have my preference and you have yours, but I am confident both candidates would handle the office OK*. 

I will be voting for Barak Obama

*Ok =  better than George W Bush.


Colin Gawel writes songs and plays in the band Watershed. He is a featured character in the best selling memoir "Hitless Wonder" written by Joe Oestreich. He owns a small coffee shop in Upper Arlington where people express opinions but are usually wrong.He is married and has a 9 year old son. Recently they have been shooting baskets in the driveway listening to the new KISS CD "Monster". sometimes he writes things like this but not very often as he prefers beer and rock n roll. He has no idea what his taxes are and doesn't care.


Bonus tracks and unreleased B-sides!!

1)Who gives all this money to such obvious duds like Josh Mandel? Don't they visit Nate Silver 538? He has no chance. 3 days out from the election and still the air waves are flooded with his ads. I know people have money and causes but yeesh....If you must throw good money after bad give it to your favorite charity. Or visit the new casino. I mean, I love the Cleveland Cavaliers but I am not going to bet a million dollars on them to win the NBA title this year.

  2)---"Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen." -Indiana Senatorial Candidate Richard Mourdock (R) Oct 23rd, 2012    

Those aren't the words of a FOX pundit or even Don Trump. That is a Republican candidate for Senate. He has a big R next to his name. Just like worthy Republican candidates have an R next to theirs.. I don't know who is in charge of the Republican party these days, but that kind of crazy talk is damaging your 'R' brand like Tiger Woods banging a waffle house waitress on the hood of his car in a church parking lot. Not good for business. Might want to get the boys in line and tell them to save that kind of talk for the stag bar at the country club. where it belongs. 




"Set The World On Fire" is out everywhere and CD102.5 is playing it!

Riding the momentum of the best selling book "Hitless Wonder" and the latest Watershed CD "Brick and Mortar", the latest single "Set The World On Fire" was released nationally on Tuesday October 16th. ( Click here to see what all the hype is about and check out the NPR story)

Needless to say, the greatest radio station on Earth, CD102.5 has picked up the song and put it in rotation. They have taken the risk, now it is our turn to let them know we agree.

Request "Set The World On Fire"  now!

Seriously, stop what you are doing and...

Text: Request Watershed Set World Fire   to: 68683

Do it once a day and pass the word. If you aren't from Columbus, request at your favorite station and if they haven't yet received it, let me know I will make sure they will get a copy. (stuffed with cash and some blow, naturally)

Still not sold? listen to kick ass studio version of Set the World On Fire  here    or watch this early live version here     

The Willie Phoenix Project Phase 1 - Discography.

If you are looking for press and NPR story concerning Watershed memoir "Hitless Wonder" or the new Watershed CD "Brick and Mortar", click here 

The Willie Phoenix Project Phase 1- Discography    

(Final phase- A 2 CD Willie Phoenix Anthology)

The word "artist" gets thrown around quite a bit, but in my opinion, it really only applies to a handful of people I've ever personally known. Wilie Phoenix is certainly one. Willie has been recording and playing music NONSTOP for over 35 years or maybe more. I don't really know. See the thing is, nobody really knows Willie Phoenix. As former Willie bass player Paul Beltz once summarised perfectly, "Old friends don't know Willie better, they have just known him longer".

I know this: Willie's only job is music, he has recorded hundreds if not thousands of songs. He doesn't drink or smoke. He doesn't have a phone number so sometimes he would have band members wait by a pay phone for him to call with the time of the next rehearsal. When he walks down High Street people wave and say, "Hey Willie!" and he flashes a big grin and waves the peace sign. I know right now, this very second, he is thinking about music working on his next project. (Rumored to involve Jim Johnson and Myke Rock - people in the know say it is smokin'hot) 

But I do not know how to explain Willie to somebody who doesn't know his history. We need to work together to change this.

And while I have nothing but admiration for Willie's total commitment to his art, we, the fans, have got to start getting his body of music organized. Ever since Joe Oestreich's acclaimed Watershed memoir "Hitless Wonder" blew up to the top of the Amazon music book charts, I've gotten numerious inquiries about: "who this Willie Phoenix Joe raves about and where can I find his music?". Willie is a prominent character in the book so people are naturally curious to learn and hear more from him. But the thing is, it doesn't exist. Do a google search now. see?

I need help: 

If you have an old Willie Phoenix record or CD anywhere, please type out the name of the record/song titles/ who played on the tracks/ and date released and email to me at - As I receive I will update as to what I am still looking for. The simple goal at this point is just to make visual sense of all of Willie's recorded history and put it in some kind of order. Once that is accomplished we can start working on finding the actual tracks for listening. 

Did I mention that I need your help with this? Please pass on and find those old/new Willie Records/Tapes/CDs

Now people, time is always shorter than you think. I cannot accept a world where Willie has spent a lifetime making great music and my son Owen would have no idea he even existed.

(except in "Hitless Wonder", which he isn't allowed to read until he is 30 years old) thanking you in advance- Colin 


New shows scheduled, New Watershed Video Released......

For updated press and articles related to the latest Watershed CD "Brick and Mortar" and Joe Oestreich's highly acclaimed memoir about the band, "Hitless Wonder-A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" click here  (The NPR Weekend Edition story is here as well)

Hello from an empty Colin's Coffee! Been spending the summer being a super dad and slinging coffee, but still got a few things goes nuthin'

New Watershed Video for "Manifesto" (What I Like to Do) directed by the fabulous Milan Karcic.  watch it here and please share.

Friday August 24th I will be playing a solo happy hour gig at the Rumba Cafe. Doors at 7pm and I will be playing 7:30-9ish. Plan on hearing all sorts of songs both Watershed/solo and if you have a question about "Hitless Wonder" this would be a good time to ask. I may even answer it.

Watershed live at the Independents Day Festival Saturday September 15th 6pm

This is such a cool festival that Joe O is making a special trip in just so we can perform. It is basically a street fair held right downtown centered around Gay Street. Bands play all day starting around noon. We will be playing at 6pm which gives you plenty of time to watch the Buckeyes play Cal that afternoon (noon kick-off) and make it to the show by 6pm. Admission is FREE and kids can attend. and yes, they sell beer. more more info on the festival click here      Rumor has it we may even schedule a club gig later that night so stay tuned.

Watershed -"Star Vehicle" now available on I-Tunes and everywhere else.

Star Vehicle is the bastard child of all Watershed records and without a doubt, the most under-rated. Recorded by Frank Aversa at The Barn in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, it is the last CD to feature the original 3 piece line-up and marks the beginning of us progressing beyond "baby" band status. Released between our major label flop "Twister" and our stunning Buster Douglas style comeback,"The More It Hurts The More It Works", Star Vehicle was a major step forward and we toured behind it relentlessly. (including the infamous Insane Clown Posse tour) Though the CD never really had a serious chance at commercial success (for grisly details read "Hitless Wonder"), somehow we willed both "Black Concert T Shirt" and the title track onto some regional radio charts and songs such as "Consolation Prize", "Superstressed", "If That's How You Want It" and "Plan B" were staples of the set for years until they got nudged aside by newer tunes.

I recently spent a night listening to it on Rhapsody and was struck by how guitar-centric the record is. Who played all those guitars anyway? It's like I was listening to a different band. If you haven't heard it or need a new copy, I highly recomend checking it out.  

Star Vehicle on I-Tunes  here    or listen to this Dig Me Out pod cast which was recorded recently but the the hosts spend most of the time asking Joe Oestreich about Star Vehicle   listen here 

here comes a customer, got to jump. see ya. 


Attention Watershed Superfans: League Bowlers "Some Balls" now available on I-tunes.

If looking for Watershed "Brick and Mortar"/"Hitless Wonder" reviews-media- please scrawl down to next story. All the links-info there and now..

The League Bowlers CD "Some Balls" is finally available on I-Tunes. Click here to purchase.  (All songs written by Colin Gawel/Joe Oestreich)

If you have read Joe Oestreich's acclaimed Watershed memoir, "Hitless Wonder", you know attaining status of a "Superfan" isn't easy. It requires deep pockets, a reliable mode of transportation, the lack of any sort of peer group and a healthy liver. It also requires you to know everything Watershed has ever released. Did you hear Todd Baker on the NPR story requesting the song "Freedom"? See, Todd KNOWS his Watershed history. If you missed the story on Weekend Edition, click here to check it out. 

The League Bowlers -"Some Balls", is the lost Watershed Alt-Country CD

Watershed has had only one official side project, The League Bowlers. Formed in 1994 by Joe, Herb, myself and Paul Lansford Beltz III, the Bowlers were a way for us to play Georgia Satellites covers and take more than the regular amount of stimulants and depressants without soiling the good name of Watershed. Our debut gig was at Bernie's Distillery and our flier claimed that orginal RUSH drummer John Rutsey would be performing with the band. It never crossed our minds that anybody would believe this until 200 RUSH fans showed up carrying the debut RUSH album hoping to get it signed by John himself. Whoops. Man, did they HATE the Bowlers after that.. anyhoo-- 

 The band eventually "evolved" into the classic Bowler line-up of myself, legendary drummer Jim Johnson (Willie Phoenix), current Bones bassist and 4 String Brew-master Dan Cochran (Big Back 40), and guitar virtuoso Mike Parks (The Godz). We would don our Bowling shirts and play local hot spots such as Bernie's, The Dolphin Lounge, The Library bar and an occasional SCI-FI-BI-MON convention or tent festival in Wapakoneta. We spent many a Thanksgiving Eve performing at Andyman's Treehouse as Andy himself would usually close the night singing a Tequilla fueled version of "Suspicious Minds" as an honorary Bowler.

At the same time all this was happening, Watershed was chugging right along recording and writing WAY too many songs. The songs on "Some Balls" were mostly written for Watershed but eventually deemed too "po-dunk" for inclusion on a Watershed release. This island of misfit Alt-country songs were eventually recorded by the League Bowlers and produced by Rick Kinsinger, Jim Johnson and myself in Rick's small, sweaty basement studio. Mixed by Joe Viers in one 6 hour session, the CD is not flashy but has a personality and more than a handful of memorable tunes. "Pretty in a Slutty Way", "Kids Down South" "Half of Me" to name a few. Scrawl vocalist Marci Mays even contributes vocals to "Here I Am".

While I am proud of the music, Mike "Biggie" Mc Dermott really out did himself with the art work. One reviewer even claims people should buy the CD just for the cover. read it here 

Not much footage of the Bowlers exsists as nobody came to our shows and the ones that did were too broke to own anything more that a $1.00 draft beer, let alone a camera. Somehow Eric Broz managed to film a little bit of the League Bowlers last show, Friday August 1st, 2008, at the old Thirsty Ear. In the tradition of all great rock bands, we broke up on stage. Too bad he didn't film that. watch the Bowlers here

I suppose it's possible the League Bowlers may wash the old shirts and fire up yet one more gig, but if not I am extremely proud of the music we left behind. enjoy. - Colin


Colin Gawel plays in the band Watershed. Co-founder Joe Oestreich has made himself famous writing down all the cool things Colin said/says and putting them in a book called "Hitless Wonder". Buy it anywhere and read it. Watershed's latest CD is "Brick and Mortar". Colin also fronts The Lonely Bones, has been known to rank every Cheap Trick song and moonlights as a coffee shop owner. His fantasy baseball team is currently in 6th place. 



Aftermath. The "Brick and Mortar" / "Hitless Wonder" Tour Has Ended.

At some point I will knock out a full blown tour blog to give everybody the inside scoop on the exciting happenings both in and out of the spiderhole. In the meantime, put on some goggles as we kicked up a holy sh*t storm of dust to promote the new CD/Book. A sampling of the results are below.

Watershed Is Bad And Nationwide! (Thanks to NPR)

In case you missed it, the good folks at NPR came out to the Watershed show in DC and whipped up a nice little piece on the band, book and new CD which originally aired on Weekend Edition Sunday July 1st. Give it a listen here     Shortly after the story aired, "Hitless Wonder" became the #1 best selling music book in the WORLD according to Amazon. The Beatles may be bigger than Jesus, but for 48 hours anyway, Watershed was bigger than the Beatles.

Bad and Inter-nationwide: The "Hitless Wonder" buzz is creeping across the pond. Check out Joe O's interview in what is surely the first national Irish radio broadcast to name check The Clarks, Joe Peppercorn, Cheap Trick, The Undertones and Jim Steinman all within 10 minutes of each other. Click here and click on 37 minute mark to check it out. Really great interview!

Video Trailer thanks to Vital Film Works: Watch it here

CD102.5 has added our latest single "Little Mistakes" to rotation and it has been appearing regularly in the daily Top Five most requested.The Other Paper review says "In a just world this nugget would be blowing up on every rock station in America" read Joel Oliphint's review of Brick and Mortar here   or watch this live version by Ian Powell from the big hometown show at the Bluestone here  

More Press:

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Dig Me out Pod Cast   listen here

The Tour has ended to see where you missed us click here   

Tired of reading? Video for "Manifesto" watch this

Unlike past tours, we stayed fairly true to a regular set. If you download these songs in this order and drink 10 beers, it will just like you went to the concert. enjoy!

Obvious/Suckerpunch/StickyBomb/Small Doses/Mercurochrome/Little Mistakes/ How Do You Feel/ Broken/ Set The World on Fire/ Over Too Soon/The Habit/reading-dave sucks/Manifesto/Anniversary/Can't Be Myself/5th of July/Don't Be Honest/Best is Yet to Come/Black Concert T Shirt  (Ricki C asks for encore) Sad Drive/American Muscle/Broken Radio     end

we did vary night to night and mixed in ---Lucky Day/I've Been Looking Everywhere/Nightshade/Romantic Noise/ Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick)

 We REALLY need your help to spread the word about all the things happening. The tour, the CD, the book, the radio. Please tell a friend. Preferably one who works in radio.  thanks- Colin


    Take Off Your Coat And Stay A While!

If this is your first visit to " Colin, the archives have it all, but here is a taste..

Music/Video:  "Superior" - watch it here,  "Chemotherapy" - watch it here,  "Superior" live at The LC with The Lonely Bones watch it here ,"Still Love Christmas" watch it here, Colin solo in NYC - "Sad Drive" watch it here


 Rock n Roll: "The Complete Cheap Trick Song Rankings" (warning, this takes 4 hours) read it here,  "My Chance Meeting With Bruce Springsteen" read it here , "In His Passing, Clarence Has Given Bruce the Gift of Everlasting Life"( A Wrecking Ball Review) read it here

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ok- that should get you started. Now turn off the computer and go get a life. Don't you have a job or a girlfriend or something?





Brian Phillips (CD102.5) Reviews Joe Oestreich's Watershed Memoir "Hitless Wonder"

"Hitless Wonder- A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" by Joe Oestreich. Reviewed by Brian Phillips. (CD102.5 DJ and all around renascence man who knows a thing or two about a thing or two)

As of this posting Joe's book was #47 most popular rock book in the world according to Amazon. based on pre-sales alone. Both the book and new Watershed CD "Brick and Mortar" will be available everywhere June 5th. For tour dates click here and please tell a friend, thanks, Colin

enough of my yappin. take it Brian.....

Someone once said "success is preparation plus luck" or some such, and he was probably right at least up to a point. But then there's the other stuff. The love of your life? You just missed him last night because you stayed home to watch Dancing With The Stars. Two weeks ago you would have died in a fiery car accident, but the boss held the team late to crunch the numbers again. Things happen one way or they happen some other way. The course of human existence has an infinite course of possible outcomes. Utter chaos. A collision of genetics, socioeconomic circumstance, talent, and what my high school friend Dan called shit house luck. Organized religion, disorganized religion, psychics, and bars all flourish because the anarchy of existence is too much for us to handle. We want to know what to do, and when to do it. Market research exists as a comforting salve to jittery executives looking for ass cover disguised as a spreadsheet. Test audiences hated "Seinfeld" and they loved "Snakes On A Plane." A few years ago developers were touting software they claimed could actually "hear" a hit single. Juries send innocent men to death, and the LA Angels gave Albert Pujols a 300 year contract because they were 100 percent convinced it was the right course of action given the available information. 

Watershed co-founder Joe Oestreich's debut book "Hitless Wonder: A Life In Minor League Rock N Roll" is about all that stuff. A good rock show is after all a celebration of, and control over chaos. The Replacements turned that into an art form back in the 80's. Their shows could be transcendent, as the first song was when I saw them in 1987 ("Hold My Life"). Then Tommy Stinson signaled to the sound man that nothing was loud enough and the rest of the show sounded like the inside of a failing jet engine. The Replacements in that era had a major label deal, critical acclaim, and as Paul Westerberg put it on "Favorite Thing," "I don't give a single shit." Would they do a great show or a terrible show? It was entirely conditional on how fucked up they were. It was up to you to be fortunate enough to catch them on the right night when a perfect backstage buzz met show time. Shit house luck. I love The Replacements, but it never struck me they ever had a lot of respect for their audience. As for Watershed I've never seen them do a bad show. Oh they had every reason to snarl. There's was a cruel fate. Just out of the major label gate (signed to the same Epic Records as their beloved Cheap Trick, perhaps ominously after the Trick had been dropped) and beginning to enjoy some real momentum, Watershed were dropped so quickly it seemed like a practical joke. 

In the interest of full disclosure I've known the principal actors in Oestreich's engrossing book for years. I've heard a lot of these stories over beers at bars, over beers at Airport Golf Course, over beers before Watershed shows.... over beers watching bootleg Kiss videos at Colin Gawel's house. Anyone who's been involved in the history of this band has stories, and a thirst that would fill The Great Lakes. It helps if you buy. These are funny, tragic tales of young and not so young men attempting to somehow marry their prodigous talents to the whims of the marketplace. "Hitless Wonder" is in large part of celebration of perseverance in the face of a preponderance evidence indicating the opposite course. Life would hardly be worth living if there wasn't a middle ground between sane and insane. That's where the magic happens. 

I won't go into detail here as my aim is to encourage you to read the book. I ripped through it in three days, and had to put it down several times to make it last longer. I can honestly tell you that even if I knew nothing of the band I would have still been enthralled. It's brutally honest, but never exploitative. The author is harder on himself than anyone, but for wife Kate, and members of the band past and present, this document I can imagine was sometimes a tough read. I have long marveled at how well Watershed got on with one and other. Other bands are amazed by their brotherhood. Here for the first time one gets a sense it was hardly easy. Kate Oestreich even acknowledges as much referring to band founders Oestreich and Gawel, in so many words, as an old married couple. Marriage can be difficult at times for many of the same reasons being in a band together can be. 

I would like to give a personal perspective on one of the key parts of "Hitless Wonder" as it illustrates the cruelty of fate. Joe Oestreich is humble for a rocker and he perhaps undersells a bit how fucking great this band is. There's no easily acceptable reason why Watershed didn't "make it." They have songs, chops, stage presence, an indomitable spirit, respect for their fans, intelligence, and work ethic. They have Mike "Biggie" McDermott (a true hero in the book). That's just it, you can't explain it logically. Watershed's chance at arena sized fame was, at least in part, torpedoed by a common scourge... politics. They shared record company personnel and management with a band called The Spin Doctors. For a brief period in the early to mid 90's, the goofy jam band were rather huge. Their Epic Records album "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite" sold millions. I remember seeing them at the old Polaris Amplitheater with 20,000 other people in the spring of 1994. (Cracker and Gin Blossoms were also on the bill, and I recall scamming drinks and jumbo prawns from the buffet table. Success could be measured in the salad days of rock by the size of the shrimp.) Around that time the Doctors faced the biggest challenge of theirs or any other band's career; the follow up to a huge hit. "Turn It Upside Down" was that album, and while not a sales disaster, it sold but a fifth of it's predecessor. In all my years in the radio business it's hard for me to recall a high stakes follow up met with as much.... not exactly derision.... but apathy. A measurable apathy. From label golden boys on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine to Biblical scale lepers The Spin Doctors plummeted. Their 1996 third record for Epic sold less than 100,000 copies and the band was dumped, and Watershed too along with many of the label people who had championed them in the company corridors. Make no mistake, you need friends in the hallways. There will be some that believe in you, and others who don't. You're competing for attention and resources with other bands and records. It can be cutthroat as illustrated brutally in "Hitless Wonder." Oestreich does a brilliant job of explaining not just the political realities of being on a major label, but the stark truth of just how hard it is to make money on your recordings, even back in those days. 

I've grossly oversimplified the entire saga here and I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. For Oestreich's part he writes that the band was not good enough at the time anyway. I disagree, but there you go. I will say that Watershed have done their best work over the past decade.... long after the A&R scouts stopped attending their shows. Their new album "Bricks And Mortar," hitting June 5th, can sit proudly along side the rest of their work. The boys ain't done yet.... not as long as there's a place to play and a resigned spouse at home. "Hitless Wonder" is hilarious, poignant, wise, and will speak to anyone who's ever had dreams.... especially those who cling to them with a white knuckle grip.

Colin Gawel and Lonely Bones FREE Happy Hour Show at Woodland's Friday May 18th. Meet Candidate Maureen Reedy

Maureen Reedy is my neighbor, a teacher and an advocate of small business and the middle class. Countless people have walked into Colin's Coffee for the first time and said, "I'm here because Maureen Reedy said I should support the local coffee shop on the corner". Maureen is running for the Ohio House of Representatives District 24 this November (UA-Grandview-Hilliard-ish). She is exactly the type of person I would want to represent me in the Ohio House. And she is a huge Springsteen fan, which doesn't hurt either.

I encourage you to come out to the Woodland's on Friday May 18th from 6-9 pm. Meet Maureen and learn for yourself why she is such a worthy candidate. The Lonely Bones will be playing a set from 7-9 pm.  The show is FREE and Dan's Four String Brew is only $2.00 until 9pm. All are welcome. It's only rock n roll afterall.  

If you are lame and cannot make the show, you can learn about Maureen Reedy here  Please take a moment and check it out. - Colin


Watershed CD/Book Release Party at the Bluestone Friday June 8th! Tickets on sale now!

To celebrate the release of their new CD, "Brick and Mortar" and Joe Oesteich's memoir about the band's history, "Hitless Wonder", Watershed will be performing at the Bluestone, Columbus, Ohio Friday June 8th. 

The show is 18 and up. Both the CD and the book will be available for purchase at the show at a special combined price. This will be the ONLY place to purchase a hard copy of the new CD in Columbus.

Also on the bill are Yellow Light Maybe w/ Erica Blinn & Bicentennial Bear 

tickets are only $10 and available here

The Bluestone (formerly BOMA, formerly a Baptist church) is an incredible space to see a concert and the perfect venue for this special event. Please check it out here  It is located at 583 E Broad Street, across from the Columbus Museum of Art with plenty of parking. Doors 7pm. Show will run from 8pm-midnight.

Many hotels are within walking distance of the Bluestone. Click here to find a room and make a night of it.

We need your help to spread the word and get people out to the show! For more details and other tour dates please visit our Kickstarter page  here    See you soon!

In His Passing, Clarence Has Given Bruce the Gift of Musical Life Everlasting. (A Springsteen review)

Bruce Springsteen,"Wrecking Ball" by Colin Gawel

Originally, I was going to use this space to review the latest Bruce Springsteen release "Wrecking Ball", and explain why I would give it 2.9 stars out of 5. But after seeing the Boss perform at the Q in Cleveland Tuesday April 17th, I realized the new CD was only a small part of the big picture. At 62 years of age, Bruce played the best full band show I have seen him do since the E Street reunion tour in 1999. Q: How is this possible?

The answer lies in the Seeger Sessions project Bruce released in 2006. I caught the "Seeger Sessions" tour in Columbus shortly following the CDs release. Playing a 20,000 seat amphitheater in front of maybe 3,000 diehard fans, Bruce played mostly old folk covers with his large but largely un-electric band. There were no Marshall amps pointed towards the sky, yet with the various instruments and most importantly, the entire band singing behind him, it was sonically, as powerful as an AC/DC concert. I left shaking my head telling friends, "I've never heard anything like that". Pound for pound, it is very well the greatest show I have ever seen. If not, certainly hearing the trilogy "Mrs McGrath", "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times" and "Jacob's Ladder" was a lifetime highlight. Something that might flash across my mind moments before my time comes.

watch "Jacob's Ladder" here 

 While it was obvious watching the Seeger show Bruce had tapped into something important and was having a ball doing it, the reality is and was, Springsteen's manager Jon Landau needs to keep the big money coming to please the shareholders at SONY music. Landau has become a master at tolerating a little "Nebraska" or "Tom Joad" here and there , as long as the E Street Gravy Train ramps back up soon after to keep the product and merchandise flowing to the bottom line. 

Bruce + Clarence = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So Bruce dutifully returned to E Street with the impressive "Magic" (2007) and toured the world and elsewhere with Clarence back as his right hand man. Maybe Bruce was feeling mortality creeping in, or more likely, the pressure to have new "product" ready for purchase before his Super Bowl halftime appearance in 2009, "Working on A Dream" appeared uncharacteristically quick, right on the heels of the "Magic" CD and tour.

And..."Working on a Dream" was a disaster. The worst Springsteen album ever. Sure the tour and shows were excellent, but Bruce is always great. The E Street band reunion had run its course. Bruce surely knew "Working" was a mis-step and did what he does best, fearlessly moved in a different direction adding new players, producer and sound to record the admirable, if uneven "Wrecking Ball".

It's obvious listening to new tracks such as "Shackled and Drawn" and "Rocky Ground", Bruce was trying to find some of that Seeger Sessions magic he loved so much in 2006. The problem is, his fans love the E Street band and by extension, Clarence Clemons so much, they would never accept a substitute band. At least not an arena full of Springsteen fans anyway. So Bruce was kinda stuck. His instincts were pushing in a new direction, but "market forces" as it were, demanded he keep throwing hunks of E Street red meat to the masses.

What to do?

Well, Clarence Clemens, Bruce's loyal sideman stepped up and solved the problem. Look, I am not trying to make light of the Big Man's passing in any way. He was a musical legend and a hell of a good guy on top of that. Nobody wanted to see him go. But the very reality of his "Bigness" meant no one person could replace him. That would be an even "bigger" outrage than Bruce going on tour without E-Street and doing another Seeger Sessions tour.

So with "The Big Man" being too big to replace, it opened the door for Bruce to revamp the entire line-up and combine the Seeger Session band with the E Street band. The results in Cleveland were stunning. Jumping between bar room stomps like "Light of Day" and "Ties That Bind" and soaring spirituals like "The Rising" and "My City in Ruins", the "new" E Street band could play either style powerfully. It became obvious after only 3 songs that Bruce had a new energy, that he was slightly tired the last couple times out. Just a click slow mind you, but with Bruce, he is never too far from greatness. This huge new sound allowed him to do less running around and more singing. I think Bruce is singing better now than at any point in his career. What other 60+ year old can you say that about? Is Robin Zander 60 yet?

With the house lights still on, Bruce took the stage with a near riot inspiring "Badlands" and didn't let up for 3 hours. And this was no retro greatest hits show. No sir. Check it out:

Badlands  (watch it live in Cleveland here )
We Take Care of Our Own
Wrecking Ball
The Ties That Bind 
Death to My Hometown
My City of Ruins
The E Street Shuffle
Jack of All Trades
My Love Will Not Let You Down 
Shackled & Drawn 
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Promised Land
Racing in the Street 
Apollo Medley
Because the Night
The Rising
We Are Alive
Light of Day (including You Can't Sit Down) 
* * *
Rocky Ground (with Michelle Moore)
Out in the Street
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

After "Badlands", Bruce goes 13 songs before returning to what I would consider another "can't miss" in "Promised Land". Bruce doesn't spoon feed his audience, he jams what he is cooking right down their throat. To Cleveland's credit, they ate it all up and deserve the title of being one of Bruce's 4 biggest cities (NY-NJ,Philly,Pitts,Cleve) I've seen Bruce a number of times in Columbus and it never feels the same as the North coast. In Cbus people are sorta wonder, "when is he going to play the hits?". In Cleveland they just scream "BRUUUUCE"

or put another way, remember that record "Born in the USA"? The one with 7 top ten singles and sold over 20 millions copies? He played exactly one song off of it, "Dancing in the Dark" and it was #24 of the 25 song set.

or...of the 25 songs, 12 were off the new CD or B-sides not to be found on any Springsteen releases proper. Could you imagine the Rolling Stones doing a set like this? 50% new songs and outtakes?

Do you know what I find most excting about all of this? Though"Wrecking Ball" isn't a classic by any means, Bruce seems to have found the thread and I wouldn't be surprised if his next CD was a classic. At the very least, I wouldn't bet against it. In fact, I would never bet against Bruce Springsteen.

Colin Gawel plays in the semi-legendary midwestern rock band Watershed who have a new CD and Book about them being released June5,2012. He also fronts the Lonely Bones, is a husband, father, and moonlights as a coffee shop owner. Sometimes when he drinks to much or spends too much time riding in a van, he writes silly little essays like this one. He did get invited by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to be the only performer at the opening of the Springsteen exhibit and even had a beer with Bruce once. He wrote about that too. read it here




Why is Baseball My Favorite Sport Anyway? b/w my terrible fantasy team

I will not be playing music this week, but instead hosting  a Cincinnati Reds opening day party at World of Beer (503 S. Front St.) starting at 4:05 pm (First Pitch), Thursday April 5th. I will come armed with a few Reds trivia questions and a fistfull of prizes as well. Join me to watch Reds V Marlins, drink a beer and talk baseball.


 Though I am a sucker for any kind of competition involving a ball, baseball has always been my favorite sport. Not exactly sure why, as it is boring most of the time, but here goes nuthin'...

1) Growing up in Worthington, Ohio, we would  visit my grandparents in Baltimore, MD quite often. They lived in a one bedroom apartment with a small balcony overlooking a small courtyard. Looking back, it wasn't glamorous, but a candy dish and a bag of UTZ potato chips is a great masking agent to a young boy. Every evening, my grandad would retreat to that balcony with a small transistor radio and listen to the Orioles game.

Even at a young age I thought, "that looks peaceful". Though I never found the same feeling at mass on Sunday morning, i still carry a small radio with me to listen to Reds games during the summer and it brings me peace.

2) I grew up with a paper route and back in the pre ESPN days, those baseball box scores (along with a couple comics) were the ONLY thing that mattered in the paper. Before we would rubber band anything, we would rip open the sports page to see who hit a HR the night before. I still remember the excitement the year George Foster hit 52 home runs for the Reds. 50 bombs? Oh, that was just crazy. To this day at the coffee shop, a morning without box scores is a gloomy morning indeed.

3)Bill James. I have no idea how we got turned on to Bill James back when we hit drinking age, but once we got our hands on the Bill James Baseball Abstract, many late nights were spent with cans in hand, Replacements in ears debating who was a better hitter: Ted Williams or Stan Musial. Even more, Bill's fanatical writing style helped me find my writing voice, for better or worse.  (see:" My Obession, Ranking the Songs of Cheap Trick" in the archives)

4) Fantasy Baseball. Fantasy sports were invented by baseball fans. Obviously. Who else would crunch numbers like that? NFL fans? I think not. I joined my first fantasy baseball league back when the commissioner would keep track of the standings by hand and SEND YOU A PRINTED UPDATE IN THE MAIL!! Try to imagine that. 

Since those heady days, the NFL have dumbed the whole thing down and now the masses enjoy a skilled match of fantasy football every week during football season. Fantasy Football is king as well it should be. But if fantasy football is a 5k charity run, fantasy baseball is a marathon. Despite countless hours of preparation and one league title (2010!), i've been a second division player 15 out of 20 years. What can I say? The numbers don't lie, I'm just not that bright. Funny. I make the fantasy football playoffs virturaly every year with no preparation. Not sure what that means but you get the idea. I'll post my fanatsy draft in just a bit

5) Baseball Literature. so many great books/writers. I'll spare you a list but "The Glory of Their Times" and anything by Thomas Boswell is a good start.

6) Baseball Parks. For some reason they matter more than football stadiums/ basketball-hockey arenas. I've been to old Yankee Stadium a couple of times but not the new one. This pains me and it must be rectified. Yet, I couldn't care less to revisit the "new Meadowlands".  My favorite ballparks: Wrigley Field- this is why baseball is popular: Friends, beer and sun. If the game is exciting, that is a bonus. Camden Yards, Pittsburgh, Fenway Park, Great American Ballpark. 

6A) Huntington Park in Columbus. I grew up going to old Cooper Stadium on the West side and though I have many fond memories there (Marshall Brandt autographed baseball, Hello!) the "New Coop", is a baseball Mecca. It might be my favorite place in the whole city. It's construction was a life changing event. Similar to the Columbus Zoo, it's damn near perfect and Kids get in for $3. Go Clippers, ring your bell.

7) Playing catch. Field of Dreams sort of mushed up the concept, but what is more enjoyable than a good game of catch? I would throw with my Dad in the backyard and now I throw with Owen. Watershed brings mitts on the road and throws between soundcheck and show time. 

 Fantasy Outlook 2012!

After twenty years of trying, I finally captured my first fantasy baseball title last year. My secret? Lots of luck and great pitching. Kershaw, Haren, Sheilds, Nova, Kimbrel, Feliz were throwing seeds all year. How did I respond to my first championship? In typical fashion, partying hard through the off season and showing up to this year's draft unprepared and out of shape. I did spend a number of hours coming up with a new team name which i feel good about. (W O P R - You know, from War Games "Would you like to play a game?" get it?.) In retrospect, I should spent 30 minutes to learn who was closing for each team. Alas..  The grisly results are as follows:


4      Albert Pujols, LAA 1B  

Albert falling to 4 actually messed me up. I was planning on suring up 3b with J Bautista. But you can't pass King A.


Felix Hernandez, Sea SP 

starters going faster than planned. needed one stud 


Ian Kinsler, Tex 2B  

middle infield is thin!


Craig Kimbrel, Atl RP  

he gets the K's of two closers


Matt Moore, TB SP  

27 and under are keepers. hello future ace/trade bait

69 Adam Jones, Bal OF  

Shin-Soo Choo, Cle OF  

best talent available


Joe Mauer, Min C  

a steal this low. I hope.


Alexei Ramirez, CWS SS  

my worst pick. choke job. i expect nothing

117 Drew Stubbs, Cin OF  

Desmond Jennings, TB OF  

lots of risk-reward here. 

141 Adam Lind, Tor 1B  
148 David Freese, StL 3B  

Justin Morneau, Min 1B 

Uh-oh. my corners are D-icey 


172 Jesus Montero, Sea DH  
189 Brandon McCarthy, Oak SP  

Clay Buchholz, Bos SP  

Isn't he supposed to be good or something?

213 Mike Trout, LAA OF  
220 Aroldis Chapman, Cin RP  

Kenley Jansen, LAD RP  

I like big arms over medocure starters. They will find a role

244 Gordon Beckham, CWS 2B  
261 Jim Johnson, Bal RP  

Alfonso Soriano, ChC OF 

Alfonso way low 

285 Jonny Venters, Atl RP  
292 Zack Cozart, Cin SS  
309 Rafael Furcal, StL SS  
316 David Robertson, NYY RP  
333 Placido Polanco, Phi 3B  
340 Carlos Ruiz, Phi C  

David DeJesus, ChC OF  

I would cut these last three if I could right now.


To conclude: i'm way thin on power and wins, but full of saves and steals. A good manager could do something with that. I on the other hand....




3rd "Pay the Rent" Saturday March 31th!. Try new "UA All The Way" App Too!

Hey everybody, it's the last Saturday of the month, March 31st, so it's time to help local businesses, "pay the rent". In a nutshell, for you late comers, "Pay the Rent" is a worldwide movement to patronize a local business (or two, or three) the last Saturday of every month. Coffee shops,restaurants,bands,bars,bowling alleys, thrift stores,movie theaters and whatever else you can think of.

Read the original Pay The Rent essay here to get in on the ground floor: here

Though I hope you start your day at Colin's Coffee, the North Market Coffee Roast is also on Saturday and features a whole bunch of local roasters featuring their delicious cups o' joe. 9am-2pm and admission is only $5


and in other local business related news, I am pleased to announce the cool new phone App, "Ua All The Way", is now available for your smart phones and androids. I'll spare you all the technical details since I have no idea anyway, but the upshot is that with this app, you can order directly from your phone to a number of Upper Arlington restaurants. Even better, 5% of your order goes to a local charity of your choice. If you are interested in trying it out, stop by Colin's Coffee Saturday March 31st before noon, use the app and receive a free/and or really cheap coffee.

But really the best way to check out this new up and coming app is to visit the website or download it for free now...U.A. All The Way website here


Watershed News - Thanks to all you generous souls who have helped to get our Kickstarter program off to a promising start. Every "brick" helps us build something real for all of us to enjoy. We are beyond excited for everybody to hear the new CD, "Brick and Mortar", read Joe's new novel about the band, "Hitless Wonders" and come see us live as we tour the Eastern USA in June. To get all the details and show info, please click here 

Watershed Kickstarter Program to HELP with new CD, Book and Tour!

Watershed has a new CD, "Brick and Mortar",out in May, a new book about our amazing history, "Hitless Wonders" out nationwide June 5th and a tour booked for June 2012. We've spent the last three years building this rock-etship and it's finally on the launching pad. Now as the final piece we are asking for your help to "light this candle" and blast Watershed into the stratosphere. (Or at least a city near you) 

Friends, Fans and savvy Business owners, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take two minutes to visit our Kickstarter program  here  to  see what we are offering and view the tour dates so far.  Thanking you in advance - Colin


March 7th Update-Working Behind The Curtain - New News soon!

Hey all, I haven't forgotten about you. Just been busy toiling behind the curtain working on the Watershed CD/Book tour this summer. We have been posting dates and soon we will have a major announcement with all the grisly, beer soaked details.

In the meantime- why not visit the archives here at Lots n Lots to catch up on. In fact, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can read the 3 part essay I wrote back when I was selected (and the Bones) to be the only act playing at the opening of the Bruce Springsteen exhibit at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Did that really happen? wow.

and, if you feel like discussing the new Bruce CD, the upcoming baseball season or March Madness ,I play 5:30-7pm every Thursday at the World of Beer and..

Brian Phillips (CD102.5) and myself host Reelin'and Rockin' at the Gateway the third Wednesday of every month. March 21st we are screening "It Might Get Loud". It is an awesome flick and I highly recommend to all music fans. Hit the Fbook link to find out more.

To be continued.....'


It's time for the 2nd "Pay The Rent" Saturday, Feb 25th! The Worldwide Movement is Alive!

Ok people, the initial "Pay The Rent" Saturday was a HUGE success not only for Colin's Coffee but many other local businesses felt the love as well. Who you ask? Off the top of my head and in no particular order, Huffman's Market, Trove, Nutter's Hardware, 10 Pin Alley, 5th Avenue Fretshop, Razor's Edge, Studio 35, Ursus, The Rumba Cafe, Chuck and Barb's Card Shop, Dirty Franks Hot Dogs, and Panzzera Pizza UA!  I am sure I have forgotton others  so come Saturday February 25th, please e-mail me what local business, restaurant, band, bar you are supporting.

"Pay The Rent Saturday" is a Worldwide Movement for people to give the little guy a shot one Saturday a month. Additionally, February is way to short when it's comes to the rent being due so of all months, small business really needs your support Saturday February 25th! Make plans now.

Please read below for the original essay that started this Global Initiative to rally support to independent businesses twelve days a year. it begins.........

Announcing a new World Wide Movement: "Pay The Rent Saturdays!" a plan to support local business. (originally posted January 2012)

Ok people, I'm not going to bullshit you. Things get a little tight around the coffee shop this time of year.  More so, there is this guy called "the landlord" and this thing called "the rent" and together they can be a real drag. It seems like almost every month he is all, "yo, give me some money" and I'm like,"dude...I ain't got that kind of scratch handy", so I need some friends to come in and buy a drink or sandwich and help us "Pay the Rent".

We all know buying local is much better for the planet, economy and our collective well being but let's face it, who hasn't sat in a drive-thru burning gas just to get one sweet taste of Starbuck's overpriced Beelzebub blend? I know I have. Say what you want about the Devil or McDonald's, but if they know one thing it's: location,location,location!

It's not like I'm are asking for a huge favor. We have great coffee, mocha, lattés and all that jazz you can get at all the big places. Don't like coffee? No problem, hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup etc. Free WIFI. Come hang out. Study. Stalk your ex on Facebook perhaps? Good times.

"But I really like big corporate chain stores?"- you say?

Once again, no problem! Here at Colin's Coffee, we aim to please! On "Pay The Rent Saturday", we will have a jar out where you can just give us money and you do not have to order anything. You can support local business and then walk across our parking lot and choke down some crappy Mc Yuks swill. It's a win-win!

                                                     One Day a Month!

In all seriousness, we live in a world where corporations are not just king, they are considered "people". I stare out the windows of Colin's Coffee every single morning and watch the McDonald's drive-thru line overflow down the street. And I get it. That's just how it is. People are busy and while we all agree "buying local" is the right thing to do, it just isn't always convenient. So here is what I propose: Just one day a month, the last Saturday of every month go patronize a local business. Colin's Coffee or whomever. Try a small local restaurant, or grocery store, or record store or bar. or go see a band or whatever. Go to the Clairmont...Oh wait, too late. Everybody misses the local place when they read about them closing in the paper/online but the best time to miss them is while they are still in need of your business. Pay that place a visit one day a month.

Write in in your calendar and plan in advance. Like researching a local vacation. The last Saturday of every month is when you give the little guy a shot. Just asking 12 days out of 365. Not only will it improve your community, I guarantee you will be glad you tried it.      (If you agree please share, duh)

In the meantime, See you at Colin's Coffee Saturday January 28th (though I have to leave for a bit to take my son Owen to his 2nd basketball game ever- that's how you roll at a small business).

Thanks for reading this and if you agree, please share the sentiment (duh)- Colin


Colin Gawel is best known as the founder of the worldwide, "Pay the Rent" movement. Additionally, he plays in Watershed, the Lonely Bones, and once ranked every single Cheap Trick song in a 29 page essay. He is a husband, father, songwriter, fantasy baseball player. He moonlights as a coffee shop owner. 

Save the Date / Dates! New Watershed shows announced..

Hey everybody, Watershed has a brand new CD coming out May 2012 and even more, Joe Oestreich's long awaited Watershed memoir, "Hitless Wonders" will be in bookstores Tuesday June 5th. (you can pre-order now on Amazon)

Just to give you the heads up, we will be hitting the road for a number of shows to promote the new CD and book. Here are the confirmed gigs for now with more to be added. All of these are headlining shows so you will get the full rock and/or roll treatment. Exact details TBA but you can start saving the dates now. Please pass the info on to your friends. Do not come all alone. We need your help.

Wednesday June 6th- Joe Oestreich Reading "Hitless Wonders", Wexner Center, Columbus, Ohio

Friday June 8th, CD/Book release party @  Bluestone, Columbus, Ohio

Sunday June 10th, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland w/Skydragster

Monday June25th. Mercury Lounge, NYC

Tuesday June 26th, DC9 Washington, DC

Wednesday June 27th, Club Cafe , Pittsburgh

Thursday June 28th, Small's, Detroit.

More dates TBA

Please spread the word!! 

Ricki C. You know the guy. He is writing the best rock n roll blog of 2012

Ricki C's new blog is called "Growing Old With Rock  n Roll". It is a must read for all rock n roll fans. It can be found by moving your eyes slightly to the left and clicking on the Ricki C link or read it here 


You know Ricki C.  He's the guy who has forgotten more about rock n roll than you will ever know. Oh, you saw The Doors movie? Ricki saw the fucking Doors start a near riot at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. You own the AC/DC box set "Bonfire"? Ricki C had lunch with Bon Scott. Ricki is the guy who tried to kill himself twice but the Rolling Stones saved his life. You remember that don't you?

 Ricki is the guy who plays guitar not because he wants to, but because he has to. The guy who saw The Who, MC5, The Stooges, Hendrix BEFORE they were on anything other than AM radio in half empty clubs. He who tuned guitars, kept groupies away from other girlfriends and moved gear for Willie Phoenix and The Buttons and the Shadowlords and Flower Machine and True Soul Rockers.

   He's the guy who gets on stage and asks if you want an encore. The guy behind the merch table. The guy on CD102.5 doing "Invisible Hits" with Curt Scheiber. The guy who works at Ace in the Hole records when Pep isn't there. And he never plays any jam bands in the store. He's the guy playing rock n roll all alone on his acoustic guitar at the comic book store. Don't you dare call him a singer-songwriter. Them's fightin' words. Ask Rick Ocasek.


Ricki C, I know the guy. I've spent countless hours sitting next to him in a van. He inspires me to be a better person/rock n roll fan. We once even witnessed a Too Live Crew concert together in a park in North Caorlina. That's a brotherhood. Ricki C. You know the guy. He can't shut the fuck up about Mott the Hoople, Hamell on Trial and The Whiles. Yeah. That guy. he doesn't drink or smoke but he hangs out in rock n roll clubs 3 nights a week. He does a great meringue too. You know the guy. .

all bullshit aside "The Bathtub" is the greatest rock n roll story ever told. read it and tell me i'm wrong.

 Read it here 

"Ok Colin, we get it. Rock n roll saved Ricki's life...blah.. blah.. blah.. Big Deal x 2. Enough with the rock n roll stories. How about some sex and drugs stories involving Watershed?"  

 fine..... Ricki has those too.



please pass on the info to Ricki's blog to all intelligent people who love rock n roll. 












Colin's Coffee Needs You! "Pay the Rent Saturdays" starts this week (Jan 28th)

 Express Lane Version: Colin's Coffee Needs You To Buy Something From Us On Saturday January 28th. It's pay the rent Saturday! We are located in Upper Arlington, 3714 Riverside Dr. 43221. Fishinger and Riverside right next to the giant Golden Bear staring at Griggs Resoivor. 7am-4pm. Oh, and don't forget to tell other people, that's important.

Announcing a new World Wide Movement: "Pay The Rent Saturdays!" a plan to support local business beginning Saturday January 28th!

Ok people, I'm not going to bullshit you. Things get a little tight around the coffee shop this time of year.  More so, there is this guy called "the landlord" and this thing called "the rent" and together they can be a real drag. It seems like almost every month he is all, "yo, give me some money" and I'm like,"dude...I ain't got that kind of scratch handy", so I need some friends to come in and buy a drink or sandwich and help us "Pay the Rent".

We all know buying local is much better for the planet, economy and our collective well being but let's face it, who hasn't sat in a drive-thru burning gas just to get one sweet taste of Starbuck's overpriced Beelzebub blend? I know I have. Say what you want about the Devil or McDonald's, but if they know one thing it's: location,location,location!

It's not like I'm are asking for a huge favor. We have great coffee, mocha, lattés and all that jazz you can get at all the big places. Don't like coffee? No problem, hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup etc. Free WIFI. Come hang out. Study. Stalk your ex on Facebook perhaps? Good times.

"But I really like big corporate chain stores?"- you say?

Once again, no problem! Here at Colin's Coffee, we aim to please! On "Pay The Rent Saturday", we will have a jar out where you can just give us money and you do not have to order anything. You can support local business and then walk across our parking lot and choke down some crappy Mc Yuks swill. It's a win-win!

                                                     One Day a Month!

In all seriousness, we live in a world where corporations are not just king, they are considered "people". I stare out the windows of Colin's Coffee every single morning and watch the McDonald's drive-thru line overflow down the street. And I get it. That's just how it is. People are busy and while we all agree "buying local" is the right thing to do, it just isn't always convenient. So here is what I propose: Just one day a month, the last Saturday of every month go patronize a local business. Colin's Coffee or whomever. Try a small local restaurant, or grocery store, or record store or bar. or go see a band or whatever. Go to the Clairmont...Oh wait, too late. Everybody misses the local place when they read about them closing in the paper/online but the best time to miss them is while they are still in need of your business. Pay that place a visit one day a month.

Write in in your calendar and plan in advance. Like researching a local vacation. The last Saturday of every month is when you give the little guy a shot. Just asking 12 days out of 365. Not only will it improve your community, I guarantee you will be glad you tried it.      (If you agree please share, duh)

In the meantime, See you at Colin's Coffee Saturday January 28th (though I have to leave for a bit to take my son Owen to his 2nd basketball game ever- that's how you roll at a small business).

Thanks for reading this and if you agree, please share the sentiment (duh)- Colin


Colin Gawel is best known as the founder of the worldwide, "Pay the Rent" movement. Additionally, he plays in Watershed, the Lonely Bones, and once ranked every single Cheap Trick song in a 29 page essay. He is a husband, father, songwriter, fantasy baseball player. He moonlights as a coffee shop owner. 



Did I Mention I Play World of Beer Every Thursday 5:30-7pm?

If I didn't, just a reminder that I play an "all original" happy hour every single Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm at the fabulous "World of Beer". (503 S. Front Street- In old CD101 space next to Shadowbox)

World of Beer has 550 different beers, a really cool staff and a bunch of TV's for your veiwing pleasure.

I haven't played 550 songs yet, but here is what you have missed so far:

Superior/Profile/Chemotherapy/Words We Say/Sad Drive/Maybe Best If I Go/Try a Little Faith/Cold Weather/ AM Boy/i-65/Still Love Christmas/Lonely Bones/Half of Me/ Pretty in a Slutty Way/Saturday Night There's a Party/Plan B/New Life (original version)/She Rains She Pours/New Depression/American Muscle/Sticky Bomb/ Set The World on Fire/Good Day/Mercurochrome/Over Too Soon/Best is Yet to Come/I Deserve you/ How Do You Feel/Broken/ Manifesto/Resonate/Straight to Hell/I'm Getting Ready/Hey Lydia

ok- I admit, I have done a couple of covers as well: Kinks "Celluloid Heroes", Bruce- "Johnny 99", Tougher Than the Rest", Mavericks-"What a Crying Shame", Replacements-"Swingin Party" -----not exactly red meat for the masses, but I'll leave it to the other acts to do Creed or "Cheese Burger in Paradise".

Hope to see you soon! 


The "Real" Story Behind Four String Brew.

Writers note: Dan Cochran and his new beer have been everywhere lately. While he has appeared on the cover of Business First along with a snazzy picture in the Alive, his beer, "Four String Brew" is spreading through Columbus like a dumpster fire on Campus. BW3, Brazenhead, Woodland's are all blowing through kegs and new locations are being announced weekly. "Four String Brew" is also one of the featured beers at this year's Columbus Winter Beer Fest. There has been much confusion about the origin of this soon to be legendary new brewery. This is how it really happened. -Colin 


A few years ago during rehearsal with the Lonely Bones, Dan suddenly stopped playing his trademark walking bass line during "Sad Drive" and said, "Guys, I need to talk to you about something". Herb, Rick and I all exchanged glances and I muttered, "uh..yeah..sure...what is it?"

We turned down our instruments and picked up our beers and he said, "Guys I've been doing a lot of thinking these days about how much beer our band has been drinking during practice. after practice. before practice. I mean look at us, It's 9:30am on a Sunday morning and Herb is already talking about who's turn it is to fly or buy"

Rick chimed in, "Dan, I don't think it's fair to criticise Herb, I mean, It is a legitimate question, that case of Milwaukee's Best is almost gone and it's not going to re buy itself. And.. we still have 14 more songs to run through. If i didn't know you better, I would say it almost sounds like you are suggesting that we run out of beer."

"I've got a bad feeling about this", said Herb.

Dan took off his Bass and turned off his amplifier and sat down on the sofa. The room was silent except for the hum of the PA and Colin cracking open the last can of  "beast".

"I think our band has a problem," Dan began, "Guys, we need to face the truth, we drink too much beer. And what's worse, we really drink way too much crappy beer."

Colin took a long pull on his can of lukewarm brew and said, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Guys, I've run the numbers and it turns out that if we just built our own brewery, we would actually SAVE money over the long haul. Instead of running to the Quick-ee mart every 45 minutes, we could brew our own supply. What's even better, you guys know I make the best beer so we wouldn't have to keep choking down this swill every Sunday morning".

Dan had a point. If he knows two things on this planet better than anybody, it's brewing beer and playing rock n roll. It was only logical. The rock n roll was covered, it was time to get some first class suds up in this place.

"I'm not gonna lie to ya fellas. This isn't going to be easy. It's gonna take a pretty big facility to produce the amount of sauce we need to keep this combo functioning properly. Good thing is I've found a spot right off 5th Avenue in Grandview. And you guys know how I visited hundreds of breweries during my touring days? I wasn't just drinking, I was taking notes and now I know exactly how I want to build it.. Rick, didn't you read a book once or something?"

"Actually Dan, I'm an engineer"

"That's Great Rick, You can help out. Colin and Herb, can you do me a solid and stay away from the brewery until I have a couple batches in the cooler? We'll never get any where with you guys around drinking everything"

Colin and Herb looked at each other and shrugged, "We'll do it on one condition, once the brewery is up and running, we'll do a show where we can drink as much of your beer as we want", said Herb.

Colin added, "yeah".

Dan said, "Gentlemen, it's a deal. Now who's up for a case of Keystone light? Herb, I'll buy if you fly?"

Please like "Four String Beer" on Facebook 

Check out the Four String Website

Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones will be performing at the Four String Brew tasting party at the Woodland's Tavern, Friday January 13th 6-8pm. The show is sold out, but if you really want to get in, drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

Colin Gawel plays in Watershed and The Lonely Bones. He moonlights as a coffee shop owner and writes these bloggy type things when there are no customers.