Official Music Videos

Released on March 25, the video for Superior is the best yet.

Here's the video for "The Words We Say."  Thanks Palestra Music for putting this together.


Colin Gawel "The Words We Say" from Palestra Music on Vimeo.



Here's the video for "Chemotherapy," also by Palestra Music.

Colin Gawel "Chemotherapy" from Palestra Music on Vimeo.


Video Blog

We are starting to accumulate some footage of practices and some live footage from our shows.  We'll post them here.

Colin has been thinking a lot lately about the "Rock & Roll Stimulus Plan"  His way of revitalizing the music industry (or at least our little part of it).  Here in this two part video-blog, Colin outlines the two main-tenets of the Plan:

How do you deal with a bad review?  Colin got a chance to find out recently and took the opportunity to commemorate his thoughts on what artists should (and should not) do to respond.  

Ever wonder about how songs are written.  Well for Colin, they're all different.  Superior actually came pretty quickly.  Go hear how:



Fan Footage and Behind the Scenes Clips

Send us a link to your clips of Colin either solo or with the Lonely Bones for inclusion on this page!!

Here's a video from the Superior CD Release Party (Snowpocalypse Edition) of Colin Gawel & the Lonely Bones performing Words We Say:


Here's some behind the scenes footage of setting up for and after the November 13 International Pop Overthrow show in Cleveland:


Also, here's some video from a recent practice session at Curry House Records: